HOT AIR HEAT GUN BP2000E | 2000W | 450/600°C | ACCESSORY SET


  • 2000W Heating Power
  • Fast 1 Minute Heat-up
  • High Setting 600°C @ 500L/min 
  • Low Setting 450°C @ 300L/min 
  • Accessory Set


  • POWERFUL HEAT GUN – Our BP2000E Hot Air Gun with it’s 2000W of power and fast 1 minute heat-up has plenty of grunt to help you complete all your DIY, craft and workshop jobs.
  • TWO POWER SETTINGS – Quickly switch between two temperature/airflow settings – 600°C and 500L/s on high setting and for more delicate applications 450°C @ 300L/min is on hand.
  • MULTIFUNCTION – Great tool for DIY’ers, professionals and crafters ideal for a host of uses not only as a varnish or paint stripper, uses include plastic pipe bending, charcoal BBQ and solid fuel fire boosting, glue softening, shrink wrapping and a lot more.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – At only 540g the BP2000E is comfortable to use for long periods without needing to rest, whilst its flattened base allows you to operate it freestanding and a 1.8m cable ensures you won’t have the plug in your way.
  • ACCESSORY SET – Includes wide nozzle, focused nozzle, long extra focus nozzle, deflector nozzle. Use one of the supplied attachments for different applications.

Excellent as a paint stripper for repairing furniture, doors, skirting boards and all kinds of woodwork or metal.  Also great for bending and forming plastic including pipes, car repairs, electrical shrink tubing, shrink wrap, melting glue and other adhesives or sealants – the list goes on!


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