We have put a list together containing the most frequently asked questions. This list will be regularly updated and extended by the Blaupunkt Service Team. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact us. Email: support@bpautomotive.de

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How many devices can be kept in pairing list of BT Drive Free 111?

Up to 8 phones can be kept in the pairing list.  If there are over 8 records in memory, the first one will be erased as a squence of first in first out.

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What connection cable do I need to connect my (CDC-A05 /779 7 607 779 510) CD-exchanger?

In order to connect the exchanger with the appropriate radio, an exchanger cable is required (approx. 5 metres) as well as a connection block which is inserted into the radio.

The order numbers are as follows:
8 619 399 714 (cable)
8 619 329 621 (block)

The required spare parts can be ordered from Blaupunkt specialist dealer.

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TMC Function on the Alps CD-ROM DX 03/04 transborder too?

Yes, the TMC Function also works transborder.   

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Germany CD DX 03/04 No hotels can be selected.

Hotels can be selected from the surrounding destinations menu.(see operating manual in the contents under the title, enter destination, surrounding destinations)   

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Travelpilot DX-R52/DX-R5: TMC Messages are issued only in German! (regardless of the set language!)

If this problem occurs, customer service needs to load a new software in the device.

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TravelPilot DX-NIR remote control does not react.

Batteries have been inserted wrong (stickers can be wrong), or if the cable remote control was replaced with an infrared remote control, and it pertains to a DX-N computer of the first generation with type No. 7 612 001 426, the Blaupunkt Central Workshop must do a software update for the infrared remote control function.

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TravelPilot DX-NCannot enter code.

Device is locked. (wrong input). Let device run for 1 hour. After 1 hour, you can enter code again.   

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TravelPilot DX-N/DX-V: Card does not move!

Set the mode for "location card" to automatic. (see operating manual under Destination, select location card).

1. Open the pull-down menu with the OK key. Select "Settings". Press the OK key. The "Settings" menu is opened.

2. Select the "location card". Press the > -key. A list for determining the location card type is displayed.

3. Mark the desired type. Press the OK key. The destination guide is continued with the selected card.   

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TravelPilot DX-N: Scale cannot be updated.

Device is in "Info card" status. From Settings menu please switch to Location card.   

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TravelPilot DX-N: How can I do a "Reset"?

A Reset can be done by keeping the eject key pressed for a while (until monitor shuts off).   

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TravelPilot DX-N: Filling stations are not displayed!

Filling stations are displayed as icon only up to a scale of 500m. From 1000m onwards, only freeway filling stations are displayed.   

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TravelPilot DX-N: The time cannot be set.

Time function is only possible with the computer type number 7 612 001 489. We can upgrade computers with type number 7 612 001 426 at extra cost. 


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TravelPilot Wide Vision: Can I connect a return camera?

A return camera can be connected via the VD-IN port.

play video Attention!
Camera is not automatically turned on applying reverse gear, it must be switched manually. Camera picture is not automatically played (unless the camera comes with this function).   

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TravelPilot Wide Vision Navi does not work!

The navigation does not with the Wide-Vision remote control. The navigation can only be operated with the computer remote control.   

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Can Blaupunkt changers be connected to standard navi devices built by Ford?

BP-changer does not fit in the Ford TravelPilots with the code TP 170, 132 and 256. These devices have a Ford-specific bus system.There is no interface either. This also refers to devices that we supply to Ford dealers under the company name "Blaupunkt".   

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TravelPilot DX-N/DX-V: What is the difference between the two devices.

The difference between the TravelPilot DX-N and DX-V is that the DX-V has a 6.5" monitor with the format 16 : 9 and also functions such as onboard computer, destination entry through the geocoordinate and a mix-function for the screen view (card and arrow can be displayed simultaneously).

Both TravelPilots can be connected to the monitor wide vision. Anyway, the DX-V computer unit is not sold separately.   

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TravelPilot DX-V: No display of received satellites during the map display!

go to site Reason:
During map display, the place for displaying the transmitter name TMC- requires tuner box.In the Symbol display the number of satellites is displayed again because the scale display is omitted.   

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Installation manual for RGS 05 and RG 05

TheTravelpilot RGS 05 can only be installed by trained technicians. The installation is very extensive. For the calibration, an installation and calibration CD as well as an angle determination of a gauged distance is required.   

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Europe CD ? why not fully digitised? Why doesn't Blaupunkt have a fully digitised Europe CD like other competitors?

The Blaupunkt Europe CD "Master Roads of Western Europe" contains the complete road network of West Europe with all city centres and the most important special destinations. For an all-encompassing deep digitisation with all existing data, space on a single CD is not enough. Even our competitor CDs are not fully digitised, instead the databases have been diluted (scope not known). To obtain a practical destination guide even abroad, Blaupunkt offers country-specific CDs with the maximum digitisation degree.   

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CD's with copy-protect in Blaupunkt-Car navigation devices /CD-players cannot be played

All Blaupunkt products correspond to the international "Red Book Standard", which defines the requirements for audio CD-ROM's and players.Some CD manufacturers have started leaving this standard by distribution CDs with copy-protect mechanisms which no longer correspond to this standard. The copy-protect mechanisms make manipulations at the lead-in and on the CD contents, which is why these CDs are not audio CDs in the sense of the definition of the Red Book Standards. Such copy-protected CDs have the disadvantage for the user that they often create problems while playing in "more intelligent" drives, such as DVD players, PCs and auto-navigation systems.

The drives in our navigation systems are designed for using data and audio CDs and thus correspond to a PC CD-ROM drive in the general structure. There are no pure audio drives. The music industry makes a start exactly here:
The audio CDs can be played only on pure audio drives.

In general, we can only advise customers with problems while playing audio CDs to complain to the dealers. For example, in England, due to the high number of customer protests, in future CDs will no longer come with a copy-protect. The CDs partly carry inconsistent characteristics, such as: "Copy kills music" or "does not play on PC/MAC" or "This CD is copy-protected". It is determined for playing on regular home audio CD players and possibly cannot be played on other device types".

A customer cannot file a claim against the device manufacturer, as the cause for the CD not playing is not an error in the device, rather non-observation of international specifications and standards by the CD manufacturer. Every customer must contact this manufacturer and demand a CD that corresponds to the international CD standards.   

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Europe CD for C Navigation. For C-Navigation (not dynamic TravelPilot system) why is there no Europe CD ?

This platform (already some years old) is not Europe-compatible for technical reasons. This is the normal technical progress, similar examples are available, e.g. in the PC industry (latest Windows version for my 286x) or even with competitors (no Becker Europe CD for the Traffic Star)   

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What connection cable do I need to connect my (CDC-A06 / 7 607 700 001) CD-exchanger?

In order to connect the exchanger with the appropriate radio (mini ISO), an exchanger cable is required (approx. 5 metres) which is inserted directly between the exchanger and the radio.

The order number is as follows:
8 634 494 250

The required spare parts can be ordered from Blaupunkt specialist dealer.

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What connection cable do I need to connect my (CDC-A071 / 7 607 700 002) CD-exchanger?

In order to connect the exchanger with the appropriate radio (ISO 26 connection), an exchanger cable (approx. 5 metres) is required as well as an adapter which is inserted into the radio.

The order numbers are as follows:
8 619 000 288 (cable)
8 619 000 289 (adapter)

The required spare parts can be ordered from Blaupunkt specialist dealer.

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What connection cable do I need to connect my (CDC-A072 / 7 607 700 003) CD-exchanger?

In order to connect the exchanger with the appropriate radio (mini ISO), an exchanger cable is required (approx. 5 metres) which is inserted directly between the exchanger and the radio.

The order number is as follows:
8 634 494 250

The required spare parts can be ordered from Blaupunkt specialist dealer.

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What connection cable do I need to connect my (CDC-A08 / 7 607 700 006) CD-exchanger?

In order to connect the exchanger with the appropriate radio, an original exchanger cable is required (approx. 5 metres) which is inserted directly in the mini-ISO socket on the radio.

The order number is as follows:
8 634 494 250.

The required spare parts can be ordered from Blaupunkt specialist dealer.

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Where can I obtain spare parts for my television?

Unfortunately, we are unable to supply you with the desired spare part directly. Blaupunkt discontinued the distribution of colour televisions, home video recorders and camcorders at the end of 1996. You can obtain spare parts for Blaupunkt consumer electronics (TV, video, camcorder, hifi) from the following address:

SRF-Electronic GmbH
Brennaborstraße 10
44149 Dortmund-Oespel
Tel.: 0231/96 50 60 38, Fax: 0231/96 50 60 99 .   

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Where can I obtain spare parts for my videorecorder?

Unfortunately, we are unable to supply you with the desired spare part directly. Blaupunkt discontinued the distribution of colour televisions, home video recorders and camcorders at the end of 1996. You can obtain spare parts for Blaupunkt consumer electronics (TV, video, camcorder, hifi) from the following address:

SRF-Electronic GmbH
Brennaborstr. 10
44149 Dortmund-Oespel
Tel.: 0231/96 50 60 38, Fax: 0231/96 50 60 99.   

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Original KeyCard lost, how can I obtain a new one?

If the master code number for training the device is known (is in your device pass), a learnable KeyCard can be ordered from your specialist dealer. If the master code number is unknown, the Blaupunkt Decoder Service can supply it. 

For this we require:
device number BP. . . . _ . . . . . . .
type number 76. . . . . . . .
 proof of ownership, e.g. radio pass, purchase receipt or a police-issued certificate. Please fax this data to +49 5121 49 5408. Decoding and the KeyCard order are subject to charge. The sum shall will be collected COD upon delivery by the postal service.

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Spare parts for navigation devices fitted in vehicles ex-works.

We manufacture navigation components based on specific guidelines outlined by the automobile companies. These can only be compared with our retail devices to a certain extent. We do not have any information as to the hardware and software status fitted in various vehicles. In accordance with our contracts, the warranty and service is therefore accepted by the vehicle manufacturer. In such a case, please contact the appropriate authorised vehicle dealer.

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Where can I obtain spare parts for my home hifi system?

Unfortunately, we are unable to supply you with the desired spare part directly. Blaupunkt discontinued the distribution of colour televisions, home video recorders and camcorders at the end of 1996. You can order spare parts for Blaupunkt Consumer electronics (TV, video, camcorder, hifi) from the following address:

SRF-Electronic GmbH
Brennaborstr. 10
44149 Dortmund - Oespel
Tel.: 0231/96 50 60 38, Fax: 0231/96 50 60 99.   

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Extension cable for CD-exchanger IDC-A09 7 607 769 100

The extension cable for the IDC-A09 exchanger is only available as an accessory part and not a spare part. Accessories are available from your Blaupunkt specialist dealer. The cable is available in two lengths: approx. 1.0 metres and 5.0 metres. The order number for the 1.0 metre cable is: 7 607 621 154. The order number for the 5.0 metre cable is: 7 607 621 155. 

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TravelPilot DX-R70: Can a MP3 or Mini Disk Player be connected to the changer input (Aux-In)?

No, the CD changer interface does not support transmission from another external source.    

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TravelPilot DX-N online. Which mobile phones have a suitable interface?

Siemens 35 Series (C35, S35, M35): Together with the Siemens hands-free Professional. Siemens 45 Serie (C45, SL45, M45): Together with Siemens hands-free Professional 2. Nokia: Nokia fixed installation 6090Other mobile phone types such as hands-free devices are not compatible or were not tested in relation to compatibility!   

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TravelPilot DX-R52/DX-R5: The holder for the GPS antenna plug is missing.

The holder for the GPS antenna plug no longer comes with the system.

go to site Reason:
The plug also fits well without holder.   

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In a VW radio system with a FAKRA plug-in system how can a TMC-box be integrated

For that, you need the adapter 7 607 001 505 and 7 607 001 506.   

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TravelPilot DX-N/DX-V: Which backup camera?

Backup camera from Bosch/Blaupunkt Order no.: 4 998 117 205 (SW 3.6mm), Order no.: 4 998 117 206 (SW 2.6mm), Order no.: 4 998 131 273 (Color 3.6mm), or Order no.: 4 998 131 274 (Color 2.5mm). Additional adapter cable for FBAS/RGB converter Order no.: 4 998 101 884 and FBAS-RGB converter Order no.: 7 607 005 718. Optional camera extension cable (20m) 7 783 111 793 plus RGB cable 7 607 001 601 (1.3m) or 7 607 001 602 (4.0m) to DX-N/DX-V processor.

go site Attention!
If a third-party camera is used make sure that it does not mirror, because this is accomplished automatically by the processors.

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Why is the CD TravelPilot Germany2003/2004 with 3 CDs?

For technical reasons, the data quantities cannot be processed by the C navigation (not dynamic TravelPilot Systems). To use the almost complete coverage in Germany, the data is distributed on 2 CDs in a complicated procedure (North/South).The third CD contains the connecting roads (freeways and roads) and helps in the destination guide from North to South (or anywhere else).    

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TravelPilot RNS149/150: After ignition Off / On, the "CODE" appears!

The most frequent cause for this error is an unconnected reverse signal cable.

If connection is not possible, connect reverse signal to ground.   

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TravelPilot RNS149/150: With connected CD-changer, a magazine scan is carried out each time it is started

The most frequent cause for this error is an unconnected reverse signal cable.

If connection is not possible, connect reverse signal to ground Chamber A PIN 3. (also see operating and installation manual, connection drawings Fig. 9)   

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Woodstock DAB52: I receive digital radio only at some ranges. What is wrong?

Possibly, under MENU > AREA CANADA or under MENU DAB > Band. A wrong band is set. Default setting is EUROPE and BOTH!   

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Is the San Francisco CD 70 CD-Text, CD-RW compatible?

Device has no CD-Text function and is not CD-RW compatible, as written by mistake in the Brochure 2002.   

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Pasadena CD 71 Tuner-Standards-Setting

According to the operating manual, the tuner can be switched to the standard (Europe, USA, Latin). Unfortunately, the device does not have this function! This is a mistake in the operating manual!   

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Los Angeles MP 71: Tuner-Standards-Changeover

The Los Angeles MP 71 tuner can be changed over to the standard. (Europe, USA, Latin).   

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Los Angeles MP 71: Why are the pauses between the MP3 tracks so long?

Between time indicator standstill at the end of the track and display of the new track number, it takes 3 seconds. This cannot be changed, and we see no significant disadvantage.   

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London RDM 169 + San Francisco RDM 169: Besides the "TU" key, where is the Softkey "ST1" for showing the new KeyCard?

The "ST1" is the second softkey from the top on the left side. Key Card    

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Los Angeles MP 71: Which allocation does the chamber D have? This is not described in the installation manual.

The car radio Los Angeles MP71 is built into the housing of the DX-R70. The connection plug D is there but is not assigned. Plug in exactly at the slot for Gyro Setting only a dummy, as it is not used in the Los Angeles MP71.   

