• Powerful 800W electric motor
  • Easy to fit belt with self tensioning
  • Simple belt alignment mechanism
  • Dust collector bag
  • 2x 120 grit 76x457mm sanding belts


  • BELT SANDER – Belt sanders are a great way to sand flat surfaces smooth, fast. Featuring an 800W electric motor our BS3000 is the smaller sibling to the larger BS7000, without the frills yet still has plenty of power on hand for all regular DIY jobs with a belt speed of 380m/min.
  • WORKSHOP AND DIY- Ideal for smoothing down undressed wood, stripping paint and varnish from an old table or doors, sanding a wood floor, and much more. Whilst heavy in the hand at 2.9kg, the weighted design means that less effort is required when working, with the weight of the tool applying the necessary downward pressure for most jobs.
  • QUICK CHANGE BELT – Widely available 76x457mm (3X18inch) sanding belts are easily fitted and replaced in no time using the self tensioning mechanism. Just pull the lever to release the tension from the belt and allow you to simply lift the old one away, slot on the new one, and re-tension.
  • EASY BELT ALIGNMENT – Fine tune your belt position to give the best performance using the simple to use belt adjuster that moves the tensioned band horizontally allowing you to fit it perfectly square without the fiddle of regular machines. Supplied with 2x 120 grit sanding belts.
  • GREAT FEATURES – Other features include a trigger lock that allows you to keep the power on with your hands off, ergonomic handle, dust collection bag, a vacuum connector for keeping dust down and a 2 metre power cord for comfortable working.
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