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Filament bulb – what does it mean?
Filament Clear Glass bulb is a decorative Blaupunkt decorative bulb, which stands out from other products thanks to modern and specifically arranged multichip diodes, which look like classic filament bulbs. The bulb of the Blaupukt Clear Class LED bulb perfectly transmits light in a pleasant warm white color. The E27 A60 filament bulb fits perfectly with retro, vintage, loft or instrument lamps. It is a perfect combination of modern technology and traditional design.

Decorative Edison LED bulb E27

Did you know that the letter “E” comes from the name of the creator of the bulbs – Edison? The numbers after it indicate the thread diameter. The LED Filament bulb E27 Blaupunkt Clear Glass is a so-called bulb with a large thread. Its outer diameter, rounded to full minimimeters, is 27 mm, and the dimensions of the bulb are Ø 6 cm x 10.6 cm, making it fit into most fittings.

Optimal number of lumens
The value of the luminous flux emitted in the Blaupunkt Filament E27 A60 bulb is 1055 lm. Thanks to this, it emits bright and pleasant light. The energy efficiency of the bulb is due to its low power. Only 8W is a replacement for up to 75W old type bulbs.

Long lifetime of Blaupunkt LED bulbs

High-quality light-emitting diodes used in bulbs of the German brand ensure high efficiency and long durability of the LED bulb. You can avoid the cost of frequent bulb changes and high electricity bills. All you have to do is choose an energy-saving light source. A service life of 50,000 hours will allow you to enjoy high quality light for a long time.

Designer LED bulb with a modern twist

  • unique appearance
  • low power consumption – only 8W
  • lower value of the supply voltage
  • low energy losses
  • high efficiency
  • environmental friendliness
  • quick return on purchase

Confirmed quality
The energy-saving LED Filament E27 A60 8W Blaupunkt bulb is a high-quality light source, for which the manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty. The product meets the requirements of the so-called “New Approach” of the European Union and the RoHS directive, which limits the use of environmentally hazardous substances used in smart electronics.

The history of the Blaupunkt brand
The Blaupunkt brand is an innovative company founded in the 1920s. It supplies the market with a wide range of electronic equipment. The brand has sold millions of radios since the 1950s, and was the first to introduce weather radio in 1974. The huge range of high-quality products is complemented by LED bulbs of our own production. Bulbs offered by Blaupunkt have the popular threads E27, E14, GU10 and many others. The use of SMD light-emitting diodes with a service life of 50,000 hours is a return to the quality that guarantees a long service life. The crowning achievement of over 70 years of activity is the “Brand of the century – German brand standards” award, which Blaupunkt won in 2015.


  • Warranty – 3 years
  • Lifetime – 50,000h
  • Fixing – E27
  • Tightness class – IP20
  • Material of execution – Aluminum, Plastic
  • Certificates – CE, RoHS
  • Dimensions [cm] – 6 cm x 10.6 cm
  • Dimming – yes
  • Power – 8W
  • Bulb replacement – 60W
  • Lighting angle – 180 °
  • Supply Voltage – 220 ~ 240 V 50/60 Hz
  • The number of lumens – 1055


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