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Los Angeles MP 71 does not detect the CD burnt with MP3 Files!

Burning program, "Discjuggler" is not supported, as it lays out the CD specs. differently from other burning programs.
pornospiele Solution:
Use other burning programs, e.g. "Nero" is a very good program and makes less problems.

Another problem: 800 MB-CD's (90 Minutes) are not played back!
pussy games Solution:
Select 74 or 80 minutes CDs.   

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Skyline 3 Low: Why can I not hear any sound during operation, keys do not react (except AUDIO), the Flip Panel does not open or close?

MUTE is possibly turned on. Display then shows "MUTE", which is visible from above the display on turning the Flip Panel to the front.
"MUTE" is activated by pressing the "AUDIO" key for approx. 2 seconds, or corresponding function at the optional steering remote control RC 10 (briefly press key with volume struck through).

Deactivate MUTE:
Brief press either "AUDIO" or MUTE key on the optional steering remote control RC 10 (key with volume struck through). You can also deactivate the "MUTE" function by turning the volume knob or turning off and on the device again. By blocking the keys, you can be certain that your previous settings are preserved.

Also applies for following devices:
- Skyline 3 Low
- Madrid C 72
- Miami CD 72
- Nevada DJ 72
- Orlando CD 72
- Los Angeles MP 72
- Seattle CD 72   

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Does the Bremen CD 72 have TIM ?

Bremen CD 72 has TIM. This is described correctly in the catalogue text, but in Fig. Page 45, the Bremen is shown without TIM- LOGO (under O.K. button). Fault in catalogue 2002/2003.   

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Can my RadioPhone use cards with the Service FDN ?

The Amsterdam TCM 127, Monte Carlo TCM 169, Helsinki RTM 127, Fleetkommander GPS 148 and Gemini GPS 148 devices do not work with this card. The Antares T60 (devices software 0.336 and GSM software 4200 and 5400) work with this card.   

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Fun Line Top 4 Sub-Out- port does not work!

In the Alaska DJ and Casablanca CD 52 devices, the Sub Out port is in chamber A at PIN 3. Error in operating and installation manual, page 253 Fig. 7 . The Heidelberg CD 52 has no SUB Out. Error in operating and installation manual, Page 269 Fig. 7.   

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Acapulco CD51: Problems with standard microphone

The pin allocation is specified wrong in the microphone installation manual.

In chamber D, the microphone is not connected to Pin 4 + 5 , rather to Pin 9 + 10.Pin 9 = MIC GNDPin 10 = MIC INPUT   

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Antares T60: Why is my device blocked?

The Antares T60 can be operated again by pulling out the current supply plug (voltage reset) Chamber A. (also see operating and installation manual Page 56, Fig. 10)   

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With which PC-software can the Compact Drive- MP3 work?

With the Compact Drive-MP 3 and the relevant write/read device as well as the CD ROM have been positively tested with the following PC: Windows 95 / 98 / ME / 2000 / XP.On the CD-ROM, Windows XP is only not mentioned as operating system.   

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Can the Compact Drive -MP3 be connected to the Travelpilot DX-R70?

Please copy software (see Appendix) in the Root directory of the Microdrive and DX-R 70 turn off and on again. Finished. (Then in CDC mode, you should see Station key 4 = UP and Station key 5 = DOWN. Then you can select the directories with these keys). 

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FunLine 2 and 3, Display shows nothing or remains dark.

The Possibly a contact in the Release Panel has a problem. By cleaning the contacts with a cloth immersed in alcohol, without fluff, you can rectify malfunctions and ensure proper contact again. 

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Los Angeles MP 72 and Toronto MP 73 the MMCard does not fit in the slot provided for it.

By mistake, you purchased a MMCard a SDCard and this is 0.5 mm thicker.   

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Woodstock DAB52: I cannot read the bottom display. The red indicators can hardly legible in the day.

The legibility of the red acknowledgements is more or less limited under reflected light and in certain vehicles. At present, there is no technical solution, without generating more problems. We have to make do with the present solution.   

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TravelPilot Wide Vision: The monitor ejects after turning off ignition.

Please activate the Security System (see operating manual under System settings/Default settings/Security).   

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TravelPilot Wide Vision: No maps or arrows on screen!

See operating manual under Set AV input (AV-IN). Switch to VD, not to NAV.   

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TravelPilot Wide Vision Display shows the error message Bus E 50!

Either the Master cable SW (white/red) was connected wrong, or the changer connection cable is defective.   

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Woodstock DAB52: Is the serial number stamped?

No. The serial number is located only on the type sticker. It is on the device side. To optimise production, the serial number is no longer stamped.   

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Woodstock DAB52: How high is the input sensitivity at the Aux-In? The playback is too soft vis-à-vis radio and CD.

For full control, an input voltage of 1.5 Volt at 10k Ohm is required. Remedy for level differences: A possible adjustment here could be a headphone output. The volume, balance, bass and loudness can be adjusted on the car radio through this input. With the selected control characteristics, there is adequate power reserves, so that a somewhat lower input voltage must be sufficient. As we don't know what output voltage the device to be connected has and how it was measured, level differences between radio/CD playback and external signal source would obviously occur.

go here Important note for connection:
The Stereo preamplifier-input "Aux-In" is suitable for connecting another signal source, e.g. Walkman for cassettes, CDs, MDs or MP3. For this, use the connection cable with order number 7 607 001 504. This cable is 2 m long and on one side has a 10-pin ISO bush for the "Aux-In" in chamber D and on the other side, a 3.5 mm jack plug. We have not studied combination with rival devices and cannot rule out problems in different devices. The traffic messages take priority and interrupt the playback via "Aux".
The input is already activated using the operating manual, which simplifies operation. With the "SOURCE" key, you can select this input. Then "AUX" appears in the display.   

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Woodstock DAB52: The "TA-MODE" menu is not displayed. What must I do?

To simplify operation, the traffic radio source changeover was removed by the user from the menu.The device always switches automatically to an incoming traffic message via (in DAB mode) or FM (in radio mode).

In AUX, - Compact Drive -MP3, -MMCard, -CD- and CD-changer mode, traffic messages of the last set DAB or radio source are switched through.   

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Woodstock DAB52: PTY Cannot be turned on.

The Woodstock supports PTY on UKW but not on DAB. PTY an be used on UKW if the automatic DAB/UKW changeover is activated before the activation of PTY. Then, the changeover can be reactivated and the device automatically switched to the corresponding DAB-program. (see operating and installation manual, page 19 Program Type PTY)   

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Woodstock DAB52: How many playlists can the Woodstock handle? How many titles can the playlist handle?

Only one playlist can be created. The playlist stored under TPM can contain a CD and 8 directories and with max. 56 titles per directory. In the MMC, the list can contain 8 directories and in all 40 tracks.   

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Woodstock DAB52: Does the MP3 player have a resume function?

Yes, the titles are played back both while using a CD-ROM, and in a MMC.   

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Woodstock DAB52: How do I turn Loudness On / Off?

This tip was forgotten in the operating manual. Press the "Menu" key.
Press the cross rocker button after "/\\" or "\\/" until "Loudness" is displayed.
Set the "Loudness" with the < > keys.
Loudness 0 = Off Loudness 1- 6 = On ("LD"- indicator in display)   

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Woodstock DAB52: Can I simply connect the present antenna or do I need another accessory?

There is an extra DAB - antenna is needed as the conventional UKW,MW, LW-antenna, Band III and the L-Band are not supported.   

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Does the Woodstock DAB52 work in USA?

No, because:
1.) no DAB in USA;
2.) FM field is 100 KHz instead of 200 KHz (search for US practises is slow);
3.) Stereo-Mono-switching for US practises is too high;
4.) AM field is 9 instead of 10 KHz ;
5.) AM is not enough for USA (sound).   

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Woodstock DAB52: Is the Woodstock firmware "upgradeable"; e.g. to other data formats such as MP3-PRO.

No the firmware cannot be "upgraded" to other formats.   

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Woodstock DAB52: During the DAB why do I always hear a peep tone?

Traffic is activated (red traffic symbol display) and the program sends no traffic radio answerback. This is RDS services do not yet offer all digital programs.

Remedy: Deactivate traffic.   

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Woodstock DAB52: What do I do to connect a Discman or Mini-Disc-Player?

The connection cable with order number: 7 607 001 504 enables connection. This cable is 2 m long and on one side has a 10-pin ISO bush for the "Aux-In" in chamber D and on the other side, a 3.5 mm jack plug. The input is already activated using the operating manual, which simplifies operation. Turn on Aux with the "Source" key.   

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Woodstock DAB52: Reception is often bad with disk-type antenna.

The disk-type antenna is not optimum for all reception conditions. The disk-type antenna offers following reception properties:
L - Band: good reception in built-up area.
L - Band: Outside, reception is clearly bad.
Band III: Reception bad, many disturbances.

Roof antenna. (see FAQ Error! No bookmark name given.: Which DAB antenna...)   

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How do I enter a code?

If lines appear in the display, the radio is apparently locked. To come out of this mode, the device must be turned on for 1 hour. This lines must be visible in the display. Both plus connections, (constant power and ignition must be connected), must have voltage. During this period, the device must not be turned off, otherwise the procedure restarts again. After approx. one hour, either Code or 4 zeroes appear in the display. If have the code from the device, you must enter it as follows: Press station key 1 many times, as if figure 1 specifies the code. Press station key 2 many times, as if figure 2 specifies the code. Press station key 3 many times, as if figure 3 specifies the code. Press station key 4 many times, as if figure 4 specifies the code. Press the code with the search rocker button to the right or up.   

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What connection cable do I need to connect my (CDC-A05 /777 7 607 777 510) CD-exchanger?

In order to connect the exchanger with the appropriate radio, an exchanger cable is required (approx. 5 metres) as well as a connection block which is inserted into the radio.

The order numbers are as follows:
8 619 309 068 (cable)
8 619 309 076 (block)

The required spare parts can be ordered from Blaupunkt specialist dealer.

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Can I play a so-called "99-minute CD" I have burned on the Woodstock DAB52 or 53?

Tests with some CD-Rs have shown that these CDs can be played on the Woodstock. However, we cannot guarantee that all "99-minute CDs" will function error-free for the following reasons:

· CD-R 99 min does not conform with the RED BOOK specifications.
· The many different types of CD burners.
· Varying quality in the CD blanks
· The large number of different programs for burning CDs.
· The 99-min. CD is currently available only as a CD blank.

This type of CD has not been standardized.   

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Demo mode in new devices and with and without variocolour display? Acapulco MP54, Woodstock DAB54, Los Angeles MP74 and Bremen MP74. Also pertains to Seattle MP74 and Casablanca MP54 without Variocolour-Display

The above mentioned devices are delivered in demo mode (Animation in display and CD - eject without function). Deactivate or activate: Press any key briefly, then hold down the menu key for more than 4 seconds until you hear the acknowledgement signal.    

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Antares T60 Why does --/-- -- appear in the display. -- +4*653 ?

On calling the turned off RadioPhone, D1 sends an SMS. On opening the SMS in a mobile telephone, the display shows: T-Mobile missed calls "Surname, Name" (alternately "Telephone number") DD.MM. hh:mm. As the Antares does not support this service, the display always shows only this message ( --/-- --.-- +4*653).    

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Which memory card fits in the VDP01 - MP3?

As described in the operating manual, the device works only with MMCard up to 64 MB. Device slot for SDCard too narrow.    

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IVTV-01: Which battery type is required for the remote control?

Button battery CR 2025 / 3 Volt. (Dimensions 20.0 x 2.5 mm)    

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TravelPilot E1: Can I delete the stored destination?

No, it can only be overwritten with new destinations.    

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IDC-A09 Interface for VW-Audi devices.

In the required interface 7 607 596 511, the plus supply of the changer must be plugged with the enclosed yellow cable into the free Pin 15 of the changer coupling, and not in Pin 18 as specified in the drawing.    

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Why do faults occur when playing MP3-CDs?

In the market, you can buy "colour" (blue, green, black...) CDs. However, these CDs reflect the laser quite poorly than silver CDs (the lower side of the CD). Under certain circumstances, this can cause drive reading problems and particularly applies for black CDs. Therefore, the use of such CDs is not advised.
Moreover, it must be noted that car radios sometimes become very hot. However, this is not a defect, rather is explained by the high power of the high-level stage, the tuner part and other components that generally require a very powerful and complicated power supply unit, which must provide a total of 8 different voltages. But this is not a problem for the device functionality, as a car radio must satisfy the "Automotive specification" of -20 to +70°. It is different in the CD-blanks. They are not subject to the "Automotive specification". So for example, with the pictogram, the enclosed booklets generally refer to a usability in the range of ?5 to +55° (Verbatim and TDK). Although this is adequate for home use, for mobile operation, it is too less and thus generally a problem for all car radios. Especially if they have high output power which provides for a corresponding temperature increase as vis-à-vis the ambient air. Even the air temperature in a car parked in the sun can exceed this range which then damages the CD and leads to problems such as drop-outs. Unfortunately, there is no patent recipe. However, experience shows that CD-RWs can be used without problem if the following points are observed:

· Use only CD-blanks with an optimum reflecting silver coating.
· Observe high temperature range of the CD-blank as far as possible (Booklet)
· Never use "colour" CD-blanks or with black coating.
· Never expose CDs to sunlight, they become heated up to 120°.
· Never use maximum speed while burning. (When using the same blank type, same CD-writer type and the same CD content, the first drop-outs are produced at 52x burning speed at 64° on pick-up. But with a 16x burned CD, they occur only at 92°!!).    

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Is there a DRM radio from Blaupunkt?

We consider DRM more as a medium for portable world broadcast receivers than for car radios, for this reason, Blaupunkt does not provide a DRM radio.    

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In Navigation devices can I convert the distance details from km/h to miles?

Yes:The changeover can be done by converting the language from English/American metric to English/American imperial.    

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Current consumption TravelPilot E1 / E2

After turning off the device, the device still remains turned on for approx. 30 minutes. This was implemented to keep the system active immediately after a brief halt. Thus, this behaviour produces a current consumption of approx. 600 mA for 30 min. Only after 30 min. The devices goes into Stand-by mode (max 72 h), the current consumption then is approx. 12 mA. After the Stand-by time, the device only has a static current less than 2 mA.    

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TravelPilot DX-R52/DX-R5 what is the data status of the action CD that is enclosed with the devices at the special offer price of 699 ??

The devices that are being sold at a special price since the IFA 2003, come with a special edition of the Germany DX 2003.The year 2002 printed on the outer border is a so-called copyright date and has nothing to do with the data status. If you want a new CD for this special price device, you can purchase it from your dealer or the Blaupunkt Homepage in the Navi Shop. 

