Q-PRO 6600


The Blaupunkt Q-Pro6600 Hybrid IP wireless alarm system combines burglary and hazard protection with visual monitoring and operation with just one smartphone app.

Highest safety and comfort:
Thanks to Blaupunkt quality

Comfort does not exist without security. Therefore, protection against burglary and other hazards is the top priority. Especially important is the mobile alerting. So you do not miss any alarm. In addition, the Q-Pro and all relevant security accessories are highly reliable and provided with tamper protection. Violent attempts to disassemble the alarm system, as well as unauthorized access to the radio frequency, immediately trigger an alarm. You can rely on the reliable Blaupunkt technology.

Intuitive control

Whether directly via the Internet portal, the remote control or the “Secure4Home“ app (for iOS or Android): The handling of your security system is simple and intuitive. Switch between “Arm”, “Disarm” or “Home” mode at the touch of a button.

Easy installation and highest safety.

To help you focus on more important things in life, we make it easy for you: order, unpack, place the alarm center in a protected location with access to electricity and the Internet, attach wireless accessories to the desired location and enjoy highest safety.

Enjoy the comfort of a smart home.

With the web portal and the app you have the opportunity to create scenarios and conditions for home automation according to your wishes. You decide for yourself what happens e.g. when you open a door. A door/window sensor can turn on the light on, with the PIR camera you can have a photo sent to your smartphone and much more. With the appropriate accessories (TRV-S1, TMST-S1) you also control the heating automatically. This provides additional comfort while saving costs.

Emergency power supply and optional hybrid IP + GSM communication for highest security

Thanks to the integrated backup battery and the possibility to extend the Q-Pro with a GSM module (DG2-Pro), the alarm system can still be used without an internet connection and electricity. Even photos of a PIR camera (e.g. IRC-P4, IRC-S2) will continue to be transmitted. Your house is protected in every situation and you can assess the situation at any time. The optional GSM module (DG2-Pro) is available here.

Smart light for increased comfort and safety

With the Q-Pro, you can also control smart lighting systems such as the Philips Hue, Osram Lightify or Müller Licht Tint via the integrated Zigbee wireless module, thus ensuring safety and comfort. Simulate presence e.g. during your holidays. Even if you forgot to turn off the lights in the morning, you can easily control them from the office. Create comfortable lighting scenarios, e.g. for the perfect movie night.

No false alarms thanks to “Pet-Immune” motion detectors

The motion detectors of the Q-Pro Kits and the motion detectors (IRP-S1, IRP-P4, IRC-P4) are “Pet-Immune”. This means that as a pet owner, you no longer have be without a secure alarm system. Alarm systems without “Pet-Immune” motion detectors trigger a false alarm with every movement of your pet.

Visual verification with the Q-Pro

Thanks to the possibility of visual verification, you can ensure reliable monitoring. When the alarm system detects a suspicious situation, the camera automatically takes pictures or videos. You get the photos or videos directly on your smartphone. This will enable you to assess the situation and act appropriately.

Visual verification is possible with the:
– IP HD system camera IPC-S1
– PIR-sensor with camera IRC-S2

The premium service for the Q-Pro

Thanks to our new premium service, your Q-Pro will be even better. With our new premium call notifications you can be reassured, because in the event of an emergency, you will automatically be notified by phone on up to 3 different landline or mobile phone numbers.
Customers who use the Premium Service for 12 months will receive an additional one year warranty on their Blaupunkt product. Further information about the Premium Service can be found here.


  • Hybrid Connectivity: Ethernet + optional GSM*
  • Wall mounting with tamper protection to prevent sabotage attempt
  • Large variety of wireless accessories for burglary, home automation and hazard protection (up to 50)
  • Smart Home with Zigbee technology: Steer heating system, track energy consumption, control electric appliances and Zigbee smart light bulbs
  • Optional HD System Camera IPC-S1, with pre-recording of alarm event,2-way-communication, etc.
  • Optional Premium Service: Video cloud storage and alarm call service
Technische Daten
  • Protocol: ZigBee Home Automation 1.2
  • RF Frequency: 868MHz
  • Power Supply: 12V 1A Switching Power
  • Battery Backup: Ni-mh Rechargeable Battery 4.8V, 600mAh
  • Battery Backup Time: 6 hours
  • Alarm Output: 95db @ 1M
  • Operation Temperature: -10 ̊C to +45 ̊C
  • Operation Humidity: Up to 85% non-condensing
  • Range: 200-300M in open space

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