The Lifestyle Point-of-View Since 1924

The brand with a rich heritage of quality, style, and innovation.

As our brand has earned a reputation for excellence in quality, form and function the demand for ‘Blue Point’ products began to rise.
The blue dot became a trademark in 1924 and the Blaupunkt brand is officially born.


1924 – 1940´s

It all started with the blue dot.

A company named “Ideal” was first founded in Berlin when radio was still in its infancy, and the company produced its first headphones.

Every unit was carefully tested by technicians and labeled with a seal for quality—the blue dot. It did not take long before customers simply asked for the “bluepoint” products. The blue dot quickly became known as a symbol of outstanding quality in delivering Headphones, Car Radios, and World Receivers.

1950´s – 1997

The decades of expansion

Blaupunkt extended its business into various categories in electronics, including:

TV, Video, Audio, Video Recording, Professional Studio Equipment, Car Audio, Navigation, Telematic Systems …..

1997 – 2008

The advantage in your car

Blaupunkt narrowed focus on In-Vehicle Entertainment, GPS, Professional Coach, and Truck Entertainment.

Since 2009

Blaupunkt has re-entered the CE market with an exclusive selection of brand partners that make up the BLAUPUNKT Global Brand Community. With the introduction of more and varied and innovative product categories, Blaupunkt continues to gain recognition as a global brand leader..

Decades of Innovation

Highlights in Blaupunkt´s history

1932 – First car radio in Europe
1952 – World´s first VHF car radio
1959 – One million Blaupunkt car radios
1971 – Ten million Blaupunkt car radios
1974 – First car radio with traffic information receiver
1979 – 25 million Blaupunkt car radios
1982 – Prototype of first route guidance system
1989 – World´s first mass production ready traffic navigation system
1999 – Production of 100 milion Blaupunkt car radios
2002 – First web-linked navigation system
2007 – 75 years car radio
2010 – Back in consumer electronics I Blaupunkt Global brand community

Blaupunkt today

Today more than 30 carefully selected Competence Centers of Blaupunkt Global Brand Community offer the full set of Consumer Lifestyle products and beyond all around the globe.