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What should I do to transfer my own telephone number to RadioPhone

First enter *31# and then dial the desired telephone number.    

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Can I use a guide CD in the TravelPilot DX-R52/DX-R5 ?

Essentially, yes. However, it only works as a normal country CD, as the Travelpilot DX-R52 / DX-R5 does not support the guide function.    

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Pay TMC 1.) When will this service be made available in Germany? 2.) How does Blaupunkt stand with regard to this topic? 3.) How do dynamic BP navigation units (stand-alone and radio navigation) react if pay TMC is broadcast?

About 1.)
According to our information, starting 1/2004 by two private providers (FFH and Antenne Bayern)

About 2.)
We do not intend to support initially pay TMC in the trade territory because in our opinion this service does not offer any major advantages for the customer in comparison with free TMC. This is particularly true since publicly operated broadcasters continue to offer free TMC in excellent quality and, moreover, not all of the commercial stations will add this service. (Fear of loss of listeners changing to free TMC stations).

About 3.)
A previously valid TMC station will immediately be rejected upon broadcast of pay TMC. This means that if the station changes over to pay TMC, it will no longer appear in the selection list for dynamization in our systems.   

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TravelPilot DX-V: Is there an automatic change between summer-winter time?

No. Summer time must be enabled or disabled in the settings menu of the clock.See also the operating instructions, Chapter System settings / Set clock format.   

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TravelPilot DX-NIs there an automatic change between summer-winter time?

No. Summer time must be enabled or disabled in the settings menu of the clock (if there is one).See also the operating instructions, Chapter System settings / Set clock format.   

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Chicago IVDM-7002: During the source changeover, it does seem to change over to the desired source, however, the sound from the previous source can still be heard. Example Source Radio is selected. Changeover to CD-mode. The radio sound can be heard.

In the Setup under External source settings, menu, set the source Navi to RGB.

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TravelPilot E1 together with the Citroen Peugeot remote control installed in the factory.

Contrary to the description of the remote control interface RCI4 VAN-Bus Citroen Peugeot (PSA) 7 607 589 550, the "Preset up/down" and "Mute" functions are not possible. The Up/Down wheel of the PSA remote control manual frequency selection. The left/right seesaw start the search.    

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Woodstock DAB52: Why are some special characters such as the "full stop" or the "@" symbol missing in the radio text?

A 13-segment display is limited in its capability to display special characters such as "@".The device automatically converts umlaut letters and "ß" into SS, AE, OE, etc.   

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Woodstock DAB52: Why do CD read errors and skips sometimes occur when playing CDs I have burned myself, while the unit becomes very warm?

It is true that the Woodstock becomes very warm under certain circumstances. However, this is not a defect; it is a consequence of the high power of the output stage, of the DAB part itself and other components which all together require a very powerful and complex adapter which must be able to support 8 different voltages. But this is not a problem for the unit functionality because, as a car radio, it must meet the "automotive specifications" of -20° to +70°. But this is not the case for the CD blanks. They are not required to meet the "automotive specifications". For example, the included booklets show an icon to indicate usability within the range of -5° to +55° as a rule (Verbatim and TDK). This is sufficient for home use, but much too limited for mobile operation and therefore generally problematic for all car radios. This is especially the case if they have high output performance which results in a substantially higher temperature in comparison with ambient air. The air temperature in a car parked in the sun can also exceed this range easily, damaging the CD and leading to the described problems, such as skipping. Unfortunately, there is no patent solution to this problem. But experience has shown that even so-called CD-RWs you have burned yourself can be used without any trouble if you observe the following points:

· Use only CD blanks with a silver coating which reflects optimally.
· Look for CD blanks with the greatest possible temperature range (booklet)
· Never use "coloured" CD blanks or blanks with black coating.
· Never expose CDs to direct sunlight; it can heat them to temperatures as high as 120°.
· Do not use max. speed for burning.   

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Is the feature GALA available for the Woodstock DAB52?

No! The feature GALA is available only on the Woodstock DAB53.   

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Woodstock DAB52: Why does the MIX function not mix properly from a number of DIR (directories) when playing MP3 files?

The design of Mix does not allow random jumping through as many as 127 directors and the playing of a certain track by means of a random generator, whereby the track also has to be marked as "played" until the CD is ejected. So, during MIX-CD or MIX-MMC, the routine first plays one directory by random generator completely, then jumps to the next directory.   

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Woodstock DAB52: Why do skips occur when playing MP3 CDs?

Coloured (blue, green, black, ...) CDs can be purchased on the market. However, these CDs reflect the laser beam much more poorly than the silver CDs (this refers to the underside of the CDs).

This may cause reading problems for drive, especially in the case of black CDs. We therefore recommend that you avoid using these CDs.   

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Woodstock DAB52: The Siemens MMC also contains some MP3 files. When I try to play them on the Woodstock DAB52, the unit continuously shows "Reading" without ever playing the MP3 tracks.

The original Siemens MMC contains a total of 3169 files in 10 directories and 27 subdirectories. Finding the MP3 files requires that the entire MMC be scanned. This can take up to half an hour. The process can be accelerated by taking the following steps:
· Back up the MMC content on your hard drive (23.4 MB).
· Delete any languages you do not need in the folder "HELP".
· Delete any languages you do not need in the folder "LANGUAGE".
· Delete any languages you do not need in the folder "T9 data base".
· Delete the PowerPoint slide and the PDF file in the folder "MISC".

The MP3 files will now be loaded in about 30 sec. During this time, the unit will first display "READING", then the first directory of the MMC. Then the MP3 folder will be displayed and the first file will be played.   

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Is the play list managed by the Woodstock DAB52 compatible with WinAmp or Windows&reg; MediaPlayer?

The play list is only similar to the list used for the CD changer, but is not compatible with comparable PC software.   

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Woodstock DAB52: Why is there only a peep tone, which repeats every 30 seconds, although the traffic radio station has been enabled for DAB and the TRAFFIC function?

The feature traffic information is essentially intended to prioritize reports, even if the unit volume has been turned down low or is playing a CD. Two conditions must be met for this to take place:

1.) The station must be identified as a traffic information station. VHF stations accomplish this with the so-called TP bit.

2.) The so-called TA bit must be set for the duration of the traffic information report. This causes the receiver to change the volume to loud and/or to switch from CD to VHF. If TA has been enabled, it first checks if the TP bit, which tells the receiver:
I am a traffic information station has been set. If this is not the case, a warning signal is played as an alert. This function is also on DAB. However, it is not yet supported by most stations. So there is a warning signal. Discussions with German transmission network operators have indicated that work is being done on this topic and that this disadvantage will be eliminated within a few months. Until then, you must turn off the traffic information system by pressing the TRAFFIC button when operating in DAB mode.   

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Woodstock DAB52: Although the traffic information feature has been activated, reports are not put through.

Traffic information support is not yet available everywhere for digital radio. So you should select MODE > FM under MENU > TA.AUTO automatically takes the radio source currently set. When a CD is playing, the traffic information is taken from the most recently selected radio source. If this was DAB, you may have the effect described above.   

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Woodstock DAB52: How many directories and subdirectories can the unit manage?

The Woodstock can manage 127 directories on 8 levels.   

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What DAB antennae are available from Blaupunkt?

Blaupunkt offers various DAB antennas and the appropriate accessories.

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TMC-Location lists Version 3.0 Is this version included in the Blaupunkt CD-ROMs?

The new TMC code list addressed by ADAC was officially certified only on 03.05.04 by the TMC Forum and is fully compatible with the list of current German Products used by Blaupunkt. Only in few cases, incorrect messages are substantiated by differences in the lists; clearly more than 90% of the locations are correct on the current products. New freeways and sections naturally are included only in products that had reliable official information on the new freeways at the time of publication. At the time of the production of current German products, the new TMC table was unfortunately still not available. The updates of the current products (planned for autumn) will obviously be included in the new table. The update to version 3.0 is included in the 2005 CD-ROMs, the CD-ROMs will be marked accordingly. Please bear with us that we cannot take back CDs or replace them for later versions.    

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Los Angeles MP 74 / Seattle MP 74: Why can't the Aux2 port be used as Navi-NF input?

Contrary to the diagram in the assembly manual (D-chamber), the devices does not have this function.    

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IVDP-01: Which discs does the DVD-Player support?

1. DVD (Digital-Versatile-Discs)
5" (12cm) one-side, single-layer
5" (12cm) one-side, two-layer
3" (8cm) one-side, single-layer
3" (8cm) one-side, two-layers

2. Compact-Disc (CD-DA, Video CD)
5" (12cm) Disc
3" (8 cm) Disc.     

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IVDP-01: Does the DVD-Player have a memory function?

If the device is playing a DVD film, and the Off switch on the front of the device is pressed, the film will resume playing where it was interrupted. The same happens even when the ignition is turned off (If the red cable to ignition plus terminal 15 is connected).    

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If certain SMS have been received, e.g. missed calls or advertising SMS, they cannot be deleted from the device. After 10 messages in memory, the device blocks further messages.

Then the SIM card must be removed and deleted in any mobile phone. Then it will work again for a certain amount of time. The (RadioPhone) Amsterdam, Monte Carlo, Helsinki, Gemini, Fleetcommander devices developed in 1998 and are no longer manufactured now. Therefore, we cannot offer any modification that supports the new feature from the provider. In this case, we recommend requesting the provider and sender, to stop sending SMS "missed call" or advertisement SMS.    

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Woodstock DAB53: Why does my PC not recognized the recorded pieces of music?

This could be a compatibility problem; unfortunately, we cannot test all possible combinations of SD card/writing-reading devices/PC operating system.
1.) Make sure that you reformat the SD card beforehand in the Woodstock and not in the PC; this is absolutely essential!!!
2.) Record some files
3.) Check in the PC to see if it now works.
4.) If there are still problems with the XP operating system, it is possible that the only to help is to run "chkdsk". You should find the program in the folder Windows/system32, as necessary using the file search program contained in XP.

Launch chkdsk as follows:
chkdsk g: /F
replace the small g if necessary by the drive letter of the changeable medium, i.e., the card reader. This should help; otherwise, the only alternative is to send in the card so that we take a look at the file system.    

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Woodstock DAB: My recorded files don't play on my MP3-player. What can cause this?

There are 3 reasons:

1.) The Woodstock stores the files in a folder with the DAB_DIR. The MP3-player expects the data in a special folder with a different name. In this case, the file including the software supplied within the scope of delivery must be copied into this folder.

2.) The software supplied with the MP3-player stores the files in a special format with a different ending to MP3.

3.) The MP3-player does not support MP2 format. Convert the file into MP3 format.   

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Berlin IQR88: Is the device CD-exchanger compatible?

No, this device can not control a CD-exchanger.   

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Berlin IQR88: No function, "E4D01" in the display.

System error! Can only be examined in a Blaupunkt Service Center.

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Bremen CD 72: Device has poor reception.

Poor reception can be caused by many factors such as VHF reception conditions, faults in the car radio or aerial, no remote powering of an active aerial, overmodulation of stations, disturbance caused by the vehicle's on-board electronics.
For this reason, we would ask you to have the installation examined by your specialist dealer.

A different car radio and aerial should be used to localise faults. The most frequent causes of such faults is an incorrectly set number of aerials.

Set number of aerials (1 or 2) in the menu (please refer to the Operating and Installation Instructions, page 20, section on Setting the number of aerials)

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Woodstock DAB52: Can I set the DAB and FM volumes at different levels?

No, the source volume can not be set individually.   

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Woodstock DAB52: Only the red "disc" on the right of the display rotates. Why not the one on the left, too?

The disc on the left only turns when the CD-exchanger is in operation. The disc on the right turns in normal CD operation.   

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TravelPilot RNS150 (RNS3): Can TMC be retrofitted?

No, unfortunately hardware can not be retroitted.   

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Where can I obtain spare parts for my camcorder?

Unfortunately, we are unable to supply you with the desired spare part directly. Blaupunkt discontinued the distribution of colour televisions, home video recorders and camcorders at the end of 1996. You can obtain spare parts for Blaupunkt consumer electronics (TV, video, camcorder, hifi) from the following address:

SRF-Electronic GmbH
Brennaborstr. 10
44149 Dortmund - Oespel
Tel.: 0231/96 50 60 38, Fax : 0231/96 50 60 99.   

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Do Compact Flash cards fit in the Compact Drive MP 3?

No, Compact Flash cards do not work in our Compact Drive MP 3.   

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CDC A 04 - CDC A 06 Magazine rejected without power.

If the exchanger is not under power, the CD magazine can be opened as follows:Insert screwdriver or slim pin in the hole to the right of the housing and press gently. This opens the internal lock and the CD magazine is pushed out.   

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IDC-A09: Why can't I activate the theft protection device on the exchanger?

As of production date 284 (see sticker on device), no more codes can be entered. We decided to do this in order to simplify connections to various car radios.   

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ICD-A09 Exchanger does not work despite correct installation in accordance with the Installation Instructions.

In early 2003, the IDC-A09 connection cable was changed. The plug connection for looping in constant power (necessary if there is no constant power at the C3 jack on the car radio or exchanger interface used) is no longer available. Solution: The red cable between the suspended fuse and the blue connector must be separated and voltage fed via the suspended fuse.   

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Where is the adapter cable for the steering-wheel interface in the Renault Laguna with factory-installed navigation connected? he red connector is missing on the display.

The connection in this vehicle version is under the glove compartment on the passenger's side. There you will find an interface with 3 connectors. Pull out the red connector and connect it to the interface cable.   

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Can my standard Audi, Seat, Skoda or VW device control a CD-exchanger or the Compact Drive from Blaupunkt?

On some Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW devices. Our:7 607 700 020 CDC A03 (10x CD-exchanger) and7 607 700 006 CDC A08 as well as the (5x exchanger)7 607 769 100 IDC A09 and7 607 700 025can be connected to a Compact Drive MP3 via the 7 607 596 511 interface.The Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW devices can only control 6 CDs with the result that the CDC-A08 and CDC-A03 CD-exchangers can only operate 6 CDs. In the case of vehicles with a FAKRA plug, an additional cable with the order number 7 607 001 514 is also required. The interface and exchanger are available from your specialist dealer.


Please observe the Installation Instructions including a list of the appropriate devices.

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Is there an address where I can obtain Operating Instructions for older devices?

The Operating Instructions for older devices are out of print. Nor are they available in electronic form. For this reason, we would ask you to contact the following companies specialised in the dispatch of service documentation. They may be able to help you by sending you a copy subject to a charge:

Schaltungsdienst Hientzsch, Lidschreiber + Martyson GBR
Dachauer Str. 203
80637 München
Tel.: 089/15780771
Fax: 089/15780772

Schaltungsdienst Lange
Postfach 47 06 53
12315 Berlin
Tel.: 030/72 38 13
Fax: 030/72 38 15 00
Btx *360 310 000 140#.   

