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Don’t cry over spilled milk! Boasting 1250W of power in a compact form the BLAUPUNKT WD4000 Multi-Function Electric Wet and Dry Vac is our answer to a variety of tasks around the home, workshop, garage and garden.

At some point – no matter how hard you try – food and drink will end up on carpet; mud from feet and your pet’s paws will make it into your home; sinks will get blocked; cars will get dirty and plumbing will leak – but why worry when you can call on the WD4000.

With a 15 Litre tank capacity there’s plenty of room for cleaning up after spills and breakages with the WD4000 comfortably able to hoover up liquid and solids like broken glass at the same time – whether it be from carpet or hard floors thanks to the combination head attachment and foam filter.

It’s an invaluable tool for DIY enthusiasts and makers – ideal for hoovering dust, sawdust and mess from drilling or cutting – and thanks to the replaceable dust collection bags that mess stays contained and is easily disposed of.

Connect the 2m hose to the blower port and the WD4000 becomes even more useful enabling you to blow larger mess too big for a vac – like leaves and wood shavings – into piles ready for scooping up, it’s so much easier than a broom. Or use it as an inflator to quickly blow up an air bed when guests come to stay unexpected thanks to the powerful electric motor.



Quality 1250w AC Electric Motor
15L Tank Capacity
15000N/m2 Suction Power
Foam Filter For Wet Applications
Dust Collection Bag

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