BLAUPUNKT PW series Pressure Washers

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When it’s time to go to battle against dirt only the right tools will let you win the war and the BLAUPUNKT PW series Pressure Washers are the weapons that you need in your armoury.

The PW7000 is a high specification professional grade power washer that comes equipped for whatever enemy you face.

Featuring a 2100 watt Brushless Aluminium Induction Motor you have up to 165 bars of pressure and 7.5L/min Flow Rate with the strength to tackle deep ingrained dirt and the durability to work for extended periods without rest.

Not every surface you clean is the same, stonework requires a higher concentrated pressure yet car paintwork can be damaged and needs a softer touch – thankfully the PW7000 has you covered. Simply adjust the blue rear section of the nozzle to switch between high and low pressures or the grey front section to alter the shape of the jet from a point to a flat line.

For the toughest jobs like neglected patios with a heavy build-up of dirt, normal jets just aren’t enough, for tasks like these we’ve supplied the turbo nozzle giving you up to 50% more power to shift dirt than the standard nozzle – featuring a rotating blast of water that lifts muck other pressure washers cannot move.

Cleaning performance can be further improved by using detergents which is made simple thanks to the handy tank which automatically feeds the solution when filled.

The PW7000 is neatly stored thanks to the convenient hose reel, a telescopic handle, cable tidy and lance holder while the wheels make moving it around easy.

The package is completed by the addition of a pair of brushes ideal for cleaning cars and other objects which include a rotary brush for delicate surfaces and a detail brush for hard to reach places.

Backed by an extended 3 year warranty when you register your product.



Aluminium 2.1KW Professional Induction Motor
165 bar Max Pressure and 7.5L/min Max Flow Rate
Adjustable High/Low Pressure Nozzle, Turbo Nozzle & Accessories
Telescopic Handle and Hose Reel
Detergent Tank
8 Metre High Pressure PU Hose
5 Metre Extension Cable

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