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What connection cable do I need for fitting a car radio in my car?

All Blaupunkt car radios are equipped with standardised ISO connection sockets. As car manufacturers use their own standards for factory-installed radios, it is necessary to use car-specific adapter cables when fitting an ISO-standardised radio. Even if the vehicle connectors fit, 100% function is not guaranteed as the pin assignment may be different. This ensures that the radio and on-board electronics function correctly. These adapter cables can be purchased as accessories from specialist dealers.
Universal connection adapter with open cable ends for older vehicles are available as spare parts from specialist dealers.

The spare parts numbers are:
8 604 390 045 for the power supply
8 604 390 087 for the speaker connection.  
Adapters for possible special functions such as Sub-Out, Preamp-Out, Aux-In, Telephone-In etc. are also available as special accessories from specialist dealers.   

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Compact Drive MP3: Why does the Microdrive reject access?

The Microdrive may have been taken from the PC or Compact Drive although it was still accessing the drive. The Microdrive can then lock internally.Solution: This lock can only be lifted by our Customer Service workshop.

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KeyCard 1 + 2, 4 horizontal lines are displayed

Please clean the contacts on both KeyCards, e.g. with alcohol. Operate the car radio with the KeyCard already in use for approx. one hour. The display then indicates 4 horizontal lines. After approx. one hour, the display indicates "Card err". Remove the KeyCard and wait until the device switches itself off. Switch the device back on at the ON button.
The display then indicates "Card". Insert the KeyCard already used in the device. The device is functional. Train the device to read the other KeyCard again by removing the KeyCard during play and inserting the other one. If this does not help, the device needs to be sent in for servicing.

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Acapulco MP52: Why is there a Dolby symbol in the display?

This is necessary for the design. The display is also used for cassette players from the same device family. The Dolby symbol has no function in CD/MP3 devices.    

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VCR calendar does not function.

The VCR (RTV ...) is not equipped with an eternal calendar. The VCR continues to function, and we would like to give you some tips in this letter, which we worked out for the year 2000, which may allow you to record and play videos in the future. However, the use of the timer is then limited.You must turn off the VPS function so that the weekdays on your timer are in agreement if you want to program a calendar corresponding to the year 2000. For example, set the timer calendar back to the year 1994 if you want to program January/February 2000.Starting on 1 March 2000, you must set the timer calendar to 1995, for example. You must check this calendar setting on 1 March every year and correct it as necessary.    

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How good is the DAB window antenna, and what must be observed during installation?

The DAB - Window antennae provide absolutely interference-free reception in areas with good coverage. In areas where coverage is not so complete, the situation can become critical more quickly than with a roof antenna, a consequence of the installation. The following points should be observed during installation:

· Distance between window frame or chassis and antenna housing must be at least 1.5 cm and 4.0 cm (see installation instructions).
· Correct power supply and earth connection (especially via the short earth cable on the antenna). 
· Heavily metallized windows (thermal protection glass) can severely hamper reception (as is the case for mobile phone reception in ICE trains).
· Antennae must not be glued over the wires of the window heating.
· The antenna has an SMB plug which may require an adaptor. You should preferably use such an adaptor and not tinker with the connection as the L-band would not survive this without suffering a mechanical short.
· A special extension cable suitable for the frequency range should be kept as short as possible. 5 metres of extension and the standard cable on the antenna cannot prevent reception, but can severely impair it.   

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Can the TravelPilot DX-R52 / DX-R5 display the remaining travel time and the next road?

Contrary to the description in the catalogue (Car Multimedia 2003/2004), these devices do not have these functions.    

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Can the MP3-Player GTP 01 play MP3 files copied with the Windows XP operating system on the MMC?

No, the GTP 01 exclusively supports the Windows 95, 98 and ME operating systems. (Tested storage media are MMCs of 8/16/32 and 64 MB)    

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What does FAKRA plug mean?

The Fachkreis Automobile (circle of experts), abbreviation, FAKRA lays down standards in automobile manufacture. Including for electrical plug-in connectors (antenna, voltage, etc.). The so-called FAKRA plug does not refer to a specific vehicle manufacturer or a specific model.To be precise, it must be called plug based on FAKRA standards.    

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Woodstock DAB52/53: My MMC / SDC do not work in the device. What can be wrong?

The normally fault lies in an incorrect formatting FAT16.

a) Win XP
The pointer which was originally defined with the value "1" by Microsoft must point to the beginning of FAT. The compliance with this rule was recommended for hard-coded devices and is function-decisive. However in XP, the value "4" is used varying from Microsoft. However, the Woodstock expects the value "1" according to the specifications. Thus, cards formatted with XP computers do not work in the Woodstock. This also applies when using other Reader/Writers, as this can be traced back to the XP driver. Blaupunkt thus has provided the Woodstock DAB53 with its own formatting option.

b) Other operating systems
With other Reader/Writer manufacturers, you can similarly face problems, as some manufacturers do not comply 100 % and the Microsoft FAT 16 specification. Blaupunkt thus is oriented towards products from Scandisk.Studies show that the Woodstock DAB52 plays a 256 MB card which was formatted with the Scandisk Imagemate on a "Non XP computer" without problem. Similarly, if this was formatted with the Woodstock DAB53.

From this knowledge, we have the following solutions:

Windows XP:
For XP, Blaupunkt has now found a solution. However, for that, the device must be sent to us. If it is inconvenient, you can format the MMC/SDC once in a "Non XP computer" with a scandisk product. If possible, even the dealer is permitted to format the SD-card in a Woodstock DAB53 . Then, the card can be written with any writer. This also applies for XP.

Other Windows operating systems:
2. If a problem occurs only under other operating systems, then it is recommended to only use a Scandisk Reader/Writer.    

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Antenna concept in the VW-Golf V? What must I take care during the retrofitting?

The Golf V is equipped with 2 rear window antennae. Both antennae have a each phantom-fed Antenna amplifier. Important for the retrofit!

Both antennae can be used only with TwinCeiver devices or devices with DDA-principle. Applies for other devices:
Antenna 1 FM and AM reception (Phantom-feed) (on original device of lower plug)
Antenna 2 only FM-reception (Phantom-feed) (on original device of upper plug)  

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Cost estimate for repairs

Cost estimates are generally free of cost, which is common in the industry. Testing a device and circling the fault as well as order processing do not result in significant costs. However, we calculate these costs only when our customer provides a cost estimate in the order and it results in a repair order.    

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My device writes Wrong KC in the display, what to do?

If Wrong KC is written in the display, the device is probably blocked. This can have various causes. Please insert the KC and turn on the device, so that the lock period can expire. About one hour. Do not turn off in the meantime, otherwise the locking period restarts from the beginning. After one hour, Turn Off appears in the display, then turn off the device with the On tipper, remove the KC and wait for a few seconds.
Finally, turn on device without KC, Card appears again in the display. Insert KC. Now the radio plays normally. If the device cannot be changed over to CARD, there can be a fault and you must call a service centre or send in the device.

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7 607 621 129 Vehicle-specific adapter cable, can it be used for all auto-radios?

In the Bremen RCM 127 and the New York RDM 127, the cable cannot be used. For these devices, observe the assembly manual and use Antenna feed switch SPA1 7 691 290 202.NoteSuitable for VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda.    

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Woodstock DAB53: Engine halts when recording on the SD card! Can this cause a defect in the SD card (as described in the operating manual on Page 36)?

Actually, the radio is to be turned on and off correctly on a traffic signal with ignition plus, i.e. then internally also it is definitely turned off and on again, thereby nothing happens. However, it cannot be fully excluded, hence the note even in the operating manual.    

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Woodstock DAB53: My SD card is not working properly. Is my device defective?

It is apparent that SD cards also create problems in other systems, e.g. PDAs and Laptops. The website sdprob.aximsite.com is exclusively dedicated to this problem and under the link sdprob.aximsite.com/theproblemlist.htm displays a detailed list of reported problems with mention of the SD card.    

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Mixing functions in MP3 devices.

In MP3, a directory is always mixed fixed. After it has been played, the device jumps to the next one at random. For technical reasons, the device cannot store several hundred titles as played, from 127 different directors, and arranged in 8 levels. Thus the limitation. Moreover, after shutdown and the source change between MMC, CD-ROM and Audio-CD, the source-specific list of the played title is respectively deleted and MIX restarts in the stipulated mode. To get an extensive MIX function it is recommended to place all titles in the root directory ? i.e. without sub-directories.    

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Amplifier GTA 540: Why is the subwoofer output described differently in the assembly manual than on the device?

There is an error in the assembly manual Fig. 4. At the subwoofer output, the + and connection are interchanged. The printing on the amplifier is correct.

The speaker can be damaged on full load operation. Unfortunately, the assembly manual cannot be rectified.    

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Daytona MP 53: Why is there a Dolby symbol in the display?

This is necessary for the design. The display is also used for cassette players from the same device family. The Dolby symbol has no function in CD/MP3 devices.    

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How can I obtain a new removable actuator?

In the loss of an actuator, we require the following information from you:

Device number BP. . . . _ . . . . . . .
Type number 76. . . . . . . .
Proof of ownership, e.g. radio pass, purchase receipt or a police-issued certificate. Please fax this data to +49 (0) 51 21 49 54 08. Orders are subject to charge. The sum shall depend on the device involved which will then be collected COD upon delivery by the postal service. 


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Is it possible to connect the Compact Drive-MP3 to the Memphis MP66 / Casablanca MP56?

No, but it is possible to connect and operate the MicroDrive hard disc via the original read/write unit of the compact drive (latest version) to the USB port of the radio.    

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Conversion from inches to meters?

1 inch = 25.4 millimeters = 2.54 centimeters = 0.0254 meters.

An inch (plural: inches; symbol or abbreviation: in or, sometimes, ? - a double prime) is the name of a unit of length in a number of different systems, including English units, Imperial units, and United States customary units. Its size can vary from system to system. There are 36 inches in a yard and 12 inches in a foot. A corresponding unit of area is the square inch and a corresponding unit of volume is the cubic inch. The inch is the virtually universal unit of measurement in the United States, and is very commonly used in Canada and the United Kingdom. In the US and commonly in the UK and Canada, personal heights are expressed in feet and inches by people of all ages. In Canada, personal heights are shown in metric units on official documents such as a person's driver's license.

In 1958 the United States and countries of the Commonwealth of Nations defined the length of the international yard to be precisely 0.9144 metres. Consequently, the international inch is defined to be equal to 25.4 millimetres. The international standard symbol for inch is in (see ISO 31-1, Annex A). In some cases, the inch is denoted by a double prime, which is often approximated by double quotes, and the foot by a prime, which is often approximated by an apostrophe. For example, 10 feet 9 inches is denoted by 10´9".    

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TravelPilot Lucca 3.3: What is the standard scope of delivery?

Suction cup holder, charger cable for cigarette lighter, short instructions, and backup DVD are included, as described on the gift box.Small parts such as the rubber cover, protective foil on the device face, and the dummy card mentioned in some user manuals are not included in the delivery and can not be ordered either.    

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Queens MP56 / Memphis MP66 / Casablanca MP56, MIX function?

The above-mentioned devices apply the mix function to all directories available on a storage medium by selecting either the MIX-CD or MIX medium function.    

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How can I play back certain WMV files on my Lucca 5.2 system?

For this to function properly, the following parameters must be set:
- Frame rate 15...30 fps
- Max. resolution 480 x 272 px
- Max. bit rate 384 kbps
- Encoding Simple Profile
- Direct reproduction of WMV, and DivX, Xvid, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 via transcoding only!
- No DRM protection (Digital Rights Management)

Suitable programs are found at: wmv converter or wmv transcoder.   

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Hamburg MP57 with missing user manual in German language ?

The device comes with two manuals.The manual in German is found in the brown accessory box.   

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Does an extension cable exist for Bluetooth / USB interface?

According to the information from our technical department an extension of 150 cm between interface and radio will be available under the article number 7 607 621 149 001.   

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Hamburg MP57 why does my device not accept PIN number 1234...?

Unlike described in the operating instructions, the PIN number is not 1234 but 00000 (see Annex).

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TMC reception via the Lucca 5.2 cradle? How can I connect my cradle to the existing FM antenna? Is it possible to receive the TMC also with a wire antenna?

To receive TMC stations it is necessary to connect the pink wire of the cradle to an FM antenna.

Strong TMC stations can be received, if a 70-cm cable is used as wire antenna and connected to the pink cable.Alternatively, it is also possible to use the existing FM radio antenna. For this, a Y-type antenna splitter must be hooked up.

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Lucca 5.2 PUK online service.

The new PUK online service is available for you with immediate effect. It is offered as a service for customers of a TravelPilot 5.2 who can register their individual PUK code to release the theft protection. Once registered the PUK code can be recalled at any time online by the user so that the device must not be returned to our service even if a wrong code has been entered three times.

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Lucca 3.3: The storage capacity of the DVD-ROM is larger than that of a 2GB SD card.

In Computer and operating systems such as Microsoft Windows XP data volumes on binary basis are wrongly specified with the units of the decimal system. For example, if Windows indicates "1 GB" data it is actually 1 GiB, i.e. 1,073,741,824 instead of 1,000,000,000 bytes.

We have checked various 2 GB SD cards. Different capacities were indicated:

2,036,404,224 bytes = 1.81 GB
2,040,135,680 bytes = 1.89 GB
2,057,404,416 bytes = 1.91 GB

Anyway, the EuropeWest_v22.map with 1,952,003,584 bytes fits well on the card.
By the way, Windows 2000 indicates 1,906,254 KB in the Explorer.
The indication under Windows also differs between "Capacity" and "Capacity on data carrier".    

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Hamburg MP57 and mobile phone cannot be coupled (pairing)?

Possible cause: the customer has changed the PIN number assigned ex factory "00000" in the Bluetooth menu.   

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Lucca 3.3 / 3.4: How to select the language?

Push "Settings" (symbol with two gears) Push the upper button (language). The current language will be shown.

Push the button. A language list appears.Now push the language you wish to select.

See also the long version of the operating instructions (Selecting the language).   

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Lucca DVD does not allow to be installed under Windows Vista.

We have checked the "installation" under Windows Vista on several PCs and our tests were all positive.

But as you should know and as you can read in all computer magazines, Windows Vista is still everything but reliable.
Even the experts of the c't magazine sit in front of the new OS and have no idea what it is doing or what the messages mean if it is doing anything.
And as we don't know which Vista version you're using, which service pack you have already installed, which hotfixes you have installed, with which rights you have logged onto your OS, with which user settings you may have "adjusted your Vista" etc. etc. etc., we can only ask you to check and verify your settings (possibly together with a Windows expert) or to log onto your system with different rights - in short to start the program with different system settings.    

