How to present your products on
The step-by-step video turorials.

Graphic templates

Slider on homepage

You can provide us your graphics to present your:

  • product highlights
  • awards
  • special promotions

Please use the attached PSD file as template and provide us also the headline you want to see there.
The size of the graphic should be minimum 1920 x 600 px.

Download PSD file

Category images

These images can be edited, deleted and changed by yourself.

Simply look for the right “POST” in the backend and change the “featured image”. You can find this option on the bottom right in the backend once you opened the post.

You can use the attached PSD file to create category images that perfectly match the boxes on the website.

Download PSD file

Design basics

When preparing any graphic assets for the website or any other online/social media usage please also respect our general brand design guidelines.

Design basics incl. color code