Men’s shaver 3-in-1 SVR602

Effortless Precision: The SVR602 Shaver – Achieve Impeccable Style

Elevate your everyday grooming routine into a quick, enjoyable, and precise experience. From a clean shave to a well-groomed beard, the SVR602 ensures elegance and confidence.


Features three independent shaving heads that adjust to every contour of your face and neck. The precise pressure distribution system guarantees a smooth shave, even in hard-to-reach areas.


The Hi-Precision Cut technology, with ultra-thin 0.1mm cutting heads, captures even the shortest hair, reducing the risk of irritation. Users with sensitive skin can opt for a wet shave using shaving cream for extra comfort.


The SVR602’s ergonomic design ensures a perfect grip, while the pop-up trimmer and triple cutting rings handle hairs of varying lengths and directions. Choose between fast mode for a quick shave or slow mode for sensitive skin. The high-speed, low-noise motor makes it perfect for any time of the day. With IPX 7 water resistance, it can be used in the shower and cleaned under running water.


Powered by a high-quality lithium battery, the SVR602 offers 70 minutes of cordless operation, recharging fully in just 90 minutes. The display keeps you informed about the battery level, and you can continue shaving while plugged in if needed.


The SVR602 isn’t just a shaver – it’s also a reliable trimmer. Switching to trimming mode is as simple as changing the cap. The set includes four trimming caps (3/6/9/12mm), offering a range of possibilities for stylish haircuts.

Experience the SVR602, an affordable yet high-quality grooming solution.


  • Special triple-track blades Hi-Precision Cut
  • Patented head’s thin foil technology less than 0,1mm
  • 3 precise floating shaving heads (Multi-D shave)
  • Waterproof IPX7
  • LED display show percentage of battery life
  • Trimmer and hair clipper function
  • Ceramic blades and titanium head for clipper
  • 4 comb attachments (3/6/9/12 mm)
  • Cord and cordless operation
  • Up to 70 minutes running time, 90 minutes of charging
  • High quality lithium batteries without memory effect
  • Quiet work with high-speed motor
  • Power supply: 100-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz, 0.2 A

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