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How can I load another map in my Lucca 3.3/3.4?

First, store the map on an SD card before you load it into the Lucca flash memory. Direct access to the flash memory via USB is not possible.

Connect a conventional SD card reader to your PC.

Use a conventional USB cable to hook up your Lucca 3.3/3.4 to your PC.
Your Lucca will appear on the desktop of your PC as additional drive or removable medium.
It works in the same way as an SD card reader.

Use an SD card of min. 512 MB.
Format the SD card with FAT or FAT32.
For this, select desktop, mark the new removable medium/drive, press the right mouse key, select formatting and FAT.
Follow the instructions on your PC monitor.

Insert DVD into the drive of your (Windows-XP) PC.
If the program does not come up automatically, activate desktop / DVD_drive / setup.exe.
The program starts. Click transfer language / map / continue / desktop / removable medium (NAME) / OK
A progress bar will appear on you PC. A windows pops up after about 10 minutes: "The map has been transferred successfully". Then press OK.
Terminate the process by clicking the "Remove hardware" symbol for the removable medium / drive in the task bar of your PC.

Connect your Lucca to the cigarette lighter or power supply.
Turn off Lucca by pressing the key longer than 5 seconds.
Insert the previously prepared SD card into the Lucca.
Turn Lucca on by pressing the key longer than 5 seconds.
A user prompt appears on the display after some seconds.
Click "map" and "continue", press again "continue".
The map will be transferred and a progress bar appears.
The map is transferred from the SD card into the Lucca flash memory and the previous map is overwritten.
The star - up screen appears. Now press OK.
Remove the SD card.


If this task fails repeatedly, use an SD card of another manufacturer.

Have fun with your Lucca.    

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How can I permanently display the arrival time and distance to the destination on my Lucca 5.2?

During route guidance it is possible to permanently display the arrival time, travel time and distance to the destination.For this purpose, mark "Distance", "Duration" and "Time of arrival" for the Total trip and Stage point in the navigation menu under /Settings/route information. If individual points are not marked, they will be displayed for 10 seconds only when you press "More" during route guidance.   

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Which videos can I play on my Lucca 5.2?

Reproduction of WMV on Lucca 5.2

The following parameters must be fulfilled for proper functioning.

- Frame rate 15 ... 30 fps
- Max. resolution 320 x 180 px
- Max. bit rate 384 kbps
- Encoding simple profile
- Direct reproduction of WMV, DivX, Xvid, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 only after transcoding.
- No protection according to DRM (Digital Right Management)

For formatting insert a FAT / FAT32 formatted SD card into the Lucca.
Select /Settings/Default settings/USB/MTP in the menu.
Use USB to connect to WinXP-PC.
Use the Windows Media Player WMP10/11 for transcodieren/conversionWMP1011.
A synchronization with WMP11 can be time consuming!

Blaupunkt cannot provide support for the great variety of Microsoft tools with all its imponderability and the even greater diversity of third party products ( Nero Show Time, VLC, PowerDVD, QuickTime, ... ) as well as all combinations of these tools with the existing plug-ins and codecs.

For further information contact the Internet forums via search engines under "wmv converter" or "wmv transcoder".   

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Bluetooth interface 7 607 545 500 - are there any spare parts?

Yes, there are two spare parts for this interface: the microphone ( 8 637 696 086 ) and the PTT key ( 8 601 390 284 ).    

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Pod interface 7 604 540 521 Radio turns off with a bang?

This effect appears if a track is changed too quickly, but it's not a fault.

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No GPS reception in connection with Bluetooth interface ?

This is due to an insufficient distance to the navigation antenna which is mostly installed inside the car even though it should be fixed outside the car. If the antenna is installed in the car, a minimum distance of 50 cm should be observed; more would be better.    

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Travelpilot Lucca/ Lucca MP3 in connection with cradle. Why is there no voice output via the in-car speakers ?

Select the voice output item in the Lucca menu under "Settings" and set the check mark for radio muting.    

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TravelPilot Rome NAV 56E. Do the 10 CDs included in the accessory kit also work in the other pieces of equipment?

No, this CD set for the whole of Europe only works with the Rome NAV 56E.   

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TravelPilot Freestyler: What is the data version of the "Volks Navi" (navigation for everyone) CD enclosed with the special price offer of 499 ??

All special price offer devices sold since April 2005 include a special copy of the Germany E 2004/2005 data carrier.

If you wish to use a more recent CD version for this special price offer, you may purchase it from your local dealer or in the Navigation Shop on the Blaupunkt homepage.

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Bluetooth Interface, my phone book does not work.

N.B.: For interaction with the positively tested cellphone models, it is a basic precondition that the car radio supports CDC-Text. See operating instructions of Bluetooth USB interface 7 607 545 500 on page 5.If the mobile phone in question supports voice dialing, it might be necessary to deactivate this function first.The phone book will not be displayed in the Basic function. To use the phone book function, it will be necessary to download the Config file TXT from our homepage.

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How can I enter animated pictures into my Memphis MP 66 ?

Contrary to the information provided in the owner's manual, it is unfortunately not possible to load animated pictures into the Memphis device.    

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How can I change the welcome text on the Memphis MP66 ?

Contrary to the information provided in the Owner's Manual, it is unfortunately not possible to change the welcome text.   

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Memphis MP66 and i-Pod interface ?

The Memphis device can be operated with the iPod interface 7 607 540 500 (Index AE) or 7 607 540 501 (Index AA) only with the config file "Basic" or "TXT". The display will freeze when using the "MD" config file.    

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Bluetooth interface 7 607 545 500 and steering wheel remote control - does this combination work ?

If the C2 port is occupied (IR receiver or steering wheel interface), it is possible to connect the Y-cable 7 607 001 500 001.    

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Queens MP56 / Memphis MP66 / Casablanca MP56 no reproduction possible with USB stick.

Please check your USB stick with regard to the number of files. The sticks work well with up to max. 1500 files (in root directory or per folder).    

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Queens MP56 / Memphis MP66 / Casablanca MP56: How can I display the background images?

These devices allow to activate a background image, which has, however, nothing to do with the screensaver function and the demo mode.Show background image:Instead of showing the selected audio source it is also possible to display any graphic stored in the device.Activate background image:Press ESC key. The background image is displayed.When pressing any key, the selected audio source will be displayed for 15 seconds.Switch off background image:When the background image is displayed, press Menu and then ESC. The function will be switched off.    

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Does the Lucca DVD also include natural gas stations ?

Yes, the new European DVD available as from the beginning of 2007 also includes natural gas stations in the POIs section.   

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TravelPilot Lucca: For what do I need the reset button on the lower side of the device?

In the event that your Lucca should come up with an error message or no longer allow to be operated, press the reset button on the underside of the device briefly with the tip of a pen. The device will be re-booted and function properly afterwards. Any stored settings will be remained with this procedure.   

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Casablanca MP56, Memphis MP66: Is the device equipped with a GALA function?

Yes, In the installation instructions of the Casablanca Pin 1 of Chamber A is wrongly marked "nc". "GALA" should be printed there instead, because the device features the automatic sound function.   

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Lucca 3.3: How can I transfer a country from the SD card into the internal memory?

Transfers are only possible with max 512 MB.

Turn on the Lucca.
Now press and hold down the ON/OFF button for a longer time to turn the Lucca off again.
Then insert the SD card into the card slot and turn the Lucca on.

The display will show:
Do you wish to transfer the road map from the SD card into the flash memory ? Press YesWhat do you want to transfer from the SD card into the flash memory? Please set a checkmark at road map and press Yes.

The map and/or the language in the flash memory will be deleted. Please press Yes again.
The update process is running, do not turn off ! The progress is shown with a blue bar. Duration approx. 15 minutes.    

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Lucca 3.3: what about the battery specifications?

In Lucca 3.3 is a LI-ION battery pack with 3.7 volts and 1230 mAh. This chargeable battery is a spare part to be ordered with the part number 8 619 003 377 002.   

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Lucca 3.3: Phots are not shown in the Picture Viewer?

The Picture Viewer of Lucca 3.3 can only administer IPEG images with a resolution of max. 2.2 mega pixels. Larger photos are shown with the error message Too big.    

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Lucca - which storage cards can I use?

Lucca is able to handle conventional SD cards or MMC cards.However, it may happen that an SD or MMC card is not compatible with Lucca.Format your SD or card for FAT or FAT32 data format.If this does not help either, try another SD / MMC card / MMC-Card from another manufacturer.   

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Seattle MP57: Is this device equipped with a GALA function?

Contrary to the information provided in the Car Multimedia catalog 2007/2008, this system has no GALA function.   

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Lucca 3.4/5.2: The screen freezes, the map stands still, hangs up?

This fault is caused by a certain type of TMC messages transmitted by radio stations in combination with the software used in these two models.In the meantime we have identified these blocking TMC messages and worked out a solution together with the concerned broadcasters. The transmission of these messages has been ceased from 11 January 2008 so that all devices resume full functionality.

In parallel, we are currently working on a software solution with our software supplier. We do this with highest priority to prevent similar failures caused by TMC messages in the future.    

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Lucca 3.5: Why is it no longer possible to enter addresses after a software update?

Only a part of the storage is overwritten after a software update. Please also update the internal road map of your DVD. The function will be fully resumed afterwards.   

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Lucca 3.4 / 5.2: Picture frozen, audio signal continues?

This error is caused by a certain form of TMC messages used by broadcasting stations which cannot be processed by the software used in these pieces of equipment.

The current firmware update required to remedy this problem is found on our homepage.

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iPod interface, why is it that the radio display shows no ID3-TAG, such as the title or artist of a song?

This display will only appear if the radio used is text-capable in the changer mode and if the interface was configured with the config file "TXT" or "MD". The ex factory setting is "Basic".

Beyond that, with some radios featuring a text-capable changer connection it is additionally possible to change the display mode manually. These devices are identified by the "DIS" key on the faceplate which changes the MP3 display mode when pressing it longer.    

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DVP01 C, can I use self-burnt DVDs on DVD+R oder DVD+RW data mediums?

Basically, all DVD formats and media should actually allow to be used with the device. Note that a reliable playback function is more likely to be achieved with DVD-R disks, whereby the quality achieved also depends on such other factors as the product quality of the self-recording disk purchased, the burner lifetime (i.e. its laser diode), the burning software as well as the burning speed used.   

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Lucca 5.3: For what do I need the backup DVD?

Lucca software download
By using the backup DVD, you can restore the original content of the internal 2 GB flash memory if you should have overwritten it by mistake.
In addition to the actual country maps, the backup DVD also contains the navigation software, the system data, an installation program as well as a comprehensive user manual in various European languages (in PDF file format)

What do you need?
-PC Pentium, Windows NT/2000/ XP/Vista
-SD card 2GB
-Standard SD card reader/writer
-DVD drive
-Lucca backup DVD

Getting started:
-Insert the SD card into the SD card reader and connect it with your PC.
-Open (click) the My Computer item. The SD card will be displayed as an additional storage drive.
-Format the SD card. For this, click on "Quick formatting FAT32" with the right mouse button.
-Put the Lucca backup DVD into your DVD-ROM drive.
-Open another Explorer window by clicking on My Computer.
-Double-click the DVD-ROM drive; the system will display the contents of the backup DVD.
-Open the folder (Recovery_SD-Card), mark all elements with Strg+A or use the context menu of the right mouse button. Press Strg+C to copy all elements.
-Click the SD card in the other Explorer window you have opened.
-Now press Strg+V to copy all elements onto the SD card. Note that this process may take a few minutes.
-After all elements have been copied onto your SD card, deactivate the SD card reader. For this, you can normally find a corresponding Windows symbol in the task bar of your PC.
-You can now remove the finalized SD card from the reader.

Lucca programming:
-Connect your Lucca device to the AC adaptor or the 12 V adapter. Note that a reliable power connection is essential for the following programming procedure. If the power supply is interrupted or if the battery goes flat during the following data download, this could seriously damaged your device so that it requires service.
-Insert the SD card into the Lucca.
-Hold the left VOL- key depressed and then briefly push the reset button on the lower side of the equipment with the tip of a pen. The download will start automatically and may take up to 30 minutes.
-Once the download is finished, the Lucca main menu will re-appear on the screen.
-Remove the SD card.
-You can now select the language of your choice.    

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Info on second car kit for Lucca 3.5 / 5.2 and 5.3.

In some documents of Lucca 3.5 the part number 7 608 010 408 001 was inadvertently indicated for the second car kit. The correct part number is 7 608 010 411 001.In addition, it is true for all devices mentioned above that the product-specific mount is not included in the delivery of the kit 7 608 010 411 001. The mount can be ordered separately as accessory or spare part.Mounts for Lucca 3.5 only as spare part under the article number 8 619 003 540 002.Mount for Lucca 3.5 Edition only as spare part under the article number 8 619 003 541 002.Mount for Lucca 5.2 only as accessory under the article number 7 608 010 416 001 (Active Cradle)Mount for Lucca 5.3 accessory number 7 608 010 418 001 (Active Cradle), or Passive Cradle under spare part number 8 619 003 542 002.   

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Rome NAV 56E does no longer show the ID3 tag?

If the Rome Nav 56E was turned off for more than 30 minutes, the ID3 tag will no longer be displayed under the condition that the BT interface, the iPod interface or the compact drive is connected and configured in MD mode.

Activate the tuner mode briefly and switch back to CDC. The ID3 tag will then be displayed again.   

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Lucca 3.5/3.5: Edition The battery doesn't get charged?

The charging circuit incorrectly detects a full battery.

Please connect the power pack first to 230 volts and then hook up the 12-V connector to the Lucca.    

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Lucca 5.2 Why does the device always switch back from "night-time display" to "day-time display" each time it is turned off?

When the device is turned off, it is generally reset to the day-time display mode. To activate the night-time display mode again, first confirm the day-time mode and then switch over to night-time mode.   

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Lucca 5.3: DVD does not start on the PC?

The Lucca 5.3 DVD includes a folder with the name "Manuals". It offers operating instructions in several languages and another folder named "Recovery_SD-Card" that is used to restore the delivery status. This software does not allow to be stored on your PC and is suited for Lucca 5.3 only.
If your Lucca 5.3 outputs failure messages or if operation is no longer possible, then proceed as follows to restore the device:
Copy the contents of the "Recovery_SD-Card" folder on a FAT-formatted 2 GB SD card. Connect 12 V to Lucca 5.3 and insert the SD card. Press the left VOL- key and - at the same time - press the reset button briefly on the bottom side of the device. Hold down the VOL- key until you detect a progress on the display. Do not interrupt the process! Restoring takes about 30 minutes. At the end you can select you language and OK appears. Please don't forget to remove the SD card.   

