Approval of products and marketing assets

Please use the BLAUPUNKT Release Management Tool for all approval requests only.

Approvals will be granted only via this tool.

No BLAUPUNKT employee is authorized to grant approvals by mail or phone or any other communication channel.

Please contact your dedicated BLAUPUNKT portfolio manager for login credentials in case you don´t have them yet.

BLAUPUNKT Release Manager Tool
Release Manager step-by-step guide (Download)

Product Approvals

Each single SKU needs to run through the BLAUPUNKT approval process and is released for productions once all sub jobs (assets) are confirmed AND the main job (project folder) has been approved.

The approval of the subjobs only doesn´t release the entire product project for production.

Assets to be provided (called sub jobs in our system):

  • Product packaging
  • User Manual
  • Image / Rendering of the product
  • Data Sheet (only marketing sepcifications needed)

If there are any other graphic items (e.g. display protector…) you can easily create additional sub jobs in the tool.