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Leudelange, June 30th, 2023


ESTABLISHED., the US-based company owner of worldwide renowned brands RCA and Thomson, is thrilled to announce the acquisition of the Blaupunkt trademark business and brand rights from GIP Development SARL. This strategic acquisition marks a new chapter in growth for ESTABLISHED., as it adds the esteemed Blaupunkt brand to its distinguished portfolio.

Hall O’Donnell, CEO of ESTABLISHED., expressed his enthusiasm about the transaction, stating: “We are genuinely excited about this major acquisition. Blaupunkt is an iconic brand with a rich heritage. The team at GIP Development SARL has done a remarkable job over the past decade in building and positioning Blaupunkt as a leader in its segment. We are honored to partner with the brand and look forward to leveraging our expertise to further strengthen its market position.”

The acquisition is seen as a pivotal step for ESTABLISHED. in expanding its portfolio of traditional licensing brands, which already includes brands like RCA, Thomson, Saba and Victrola.

The CEO of GIP Development SARL, Andrzej Cebrat, also shared his excitement regarding this development, stating: “We are extremely pleased and excited to transfer the Blaupunkt trademark business and brand rights to ESTABLISHED., a company with a proven track record in growing licensing brands. I see this as a tremendous opportunity for the Blaupunkt brand to be developed and elevated to new heights under the expert stewardship of ESTABLISHED.”

Licensees can anticipate a smooth transition and a host of new opportunities arising from this partnership. Both companies are committed to ensuring the continuity and growth of the Blaupunkt brand.

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Blaupunkt is a German brand for consumer electronics, car multimedia, and related consumer lifestyle products. Founded in Berlin in 1924 as the “Ideal” company, Blaupunkt gained notoriety through the internal test label for headphones – the blue dot. The quality feature became a trademark, and in 1938 also the company name.

More than 50 brand licensees around the world distribute BLAUPUNKT products on all continents in more than 90 countries in the categories: Audio, Video, TV , Car Multimedia, Mobile Telephony, E-Mobility, Home Appliances, Security Systems, Cleaning Robots, Air Conditioning, E-Mobility and many more.

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