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Lucca 3.5: No destination entry possible any more after firmware update?

In the event that it is not possible to enter a destination/address after a firmware update, it will be necessary to recover the map as well. Please proceed as follows:

- Start the LuccAssist application from the DVD in your PC. Please follow the program "Interne Straßenkarte aktualisieren" (Update internal road map). Select a map and copy the data onto a 1 GB SD card.
- Switch off your TravelPilot Lucca 3.5. For this, please press the ON/OFF button for more than 15 seconds.
- Insert the SD card into your Travelpilot Lucca 3.5.
- Then turn on the Lucca by holding the blue On button depressed for more than 4 seconds. You will see a white illustration with progress information.
- After approx. 20 - 30 minutes, "OK" will be displayed and the download is completed.
- Please press "OK", "Navigation" and then the "Einstellungen" (Settings) button in the bottom right part of the display.
- The message "Dataset not available" appears. Press "OK" and select a dataset.
- The system will then display the desired map with your current location (provided that GPS reception is available).
- Remove the SD card.

If this process should not work at first go as described above, please hold the ON/OFF button depressed for more than 15 seconds again and repeat the process.    

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Brisbane SD48/Victoria SD48, do these devices detect SDHC cards?

Early devices of the first production series may produce SDHC card detection problems. In these cases, please have the customer device picked up by our collection service for a firmware update together with the SDHC card used.   

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Lucca 5.3: How can I load new POIs?

There are several POI suppliers available on the Internet, such as POICON, for example.Firstly, you'll have to register yourself at Poicon.com.

You'll then get an email with a personal password and a link.

Under this link, you can select your device and order the desired data.

You'll get another email with the corresponding access authorization as soon as you have paid the POI download fee.Download the zip file onto your PC and unpack it.

The POI data can then be loaded into the Lucca 5.3 via a USB connection in accordance with the enclosed loading instructions.   

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Lucca 3.5, TravelPilot 100, TravelPilot 200, TravelPilot 300: How can I load new POIs?

There are several POI suppliers available on the Internet, such as POICON, for example.Firstly, you'll have to register yourself at Poicon.com.

You'll then get an email with a personal password and a link.Under this link, you can select your device and order the desired data.

You'll get another email with the corresponding access authorization as soon as you have paid the POI download fee.

Download the zip file onto your PC and unpack it. Install the program in accordance with the instructions.

Find the POI range that you want to load onto your SD card.

To execute the POI function, the SD card must always be inserted into the corresponding slot of the Lucca 3.5, TP100, TP200, TP300.   

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VW/Audi BT/USB interface 7 607 545 550 001, it is not possible to play MP3 files or the device always restarts playing from the beginning?

The Bluetooth / USB interface for the VW / Audi may cause problems in connection with the RCD 300 + RCD 500 radios. The interface is reset again and again when the vehicle is turned off and the radio on. This makes it almost impossible to play MP3 files. Remedy is achieved by replacing the employed adapter cable 7 607 001 539 001 for the version with Index AB.    

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Lucca 3.5 / 3.5 Edition, with the enclosed DVD it is not possible to open LuccAssist. I always get an error message (Could not find the main class. Program will exit!).

This is due to the Java version of your computer. The PC tool LuccAssist is operable on each PC with Windows and on each Mac with Mac OS operating system. In order to use LuccAssist, Java SE Version 1.5 or higher must be installed (download under: Link:.    

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Why is it not possible to use my TeleAtlas SD card Europe 2007/2008 on Lucca, Lucca MP3, Lucca MP3 Edition?

TeleAtlas sells a SD card set Europe 2007/2008. This set includes a 2 GB SD card with Western Europe and a 512 MB SD card with Eastern Europe. On both SD cards there is also a software patch and an installation routine. The software patch is required to use the new M2 map on the old M1 device. The installation routine can only be used once with each SD card and is automatically deleted afterwards. If the 2 GB Western Europe SD card is used first, the M2 software patch is loaded when the system is turned on. The old map is deleted and the system tries to load Western Europe. However, the internal 512 MB flash memory is too small for the 2 GB Western Europe SD map so that the system outputs an error message: "Memory capacity not sufficient". When the OK button has been pressed twice, it is possible to use the SD card for navigation in Western Europe. If the user removes the SD card, the following message appears: "No map was found."If the 512 MB Eastern Europe card is used afterwards, this map is stored in the flash. Then it is also possible to navigate in Eastern Europe without SD card.

If the SD card is used in the other order, i.e. first Eastern Europe, then Western Europe, the internal flash memory will always be empty.
In this case, it is necessary to use one of the SD cards in that Lucca. It is not possible to listen to MP3 at the same time.

It is also not possible to use the two SD cards on another Lucca and Lucca MP3.   

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Audi / VW Bluetooth interface, why are MP3 files from the connected USB stick/HD not reproduced?

It is necessary to create a directory named Blaupunkt on the USB stick/HD with 6 sub-directories named CD01 to CD06.

PS: It is absolutely necessary that the directory names are written in upper case letter. The MP3 files (max. 99 tracks) can then be copied in these 6 directories.   

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Lucca 5.3: Which languages are available for the voice input?

Voice input is available in 5 languages, (German, English, French, Italian and Spanish).   

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Lucca 5.3: is it possible to download POI ?

Contrary to the information provided in the flyer (More than just navigation and Blaupunkt direkt issue 03 of August 2007), this device provides no POI downloads.   

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In my Lucca, why do I get an error message when trying to copy the 428 MB D/A/CH map to a 512 MB SD card?

Please use a 1 GB SD card. Lucca 1, 2nd and the MP3 also get a patch installed in addition to the map, which enables the M1 platform devices to read the new M2 card format as well.The D/A/CH map plus patch can be a bit larger that the storage capacity provided by a number of SD cards available on the market.    

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Lucca 5.2 / 5.3: Are the TMC antennas of both devices identical and why do I suffer from poor or no TMC reception?

There are different TMC antennas. Please use the TMC antenna delivered with the Lucca 5.2 with a silver-colored connector, or the one delivered with the Lucca 5.3 with a gold-colored connector.In the 5.2, the end pin of the silver-colored connector is occupied. In the Lucca 5.3, the shielding pin of the gold-colored connector is occupied in order to use the shielding of the optional handsfree microphone as a TMC antenna.    

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Y-Adapter ISO - ISO 7 607 001 500 001 The car radio immediately switches to TEL-MUTE when plugging in the Y-cable, although nothing has been connected at both cable ends so far.

Due to a production error, some Y-cables on the market have a short circuit between pins 9 and 12.   

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Lucca 3.5: How many stopover destinations can I use?

There are up to 10 stopover destinations available.   

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Lucca 3.5: Route options?

The route options offered in the Lucca 3.5 include the following weighting levels:

Optimal: 40% short / 60% fast
Is the default value pair, can be customized under "Change optimal".

Fast: 100% fast, cannot be changed.

Economic: 40% short / 60% fast; is a fixed preset value pair; origin see graphic (pdf chart).

Ecological: 75% short / 25% fast. Is a fixed preset value pair; origin see graphic (pdf chart).

Short: 100% short, does not allow to be changed.

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Lucca 5.3: Is it possible to get driving recommendations when the Lucca 5.3 was switched into the Video mode after specifying a destination ?

Yes, the Lucca 5.3 interrupts the video sound in order to put through the driving recommendation. However, video playback will not stop. The system will not leave the video mode while reproducing the driving recommendation.    

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Lucca 5.3: Why is it that the voice input doesn't work?

When selecting the phone keypad in the keypad menu, then no voice input is possible.    

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Lucca 5.2/5.3 How can I load another map without using an SD card?

Please select the following settings:
Menu/Settings/Factory settings/USB:MSD/OK
Connect Lucca 5.2 / 5.3 via USB cable to a PC. Two new drives appear in the Explorer, removable storage media (SD card reader) and TFAT (Lucca internal flash memory).
Open the TFAT/MapData directory. Mark and delete the old map (right mouse key). Use drag-and-drop to copy the new map from the DVD to the MapData directory. Duration: approx. 1:15 h.   

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Lucca 5.2/5.3 does not work in connection with cradle cable hooked up to a ventilation grid/dashboard holder!

The ventilation grid holder 7 608 010 415 and dashboard holder 7 608 010 414 cannot be used in connection with cradle cable 7 607 001 529 or 7 607 001 530 , because the system connectors of these cables do not fit owing to the mounting type of the two holders.    

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Lucca Map Update DVD Europe 07/08 Article Number 7 612 150 031, What can I do with the map update DVD?

This DVD can be used for copying the latest maps to all pieces of (Lucca/ Lucca MP3/ MP3 Edition/ 3.3 CC/ 3.3/ 3.4/ 5.2) equipment. Just start the setup.exe file and you will then be guided through the application.You will need an SD card storage medium at any rate. A file download by USB is not recommended.   

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I own a Lucca 3.3, Lucca 3.4, Lucca 5.2: What is the benefit of the DVD?

The Lucca Map Update DVD Europe 07/08 Article no. 7 612 150 031, contains the compilation of the TeleAtlas data 2006.10 (v31, v32).Older Lucca devices 3.3 / 3.4 / 5.2 contained the TeleAtlas data 2006.04 (V20, v21, v22).The new data is pre-flashed into the system as of Lucca manufacturing date FD784 (April/2007).   

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I own a Lucca 1, Lucca 2nd, Lucca MP3, Lucca MP3 Edition: What benefits do I get from the DVD?

With the Lucca DVD Europe 07/08 P/N 7 612 150 031, you get the compilation of the TeleAtlas data 2006.10 (v31, v32). Older Lucca devices are equipped with the data version from 2005 (v10, v11, v12). And you get maps for additional European countries. An auto- installing software patch now makes it possible to use new map data.    

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Lucca 3.5 / 3.5 Edition: How can I change the navigation volume?

Pressing the hardkeys Vol + / Vol - changes the MP3 playback volume only.
The volume of the actual driving recommendations can only be changed by pressing the Vol + / Vol - hardkeys while a driving recommendation is played back.
For the Lucca 3.5 und 3.5 Edition, the last driving recommendation can be retrieved by pressing the "i" info field in the menu line on the screen.   

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Backup camera for Lucca 5.3: What are the dimensions of this device?

The dimensions of backup camera 7 620 500 014 001 are 2.3 (W) x 2.3 (H) x 2.0 (D) cm.

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How many destinations can I store on my TravelPilot 100, 200 device?

The devices can manage up to 100 different destinations in the destination memory, however, only a maximum of 10 destinations is taken into account for planning the route.   

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TravelPilot Rome NAV56 E: Which operating instructions are included in the delivery?

A short version in all European languages is included in the delivery of all units.Detailed country-specific operating instructions (long version) are filed on the enclosed CD.    

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How can I get the code for my car radio, a new control unit, a new KeyCard or a new code + KeyCard?

We need:
Device number BP. . . . _ . . . . . . .
Type number 76. . . . . . . . with ownership note: e.g. copy of the Car-Radio-Pass or the purchase receipt and a no-objection certificate from the police. Or a statutory declaration that it is your property with your signature on it.  

The decoding is at extra cost!! The post will collect everything through cash on delivery. 

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Chicago IVDM-7002: can I control my steering wheel remote control installed at the factory with an interface ?

No, the Chicago can only be controlled with the steering wheel remote control RC09 or RC10 from our accessories range.    

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How do I know at which date/time my repair order sent via the Internet will be picked up from me?

In such cases please call 0180-5252700 (GLS). There you will get the approximate time at which the repair item will be picked up.

The pick-up service is available only in Germany.    

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Los Angeles MP74 / Seattle MP74: What does the spectrum analyser show?

Die PEAK LEVEL DISPLAY is a dynamic level indication.

It has a slow control behaviour with dynamic modulation and serves to display the music signal.Strictly speaking, it is a dynamics display. Automated variations depending on the music signal make it possible to display maximum modulation values even at low signal levels.   

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DVD - M2 Is it possible to install the device also in a car radio slot?

No This device does not fit in a 1-DIN slot. Its size is 174 x 57 x 195 mm WxHxD). The 1-DIN slot measures 181.5 x 52.8 mm (WxH). 

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TravelPilot: Is dynamic navigation also possible on federal roads?

With the next release of the E-navigation CD-ROM (2005/2006) dynamic navigation will also be possible on federal roads.

For the DX navigation and older units this function will not be available. Reason:Dynamisation on federal roads is only possible with the data format of the E-platform. The DX format and older versions are not compatible.    

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Is it possible with car radios to display the clock permanently?

All current car radios (34, 54 and 74 series) allow you to display the clock even when the radio is off but the ignition turned on, provided this function is activated in the menu.    

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TravelPilot E1/E2: Selection of larger cities such as Berlin or Munich.

Enter Berlin and press OK to confirm - Berlin appears with up and down arrows - press OK again to confirm - Berlin appears again but with a selection of districts B or S Now confirm B for the Berlin district - then you can select roads, etc.

Enter Munich and press OK to confirm - Munich appears with up and down arrows - press OK to confirm - Munich appear again but with a choice of districts P, W, A, E, M Now enter M for the Munich district - then you can select roads, etc.    

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Freiburg CD34: Is it possible to change the bass setting for traffic messages?

Unlike described in the operating instructions (Page 23) it is not possible to change the bass setting separately for traffic messages   

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TravelPilot RNS149: Can the navigation be activated with the SRC key of the remote control (RC06)?

No, contrary to the information given in the user manual it is only possible to switch the audio sources.   

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Where is the adapter cable for the steering wheel interface connected in the Renault Scenic 2 equipped with ex-factory navigation ? The display lacks the red connector intended to be used for this purpose.

This vehicle equipped with ex-factory navigation has the connection location of the adapter cable 7 607 621 140 for the steering wheel interface 7 607 587 511 under the front passenger seat. Based on the long distance to the car radio, an extension cable 7 607 001 501 is needed between the radio and the interface.   

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Chicago IVDM 7003 / Aspen IVDM 7003: What is the difference between these two devices ?

The Aspen comes with 4-channel stereo instead of 5.1 Dolby Surround and bass/treble control instead of a 7-band equalizer.    

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Travelpilot E1/E2, Freestyler, Exact, Exact MP3: What is the difference between these devices?

Freestyler: like E1, but in addition:

1.) CD with dynamic TMC-based route guidance also on main national roads (not only motorways) included in the delivery (version 3.0).
2.) Navigation possible without hook-up to the speed signal.
3.) Device-specific country CDs lacking the major roads data (cannot be used in other E-navigation systems).

Exact: like E1, but in addition:

1.) CD with dynamic TMC-based route guidance also on main national roads (not only motorways) included in the delivery (version 3.0).
2.) Navigation without hook-up to the speed signal possible, though allowing to be connected if required.

