Blaupunkt Rechargeable (AA – 1300 mAh)

The Blaupunkt rechargeable AA – 1300 mAh battery is the ideal battery for commonly used devices like clocks and tv remote controls. It stays charged when they are not used and holds its power even after 1 year in storage. This rechargeable battery is available pre-charged and is ready-to-use after purchase. It combines the convenience of a disposable battery with the performance and cost-benefit of rechargeable batteries. Use this battery in your wall clock and wireless key.

Size:  AA
Diameter:  14.5 mm
Height:  50.5 mm
Weight:  29 g
Capacity:  1300 mAh

Width:  85 mm
Height:  120 mm
Depth:  16 mm
EAN CSU:  5410853066521
EAN carton:  5410853066668

# batteries / CSU 4
# CSU / inner carton 12
# CSU / outer carton 48

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