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48W Blaupunkt Strasse LED street lamp
The energy-saving LED street lamp Strasse Blaupunkt is made of high-quality components. The most important technical parameters of the lamp include high luminous efficiency 150 lm / W, reactive energy indicator 0.9, functional beam angle 155 ° x 80 °. You can also choose from 32W, 78W, 98W and 150W with a dizzying brightness of 22,500 lumens.

High durability

IK08 stands for impact resistance up to 5J. Therefore, the lamp can cope with harsh weather conditions and in the event of a slight mechanical impact. Hardened glass on the surface of the lampshade protects the LEDs inside against hail or wind-blown pollution.

Efficient beam of light
The light beam emitted by the lamp reaches as much as 150 lumens of brightness per 1W of power. Thanks to this, the lamp emits a brightness of 7200 lumens when using 48W. The high Power Factor> 0.9 index, which means lower costs for reactive energy, contributes to the lamp’s energy efficiency.

  • Power Factor:> 0.9
  • efficiency: 150 lm / W
  • power: 48W
  • natural color
  • brightness: 7,200 lm

155 ° x 80 ° beam angle

The Blaupunkt LED Strasse street lamp emits light with an angle appropriate to the street. Such a wide angle allows you to illuminate a large space of parallel length.

Multifunctional design
The two-chamber structure of the lamp facilitates service works of the structure. The presence of two chambers additionally protects the inside of the lamp against moisture from getting inside. The lamp is equipped with mounting to horizontal and vertical brackets, so the customer can choose the mounting method himself. Inclination up to 90 ° increases the possibility of adjusting the angle of incidence of light. Additionally, opening the lamp does not require any tools.

German quality
The LED Strasse street lamp is of German quality, with a low risk of damage to the luminaire and low failure rate of the electronics itself. The manufacturer is confident in the quality of his products, therefore the Strasse street lamp has a 5-year warranty.

Blaupunkt – a reliable manufacturer
Established in 1924, the brand initially dealt with the production of headphones and radios. Blaupunkt is a company with a rich tradition. It has earned its position today with many technical inventions that made the brand famous, such as the audio system used in today’s cars. The brand is not limited to one field, creating equipment for the needs of various industries, including innovative LED bulbs and luminaires with an unprecedented lifetime of 50,000 h.


  • Warranty – 5 years
  • Light efficiency – 150lm/W
  • Lifetime – 50,000h
  • Mechanical resistance – IK08
  • Material – Aluminum
  • Housing color – gray
  • Dimensions [cm] – 23 x 48.3
  • Height adjustment – no
  • Dimming – no
  • Power – 48W
  • Light color – 4000K
  • The number of lumens – 7200lm
  • Power Factor – >0.9
  • Lighting angle – 155×80°

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