Exact MP3: like E2, but in addition:

1.) CD with dynamic TMC-based route guidance also on main national roads (not only motorways) included in the delivery (version 3.0).
2.) Navigation without hook-up to the speed signal possible, though allowing to be connected if required.    

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Is it possible to connect an Apple iPod to a Blaupunkt car radio or radio navigation system?

Using the interface 7 607 540 500 it is possible to connect the iPod Mini, iPod Photo, iPod Nano and (* iPod Video) to many Blaupunkt aftermarket car radios and navigation systems manufactured as of 2001, which are equipped with CD changer control (DMS). *not all functions supported (e.g. fast cue/review). Note:With Radio Navigation Systems, only the current track appears in the display, e.g. CD1 Track1.

Some devices do not allow to be connected or require a different interface or specific software see compatibility list.

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Why does the Universal-CAN Interface 7 607 500 500 not work in my VW vehicle ?

There is a mistake in the installation instructions with regard to VW Fakra. In Drawing 5 the colours of Pin 9 + 10 are confused. Cable ye/bk belongs to Pin 9 and cable ye/bn belongs to Pin 10.    

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Chicago IVDM 7003 / Chicago IVDM 7002: What is the difference between these two pieces of equipment?

The Chicago IVDM 7003 is additionally equipped with:
-separate inputs for phone and navigation
-adjustable navigation voice output

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Is it possible to connect the Compact Drive-MP3 to the Travelpilot E1/E2?

Please copy the software (see appendix) to the root directory of the MicroDrive.Proceed as follows:

1. Store CLEAR.FKP - SW on MicroDrive (check to see that CLEAR.FKP - SW is actually stored on the MicroDrive before you insert it into the Compact Drive!)
2. Insert MicroDrive into the Compact Drive and turn the Compact Drive on until the music is played.
3. Turn Compact Drive off.
4. Turn Compact Drive on. The Compact Drive is now reset to default settings.
5. Delete the Clear.FKP - SW from the MicroDrive on the PC and store the Sky_2004.FKP - SW on the MicroDrive (please check to see that te Sky_2004.FKP - SW is actually stored on the MicroDrive before you insert it into the Compact Drive!)
6. Insert the MicroDrive into the Compact Drive and turn the Compact Drive on. Then wait until the music is played.
7. Turn Compact Drive off.
8. Turn Compact Drive on. The Sky_2004.FKP - SW is now loaded into the Compact Drive.
9. Then delete the Sky_2004.FKP - SW from the MicroDrive because you should generally store MP3 files only on the MicroDrive. You can now use the keys 1 and 4 of the E1 to toggle between the directories and the arrow keys < > to toggle between the tracks. 

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Chicago IVDM-7002: Does the unit feature a theft protection code?

Unlike indicated in the operating instructions (Page 57), the Chicago comes without anti-theft code inquiry. The code function in the Chicago has been conceived for specific functions only (e.g. reset to default settings).

P.S. The Chicago is equipped with a detachable control panel for theft protection.    

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MMCard / SDCard Which maximum storage size can I use for my system?

Card compatibility for Woodstock, Los Angeles MP72 and Toronto MP73 For the Woodstock DAB52/53 we recommend to use a MMC/SDC of SanDisk up to a maximum storage size of 256 Mbyte.

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How do I get the service documents for older devices?

Following companies are specialized in shipping service documents and can help with a copy that they can send you against payment.

Circuit diagram service Munich
Inh. Robert Martyson
Greinerberg 10
81371 Munich
Tel.: 0 89 / 15 78 07 71, Fax: 0 89 / 15 78 07 72.
E-Mail: Info@Schaltplan-dienst.de
Internet: www.schaltplan-dienst.de

Schaltungsdienst Lange
Postfach 47 06 53
12315 Berlin
Tel.: 0 30 / 7 23 81- 3, Fax: 0 30 / 7 23 81- 500.   

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What does the spectrometer display?

The PEAK LEVEL INDICATOR is a dynamic level indicator.It has a slow control behaviour with dynamic level control and helps to display the music signal.Thus seen, it is actually a dynamic indicator. By readjusting automatically, which depends on the music signal, maximum level control values can be displayed even at low level.   

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My display shows "Service", and there is no sound! What to do?

No solution possible on site, the device must be sent to the manufacturer.

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Heidelberg CD, 52 Casablanca CD 52 and Acapulco MP 52 During first installation of a changer on this device, e.g. CDC A-08/IDC A-09 cannot be selected with the SRC button.

Solution: Please, first insert a CD in the internal drive of the car radio device, then control the changer with the "SRC" button.   

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Interface 7 607 589 530 despite index AB no function with Skoda Oktavia.

The engine needs to be started. Ignition key in Pos. 1 will not do.    

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Is the Woodstock DAB53 shipped together with a magnetic base antenna?

The info provided in the AUTO STRASSENVERKEHR magazine is wrong. In Germany, all pieces of DAB equipment are offered without an antenna.

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Does the delivery of the Chicago IVDM-7002 include a system passport?

No, since the Chicago has no code number, it needs no system passport either.   

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Is the Woodstock DAB54 equipped with a reset function?

Yes via NORMSET it is possible to reset the system to the ex-factory settings.

1.) Press key MENU.
2.) Scroll with the arrow key ∧ ∨ until Various MENU appears in the display.
3.) Use the right arrow key to select >
4.) Scroll with the arrow key ∧ ∨ until NORMSET appears in the display.
5.) Use the right arrow key to select >
6.) Confirm with the OK key.    

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TravelPilot E1/E2: What is the difference between the two models?

Additional features of the Travelpilot E2 include: MP3 reproduction.

House-number precise route guidance. Configurable optimum route. Voice output for traffic messages. 20-City history function.    

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Modena MP 54 why are RDS, PTY, MIX, RPT and TMC displayed in white and not in red ?

The photos on the sales box, in the brochure and Express Info are wrong. All characters are shown in white.    

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Why are there only flat-rate repairs for my Daimler Chrysler (Mercedes) Comand navigation system ?

All Comand units made by Blaupunkt were developed according to the specifications of DaimlerChrysler (DC) and sold by DC exclusively.
Until the beginning of 2004 we were required to settle repairs and/or complaints exclusively via DC. We were not allowed to accept repairs directly. Following the GVO amendment and since the beginning of this year, we now also repair products directly sent to us by DC retailers. To ensure the high Mercedes quality for the reconditioned products, DC decided to have this work carried out exclusively by Blaupunkt, the manufacturer. DC has previously assured the relevant quality level by means of targets and audits. This also includes several complex test processes that help to achieve a very high repair reliability. All Comand units are not only repaired, but also updated to the latest technical status in terms of hardware and software. In addition to this, we also check the conditions of other product components to ensure a long service life.
We employ this well-established process for all Comand repairs today and in the future. Such complex repair service can only be offered economically on a flat-rate basis.
The flat-rate covers the cost of an average repair. In addition to the standard work described aboe this also includes expensive failure elimination solutions which might become necessary in individual cases, for example the exchange of a defective display.
In this way, we believe, are we able to fulfil the high quality expectations of Mercedes drivers.    

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Why does my ARI traffic radio no longer work?

Older devices (before 1995) are equipped with analogue traffic radio processing; this technology is meanwhile obsolete and has not been used for the last 10 years. For this reason, the ARI service will be ceased with effect of 1 March 2005.    

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Chicago IVDM-7002 why is the last letter of the station name not visible on the display (e.g. W of "SAW" or p of "Jump") when the monitor is retracted ?

This is due to the fact that the display features 6 digits only, and RDS ; incl. all blanks transfers 8 Digits.   

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Product information on TravelPilot E2

TravelPilot E2 Individual navigation - with MP3 sound.It doesn?t get any more individual than that! The TravelPilot E2 is the first navigation system from Blaupunkt with an integrated MP3 player: it offers you music listening pleasure for up to 12 hours of your own MP3 sound file compilations and, thanks to a variable bit rate of 8 - 320 Kbps, it makes for a perfect co-ordination of sound quality and file size.
The new TravelPilot E2 computer now makes navigation and route calculation even quicker. It allows you to set and weight the optimum route options between the shortest and the quickest route und provides fully dynamic navigation across Europe, even when you are playing an audio CD. Inside the dynamic corridor, the TravelPilot E2 can even navigate without the navigation-CD and the new house number interpolation increases route-guidance precision considerably.
This means that you are free to configure your navigation system individually. Just the way you like it.


Codem concept DigiCeiver
AM noise suppression
30 station presets
Station naming

Plays back audio-CDs/CD-ROMs
DMS (CD-changer control)

MP3 playback from CD-ROMs, CD-RWs
Display of up to 127 directories
Display of file names
Convenient MP3 browsing without interruption

4x26 W RMS
4x50 W Max. Power
Digital, fully parametric 5-band equalizer    

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TravelPilot E1/E2: Is it possible to set different power-on volume levels for radio and navigation?

Unfortunately, not. If ON VOL is set to 20 before you increase the navigation volume to 30, the unit will reset to VOL 20 for safety reasons. If ON VOL is set to 20 before you lower the navigation volume to 13, VOL 13 will be activated when you turn the power on again.    

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Is technical information available for navigation?

To inform about navigation our training department has published 3 read-and-learn booklets.
- Fundamentals and Function of Navigation in Motor Vehicles.
- What You Should Know about the Installation of Navigation Systems.
- Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Navigation. 

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RC12 H: Which battery type is used for the remote control?

coin cell CR 2025 / 3 V. (dimensions 20.0 x 2.5 mm)    

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San Diego MP35: Is there a remote control included in the delivery?

Yes, this unit is shipped together with the remote control RC12 H.    

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TravelPilot Lucca/Lucca MP3: I don't have voice output. Why?

Please update the software if there is no voice output available.

Read the download instructions first.    

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Nashville DAB35: where do I find the code number for "teaching" a new Keycard?

Since 2005, Blaupunkt does not include a radio passport to its car radio devices any more. This is because theft protection is no longer implemented with a code number but with the ability to remove the front panel.
However, since the Nashville is equipped with an additional Keycard, the code number has to be requested in writing from our Decoding Service if necessary (including reference of all equipment data).

The following information is required for requests of the Mastercode number:
serial number BP. . . . _ . . . . . . .
article number 76. . . . . . . .
proof of rightful ownership, e.g. purchase proof or document of compliance from police authorities.

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Which standard is used for testing splash water compliance of the Marine speakers?

These pieces of equipment are tested in accordance with the following standards:
400 hours salt water test (ASTM B117)
IP 44 (IEC60529)
600 hours UV test (ASTM D4329 & ASTM D2244)    

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My system produces undesired noises during iPod playback.

1. These undesired noise levels are produced by the hard disk of the iPod. Unfortunately, these noises cannot be suppressed or eliminated by the interface; this is because there are no separate earth lines for loading the iPod battery and driving the hard disk.
The different iPod models available in the market produce different noise levels, the reproduction of which also varies among the different Blaupunkt radio navigation systems.

2. Engine-speed-dependent buzz and whir noises heard on the vehicle speakers when connecting an iPod interface. The causes for this are found in the voltage supply to the radio; disturbances and interference in the vehicle's on-board network are coupled into the radio and reproduced via the speakers. Possible remedy: noise suppression choke installed in the two voltage supply lines (constant + & ignition +)! The interface is equipped with shielded lines to suppress interference.   

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Aspen IVDM-7003: Why does the screen remain black?

It is most likely that the system has not been properly wired up; please check if the on-board voltage of 12 V applies at chamber A, pin 3 of the connection cable. If yes, cut connection or use vehicle-specific connection cable.    

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Is it possible with the TravelPilot DX-CD ROMto enter destinations in Germany by postal codes ?

Unlike described in the catalog (Car Multimedia 2006/2007) the DX units do not this function.   

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Is the car radio Orlando MP46 equipped with a TFT display ?

Unlike described in the catalogue (Car Multimedia 2006/2007) the Orlando is not equipped with this type of display.   

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Installation kit 7 608 500 300 for Alfa Romeo 159 produces rattling noise.

Unwanted rattling noise may appear in units with a casing height of 50 mm. Two spacer plates each have to be glued to the top and bottom cover of these units to compensate for the different height compared to 52-mm units.

The spacer plates are available from the spare part service under the part number 8 601 055 056 002.

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Alternator interference in amplifiers with High Level Input.

The installation instructions of our new amplifiers

GTA 275 (7 607 792 114)
GTA 475 (7 607 792 115)
GTA 1350 (7 607 792 116)

are not quite correct or at least very likely to be misunderstood regarding the "HighLevel Input" feature. This leads to very annoying alternator-borne whistle noises.These noises are clearly audible if the "ground cable" of the HighLevel Input is directly connected to chassis ground of the vehicle.

The "ground cable" of the HighLevel Input must be directly connected to the radio chassis.

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Brooklyn MP35 London MP35, what is the difference between these two devices?

There is no difference, both devices are identical technology-wise but are marketed through different sales channels.    

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Sevilla MP36, Alicante MP36, Orlando MP46 were do I find the Gala terminal?

Unlike specified as "nc" in the installation instructions, the Gala connector is found at Pin 1 of Chamber A.    

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Santa Cruz MP36, Valencia MP36, Milano MP26, San Remo MP26, Monte Carlo MP26 are these models equipped with a brightness, angle and dimmer function ?

Unlike described in the catalogue (Car Multimedia 2006/2007), these units don't have this function.   

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Sevilla MP36, Alicante MP36, Santa Cruz MP36, Valencia MP36, do these units offer Radiotext ?

Unlike described in the catalogue (Car Multimedia 2006/2007), these models don't offer Radiotext.   

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TravelPilot Lucca: Which car radio models can be connected via smart cradle?

We have prepared a list (see Annex) of car radios with the models of the last 5 years.
Some radio also feature a second AUX-In for CDC or IPOD interface.
Other models come with Nav/Tel-In to reproduce Lucca's language or telephone output (only one function is possible). In addition, a number of radios are equipped with TMC-Out to dynamize Lucca's route guidance.
An external TMC box and OE car radio models are not compatible. What is the Lucca Smart Cradle capable of?

The cradle connects the Lucca to the radio and car:
- Power supply
- Charging the battery (depending on car model; in some models only when ignition is on)
- On/Off via ignition (depending on car model)
- Speed signal to navigation without GPS reception in tunnel (with active route guidance only)
- TMC for dynamization requires radio with TMC output (just now only possibly if no changer is connected.)
- Navigation voice output via phone-in
- Lucca MP3 reproduction and navigation voice output via AUX

The cradle supports the functions of the connected radio only.

The radios of the last six years are presented with their features in the following tables; there is also a description of functions and special points in combination with the cradle.

