Blaupunkt Rechargeable (AA – 2000 mAh)

The Blaupunkt rechargeable AA – 2000 mAh battery is a pre-charged battery and ready-to-use after purchase. It’s the ideal choice for frequently used appliances like toys. This rechargeable battery stays charged when not used, even after 1 year of storage at room temperature. It combines the convenience of a disposable battery with the performance and cost-benefit of rechargeable batteries. Use this battery in your toy robot, game controller and digital camera.

Size:  AA
Diameter:  14.5 mm
Height:  50.5 mm
Weight:  29 g
Capacity:  2000 mAh

Width:  85 mm
Height:  120 mm
Depth:  16 mm
EAN CSU:  5410853066507
EAN carton:  5410853066644

# batteries / CSU 4
# CSU / inner carton 12
# CSU / outer carton 48

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