• 450W Electric Motor
  • 750ml/min Max Flow
  • Up to 70din/sec Viscosity
  • 800ml Tank
  • 5x Pack of Paintbrushes


  • Ditch the roller and meet the future of painting with Blaupunkt PG Series paint spray guns, the best tools for painting large or uneven surfaces fast – and with a better finish than a roller too.  Home and garden decoration has never been easier thanks to the versatility of these fantastic electric paint sprayers.
  • Quickly cover large areas of walls with emulsion leaving an even and smooth finish, particularly convenient for applying base coats on fresh plaster.  Skirting boards, architraves, cornice, ceiling roses and other time consuming to paint areas are drastically easier to do than when using a paint brush and you’re able to use oil or water based paints with gloss, silk and matt finishes too.  Wood furniture, flooring, fences, stone, metal and so much more is possible to paint, stain, varnish, prime with ease.
  • Unlike paint pods or similar tools our paint sprayers don’t require you to buy costly paint designed specifically for them – making them infinitely more versatile and never hindering the choice of colour available to you.
  • The PG3000 is fitted with a strong 450W motor and is rated for coatings up to 70din/sec viscosity, with the 800ml tank providing for more capacity than what you would put into regular rolling tray -and without the constant need to return to it too!  For thicker coatings simply thin them with the correct thinner and using the provided measure to mix to the right viscosity.
  • Three spray patterns (horizontal/vertical oval and circular) make it easier to apply an even coat in different situations and the volume adjustment allows you to further control the flow of paint.
  • Supplied with a pack of 5 paint brushes and cleaning accessories


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