- TMC + Tel-In + AUX2
- TMC + Tel-In
- no TMC + Tel-In
- no TMC, no Tel-In
- All radios.     

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TravelPilot Lucca/Lucca MP3: Why does Lucca not detect TMC in spite of cradle and TMC-Out?

TMC relies on a very good antenna reception. Please check whether the electronic car antenna is supplied with current, e.g. power supply via phantom feeding adapter.    

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Travelpilot Lucca MP3: Pictures do not appear in the Picture Viewer.

During route guidance, the system reads the navigation data into the RAM; this means that during very long trips, the Random Access Memory contains a very large data volume.If the PictureViewer is activated during this condition, it may happen that the following message is displayed: "Picturefile too large".

Clear the RAM by pressing the reset key once. Note:This does not clear the destination memory.    

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My iPod-Video does not respond to fast cue/review operations Initial situation: iPOD-Video equipped with original firmware v1.0 (ex factory status):Cue/review does not work with any radio, even not with the alternative Apple commands.

The problem can be solved by downloading the latest firmware (v1.1) from the Apple homepage and copying it onto the iPod. Following copying of the new Apple firmare v1.1 dated 10.01.2006, fast cue/review will work as usual with all radios.    

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TravelPilot Lucca/Lucca MP3: What is the back-up CD required for?

Lucca software download
If you have overwritten the internal 512 MB flash memory with new map data, it is possible to restore the original contents.
In addition to the map data, the back-up CD also contains the navigation software, the system data, an installation program as well as the user manual in different European languages.

System requirements?
- PC, Pentium Windows XP/NT/2000 recommended
- SD-Card 512 MB
- Standard SD-Card reader/writer
- Lucca back-up CD

First steps:
- Insert the SD-Card into the SD-Card reader and connect it to your PC.
- Open an Explorer window. The SD-Card appears as an additional memory drive.
- Format the SD-Card. For this, use the right mouse button to activate "Schnell Formatieren FAT32" / "Rapid formatting FAT32".
- Put the Lucca back-up CD into the CD-ROM drive.
- Open another Explorers window.
- Click on the CD-ROM drive until the contents of the back-up CD is displayed.
- Mark all elements with Ctrl+A or use the context menu of the right mouse button. Copy all elements with Ctrl+C.
- In the other open Explorer window, click on the empty SD-Card.
- Now use the Ctrl+V hotkey to write all of the copied elements onto the SD-Card. This process may take several minutes.
- Deactivate the SD-Card reader after you have copied all data. There is normally a corresponding icon available for this in the Windows task bar of your PC.
- You can now remove the SD-Card from the reader.

Program Lucca:
- Connect your Lucca to the AC adaptor or the 12 V adaptor. It is important that the power supply remains uninterrupted during the programming procedure. Please note that your Lucca could be damaged if power is interrupted or if the battery goes flat during the download.
- Insert the SD-Card into the Lucca device.
- Press the reset button on the bottom of the Lucca with the tip of a pen. The data download will start automatically and can take up to 20 minutes.
- During the download, you may change the map if you have loaded new data from a CD-ROM. Follow the instructions on the display.
- The Lucca main menu will be displayed again after the download has been completed successfully.
- Remove the SD-Card.
- Then press the reset button once again.
- You can now select your preferred language.     

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I have turned off my car radio in CD mode. Why does the set resume play in radio mode when I turn it on again?

This has to do with the PTY menu setting.

Note on PTY reception:
If your Blaupunkt unit switches from a currently adjusted radio program to another radio program or from a selected source (CD or CD changer) to a radio program, or if a radio program is played when turned on again instead playing the CD listened to when you turned it off, then please change to the radio mode and check whether PTY (program type) is activated.
If you don't want the PTY switching, turn PTY off in the menu.
For more details, refer to the program type (PTY) section in your operating instructions under radio mode.    

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Chicago IVDM-7003: Can I trigger the steering wheel control installed at the factory by means of a dedicated interface?

No, the Chicago can only be controlled with the steering wheel remote control RC09 or RC10 from our accessories range.    

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Aspen IVDM-7003: Can I trigger the steering wheel control installed at the factory by means of a dedicated interface?

No, the Aspen can only be controlled with the steering wheel remote control RC09 or RC10 from our accessories range.    

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Is it possible that the Bluetooth dongle disturbs the reception?

It turned out that the DAB data quality decreases, for example, when connecting a Bluetooth dongle. In the small signal range, this may lead to early switching from DAB to FM or to DAB muting.

Investigations showed that these disturbances are mostly fed in via the positive line of the window antenna or another active antenna, thus applying an unwanted level on the antenna signal delivered to the Woodstock DAB54. This results in a lower data quality, which may lead to the effects described above especially when the data was already weakened before (just 4-5 bars in display).

The positive cable of an active antenna designed for phantom feeding must not be connected. Power to the antenna must be supplied exclusively via the phantom feeding of the Woodstock DAB54.

In addition, the positive cable for the antenna power supply is to be cut off as close to the antenna as possible (please check before whether phantom feeding works well), because radiated interference may still occur even if the positive cable is not connected (power supply exclusively via phantom feeding of Woodstock DAB54), depending on the cable length. This must not necessarily be due to the Bluetooth dongle, but may also result from vehicle-specific elements from any electronics areas. These two measures can reduce the interference which causes negative effects on the antenna signal to the Woodstock to such an extent that the following measures may be required in isolated cases only. This applies especially for the solution mentioned last.

Extra measures to be employed in special cases only:

If there is still vehicle-specific reception interference in the absolute small signal range, a so-called "Amdion Ferrite toroid for round cable" can help to further reduce the noise spectrum. A suitable element for example is the "6.5 mm Amidon ferrite toroid for round cables" from the company Reichelt This toroid is connected via the dongle?s wire harness. The article number is: FERRITRING 6.5/price: 1.35 ?.

A 100 % solution which is only recommended in very extraordinary cases and for "friends of absolute remote reception" is the introduction of a 9-pin "D-SUB adapter, connector / socket, filter board EMC". This filter can also be procured from Reichelt. Article number: EMV 09C/price 7.25 ?.

For the reception of data services, Blaupunkt recommends the use of an external antenna.

Where to order the Bluetooth dongle.

The "BlueRS+E/Blaupunkt" dongle for connection to the Woodstock DAB54 can be order, among others, from the following company:

Medienelektronik e.K.
Ole Rüpprich
Fischhausstr. 15
01099 Dresden

Tel: +49 (0)351/8030330
Tel: +49 (0)351/89960036
Fax: +49 (0)351/8030331

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DVD ME4 Why do I have temporary malfunctions when playing self-recorded DivX DVDs/CDs (playback does not start, dropouts?

Tests with a number of DivX DVDs/CDs have shown that these data carriers allow to be played back on the DVD ME4. However, we cannot assume any guarantee that DVD/CD playback will be flawless; this is due to the following reasons:

Large variety of different DVD/CD burners.
No consistent quality of DVD/CD media.
Large variety of different DVD/CD burning software programmes.
Different configuration options for DivX conversion programmes.

The ME4 can be used for playback of DVDs, Video-CDs (VCD), Super-Video-CDs (SVCD), commercial audio CDs and photo CDs VCD, and MP3-CDs.
The ME4 Europe has been developed for playback of DVDs with country code 2. So-called CD-Rs and CD-RWs (self-recorded CDs) can normally be played back without problems. However, Blaupunkt can assume no guaranty for a flawless playback quality. For a flawless playback function, use only CDs with the Compact Disc logo. CDs with copy protection may also lead to playback problems. Please understand that Blaupunkt can accept no guarantee for flawless playback of copy-protected CDs! Self-recorded media such as VCD/SVCD and DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW can normally be played back without problems. However, Blaupunkt can accept no guarantee regarding the flawless compatibility and playback of these media; this also depends on the data carrier and the software used for creating personal media.

Disc formats supported by this player:
DVD 12 cm
DVD DivX 3.11; 4.0; 5.0...x
Video CD (VCD) Super Video CD (SVCD) 12 cm
Photo CD (VCD 2.0)
Audio CD (with CD-Text: not supported), CD-R and CD-RW 12 cm
MP3 CD with MP3 files for music playback. This player supports MP3 CDs recorded with the formats Joliet or ISO 9660 only.

The following discs are not supported by this player:
DVDs with a different regional code.    

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TravelPilot Lucca/Lucca MP3:Why does my steering wheel remote control RC-09 not work reliably?

The IR eye of the Lucca is integrated in the top left corner next to the display. Please install your RC-09 remote control and the Lucca such that the radiation connection between the IR transmitter and IR receiver is not blocked or otherwise impaired in any way.    

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What is the procedure for downloading files for the iPod

1. For a secure function, we recommend to delete all files from the iPod first (clear all playlists with iTunes on the PC)
2. Download update from the Blaupunkt homepage.
3. Create a playlist in iTunes.
4. Copy MP3 file downloaded from the Blaupunkt homepage into the new playlist.
5. Update playlists on the iPod (iTunes)
6. Separate iPod from the PC.
7. Now take the iPod into your vehicle and connect it to the iPod interface.
8. Turn on the radio (ignition or ON button) and select CDC or changer source.
9. Now select manually the MP3 file in the only playlist available on the iPod and start to play it
10. Then connect the iPod with the iPod interface connector (must have at least SW version AB)
11. The update process will start automatically (a beep tone is heard)
12. After a maximum of 30 seconds, the following message will appear on the iPod display: config updated, please restart radio.
13. Now separate the iPod from the interface and switch off the radio and the ignition.
14. Important: Clear iPod via iTunes (delete MP3 file from Blaupunkt homepage on the iPod)
15. Create own music playlist!
16. No go back to your vehicle, hook up the iPod to the iPod interface and turn on the radio (ignition or ON button)
17. It is now possible to select and play back the iPod tracks and all playlists via the radio.
18. When turning off the system again, the following SW status message must appear in the iPod display (same line as software version): Basic, Basic-MD, Basic-TXT or DX-R70.    

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Chicago IVDM 7002/7003: Why is the sound from DVDs only output on the front speakers?

With DVDs recorded with Dolby Digital 2.0, the Chicago only plays the sound via the front speakers. This can be avoided with self-burnt DVDs by deactivating the option Dolby Digital 2.0 in the authoring settings.Unfortunately, this cannot be changed with purchased DVDs (older music DVDs).    

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Chicago IVDM 7003 / Aspen IVDM 7003: How does the downmix work?

Downmix function (Aspen IVDM-7003)
The downmix function in the audio setup submenu Effect Control (sound effects) controls the downmix operation for the audio/video outputs (VIDEO 1 OUT, VIDEO 2 OUT) and the loudspeaker and/or preamp outputs.
The downmix function of the remote control manages the downmix operation for the loudspeaker and/or preamp outputs. If the downmix mode is turned on with the DOWNMIX key on the remote control, this has the same function as if you deactivate (set to OFF) the center loudspeakers and subwoofer in the audio setup submenu Speaker Setup.
Since the Aspen IVDM-7003 is just equipped with one digital signal processor (DSP), it is not possible to adjust the downmix function for the audio/video outputs and the loudspeaker and preamp outputs independently from each other.

If the downmix function in the audio setup submenu Audio Effect Control (sound effects) is turned off (set to OFF) and a signal source is selected which is encoded with Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS 5.1, then the center information is missing at the audio outputs of VIDEO 1 OUT and VIDEO 2 OUT. To signalise that this setting is not useful, the audio outputs of VIDEO 1 OUT and VIDEO 2 OUT are muted. With the Aspen IVDM-7003, it is therefore only useful to deactivate the downmix function if an external amplifier and a center loudspeaker are connected.

Downmix function (Chicago IVDM-7003)
The downmix function of the remote control manages the downmix mode for the speakers and/or preamp outputs. If the downmix mode is turned on with the DOWNMIX key of the remote control, this has the same function as if the center loudspeaker and subwoofer are deactivated (set to NONE or NO) in the audio setup submenu Speaker Setup.
Since the Chicago IVDM-7003 is equipped with a second digital signal processor (DSP), the downmix function for the audio outputs of VIDEO 1 OUT and VIDEO 2 OUT is always turned on. Independent of this, the downmix function for the loudspeaker and preamp outputs can be adjusted by activating/deactivating the center speaker and subwoofer. Therefore, the menu item DownMIX in the audio setup submenu Audio Effect Control (sound effects) is not required.    

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Bahamas MP34 & Monte Carlo MP34 Why is there no station display (RDS)?

The devices built for the US market are not equipped with RDS.    

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TravelPilot Lucca/Lucca MP3: What are the dimensions of these units?

The dimensions are 130 (W) x 95 (H) x 29 (D) mm.TFT display colour active matrix, 3.5-inch screen diagonal, 320 x 240 pixels, Dimensions: 72 (W) x 55 (H) mm.Weight 233 g.    

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Las Vegas DVD35: Is the unit equipped with a GALA function?

Yes, In the installation instructions of the Las Vegas pin 1 is incorrectly marked with "nc". GALA would be correct because the unit is equipped with the automatic sound function.    

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Chicago IVDM-7003: The monitor is black after having powered on the system.

Possible cause: In the adapter cable used for power supply, there is a fix connection for the backup light signal to pin 3 of chamber A. If the 12 V vehicle supply voltage applies at pin 3, the Chicago switches into the backup camera mode. Countermeasure: Cut the violet/white cable (cable is also marked REVERSE) leading to chamber A / pin 3 and insulate against short circuit. Connect to the backup light when necessary.    

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Aspen IVDM-7003: Does the unit feature CD text?

No, the Aspen does not feature CD text.    

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Caracas C12 loses the stored stations when the car battery is disconnected.

This low-cost unit for the aftermarket truck and agricultural vehicle sector is not equipped with a permanent storage, but requires constant power to keep the memory contents.   

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San Francisco CD72, Has the unit a TIM - function?

The function was not available at the time of the market introduction, but was integrated in the last production months ( 12/03 - 03/04 ) without changing the type number. A new user manual was not made, but separate TIM instructions were attached to the relevant units.    

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TravelPilot Lucca/Lucca MP3: no GPS-Reception when switching on for the first time?

For the first power-on, set the switch in the battery compartment to "on".Position your Lucca after power-on for 2 to 5 minutes under the free sky, until GPS reception is signalized.Press one after the other Menu, More, GPS Info: reception of more than 3 satellites is signalized. Or a green GPS symbol appears in the map display.If you don?t have GPS reception over a longer time in your vehicle, position the GPS antenna under the free sky for about half an hour. This step can become necessary again, if you transport the Lucca over several hundred kilometers while it is turned off. See also the information in the PDF file.

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TravelPilot Lucca MP3: Which MMCard / SDCard is recommended?

To make sure that the calculation speed of the Lucca navigation remains high, we recommed to use Ultra II cards up to a maximum data capacity of 2 GB.