• 1300W Electric Motor
  • 4800rpm
  • 185mm Blade
  • 65mm Cutting Depth
  • Laser Guide


  • HIGH POWER – Our CZ3000 is a powerful corded Circular Saw that’s got great features ideal for DIY and professional users alike. With it’s 1300W 4800rpm motor it’s capable of cutting all kinds of hard and soft wood – and wood based materials such as chipboard, laminate flooring, plywood, timber, worktops, MDF plus much more.
  • FLEXIBLE – Fully adaptable to the task in hand, bevel cuts are possible between 45-90° using the guide on the saw to set your desired angle. Cut depth can be altered using the easy to access extended locking knob, with the depth guide showing you the cutting depth in millimetres saving you the need to measure with a tape.
  • LARGE BLADE – The large 185mm diameter blade allows you to make deep cuts making this a great power tool for cutting a large variety of material thicknesses – at 90° cutting depth extends up to 65mm and at 45° is 45mm.
  • LASER GUIDE – Featuring both a laser guide and a parallel guide bar the CZ3000 is on hand to ensure your cuts are straight and accurate. When trimming an edge off a sheet the edge guide can be set to the desired length allowing you to make a quick and confident cut. The laser guide is ideal for cutting in the middle of large sheets where an edge guide can’t reach, casting a beam ahead of itself and instantly clarifying the cutting direction.
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION – With its robust and comfortable to use design the CZ3000 feels great in the hand. Safety is also a consideration with a solid metal blade housing, metal bottom blade guard, a 2-point safety switch and vacuum extraction all protecting you from harm’s way.
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