Blaupunkt Alkaline Power (AAA)

The Alkaline Power battery is the ideal power solution for everyday applications such as clocks and TV remote controls, torches, smoke detectors, walkie talkies and radios. This alkaline battery gives reliable and dependable power each and every day, offers up to 7 years of power protection that is the best and cost efficient choice for the appliances that need little energy but constantly.

Size:  AAA
Diameter:  10.5 mm
Height:  44.5 mm
Weight:  11.3 g

Width:  85 mm
Height:  120 mm
Depth:  12.5 mm
EAN CSU:  5410853065647
EAN carton:  5410853065906

# batteries / CSU 4
# CSU / inner carton 12
# CSU / outer carton 60

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