4K TV Blaupunkt 58UN265


Feel the full realism with detailed images of UHD

Blaupunkt is a new level of ultra-high definition image, which takes the viewer into the world with the highest level of detail. Now even the most insignificant at first glance, the detail matters will not be unnoticed, regardless of the distance to the TV.

Immerse yourself in a colorful world of possibilities with realistic HDR image

High-Dynamic Range technology implemented in the Blaupunkt significantly expands contrast, color reproduction and brings detail to a new, revolutionary level of image. The picture has never been so rich and realistic.

Android TV operating system

Blaupunkt allows you to watch online broadcasts and YouTube videos on the big screen, install popular certified applications from the Google Play Store, enjoying favorite and popular games on the big screen. Official support and constant updates of the operating system.

Google Services – Smart Home Intelligent Systems

Google play market

Only certified applications on the Blaupunkt. Maximum comfort from using applications on the big screen. Getting access to YouTube, Megogo, Netflix, and many other applications is easy.

Google Assistant

Voice control of the home devices and content search. Google Assistant has become an indispensable assistant in finding information and managing components of a smart home.

Chrome cast

Broadcast video, photos and music from a computer, phone, tablet and media storage on the big screen of your TV. Accessing your content has never been easier.

Voice search

Voice search allows you search for information, movies, music and create reminders!

Play with Android

Enjoy single and multi-users games online and offline on TV with a big diagonal, full of pictures with realistic colors and sound.

Wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

WI-FI 2.4/5 GHz

Connection to Wi-Fi. What could be easier? Even a child can do this. You need only insert password to get Wi-Fi access.


For connecting headphones or game consoles, using compatible devices with Bluetooth technology and other accessories.

СI + expansion slot

The СI+ interface allows you to use the access card directly with the TV without additional external devices.

Perfect image settings for every viewing mode

Preset settings modes such as “Cinema”, “Sports”, “Music”, etc., are optimally suited to the respective usage scenarios because it has the best settings for color, contrast and brightness.

Sound system “enlivens” what is happening on the screen

A high-quality sound system will allow you to enjoy the work in the form how was created by the author. The presets of sound settings modes allow you to choose the optimal mode for watching a movie, a concert or a game.

Frameless design

The frameless design makes the design of the Blaupunkt simple and at the same time sophisticated, blurring the boundaries while watching and allows you to perfectly fit it into any interior even when it is turned off.

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