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The Blaupunkt Quantum panel is energy-saving LED lighting with a brightness of up to 4,400 lumens with a power consumption of only 40W. The special feature of the panel is that it does not flicker, which translates into better light quality. The beam angle of 120° and the natural color are favorable features for, among others, service premises, offices and shops. The concealed mounting aesthetically blends in with the ceiling.

High luminous efficiency

  • efficiency: 110lm/W
  • power: 40W
  • brightness: 4400 lm
  • CRI>80
  • Power Factor>0.95
  • beam angle: 120°
  • LED lifetime: up to 50,000 h

Natural light color
4000K is a universal color of light that has a positive effect on mental work. It reduces the feeling of fatigue, makes people feel more energy, which is why it is widely used in offices and other workplaces.

No flickering
Maintaining the continuity of light is very important, especially in workplaces. Flickering can make you feel dizzy and even cause epileptic seizures. Flickering is also annoying and can distract workers and reduce their efficiency as a result. The Blaupunkt Quantum LED panel thanks to the absence of unpleasant flickering and the UGR < 19 glare indicator will help to create good working conditions.

Service life of 50,000 hours
The impressive durability of Blaupunkt products is one of the main features distinguishing the brand from the competition. 50,000 hours is 8 hours of uninterrupted work for almost 15 years. Combined with a high power factor > 0.95, the Quantum 40W LED panel provides extremely efficient lighting.

Quantum LED panel – a guarantee of reliability
The Quantum panel has built-in LEDs. It is made of high-quality aluminium, and its excellent technical parameters go hand in hand with reliability. The manufacturer gives a three-year warranty on the product. You can also choose a suspended or surface mounting.

Characteristics of the Blaupunkt brand
Founded in 1924, the brand initially dealt with the production of headphones and radios. Blaupunkt is a company with a rich tradition. It has earned its position today with many technical inventions that made the brand famous, such as the audio system used in today’s cars. The brand is not limited to one field, creating equipment for the needs of various industries, including innovative LED bulbs and luminaires with an unprecedented lifetime of 50,000 hours.


  • Warranty – 3 years
  • Light efficiency – 110lm / W
  • CRI – >80
  • Lifetime – 50,000h
  • Tightness class – IP40
  • Material of execution – Aluminum + PC
  • Housing color – white
  • Certificates – CE, RoHS
  • Dimensions [cm] – 59.5 x 59.5 x 3
  • The number of lumens – 4 400 lm
  • Height adjustment – yes
  • Power – 40W
  • Light temperature – 4000K

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