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The surface-mounted roller spot is available in two versions: warm white and natural white. Thanks to this, you can match the LED lighting even better to your own interior. Simple installation makes the use of the surface-mounted Spot Roller easy, although, taking into account the service life of 50,000 hours, its replacement will not happen too quickly.

Warm white or natural white – which light color will be better?
The colors of the light not only help in the arrangement, extracting specific colors and bringing out their depth. The color of the light also affects your well-being.
The warm white color is conducive to creating a cozy atmosphere, it is relaxing and helps to rest.
Natural white color (4000 K) is used in most rooms. It lies between a warm and cold color. This color does not cause drowsiness and reflects natural colors. Natural white makes the surroundings look fresh.

Power Factor PF > 0.9
The power factor is defined as the ratio of active power to apparent power. The high power factor of the Roller Blaupunkt surface mounted spot means that almost all the electricity consumed is converted into light. Minimal losses translate into energy savings and lower electricity bills. The Spot Roller Blaupunkt is not only energy-saving LED lighting, it is also much safer for the environment.

No annoying flickering
High-quality LEDs used in Blaupunkt spots eliminate the problem of flickering light. This is a bothersome and undesirable phenomenon. For particularly sensitive people, e.g. epileptics, being in a room with flashing light can be even dangerous. The surface-mounted Spot Roller 10 W is free of such faults and guarantees constant, even lighting.

100 lm/W – high efficiency
Luminous efficiency is an important factor in determining the ratio of the luminous flux emitted by a lamp to the power it consumes. The indicator shows the efficiency of the light source directly, so it is an important information for people who decide to buy lighting. The surface-mounted spot roller has a very good luminous efficiency parameter > 0.9.

Service life of 50,000 hours
Due to the long lifetime of the LEDs in LED lighting, Blaupunkt’s lighting duration is estimated at 50,000 hours. This is a very good result, considering that it would translate into many years of the spot’s work. The Blaupunkt Spot will serve for a very long time and will provide uninterrupted light. The 36-month warranty for the 10W spot roller ensures that the lighting will not disappoint us.

Blaupunkt – a brand worth recommending
For almost a hundred years, the Blaupunkt brand has been offering innovative solutions making life easier. Car radios, navigation, electronic equipment. Currently, Blaupunkt provides also modern LED lighting for industrial and private use. The long lifetime distinguishing the LED lighting and the long warranty period confirm that Blaupunkt lighting is another successful project of the company.


  • Warranty – 3 years
  • Light efficiency – 100lm/W
  • CRI – >80
  • Lifetime – 50,000h
  • Tightness class – IP20
  • Material of execution – Aluminum
  • Housing color – black
  • Certificates – CE, RoHS
  • The number of lumens – 1 000 lm
  • Height adjustment – no
  • Dimming – no
  • Power – 10W
  • Durability – IK06
  • Bulb replacement – 100W
  • Supply voltage – 200-240VAC


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