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Set LED strip Blaupunkt RGB 12V 3M IP65 PILOT + CE ADAPTER blister

The set containing multi-color LED strip, power supply and remote control is a ready solution for people looking for good quality tapes. The density of 30 LEDs per one meter of the tape makes the light form a uniform line and looks much better. Long service life translates into use in the commercial industry as well as for individual applications.

Blaupunkt multicolor RGB LED strip – many possibilities in one tape

RGB stands for R (red) – red, G (green) – green, B (blue) – blue. RGB tape, unlike cheap and low-quality R + G + B tapes, has LEDs that emit each of these three colors – red, green and blue. This allows for a much better visual effect than when one LED can emit only one color of light. By using multi-colored Blaupunkt tapes with the driver, you can get a palette of different colors. This significantly extends the possibilities of arrangement with the use of RGB tapes.

IP 65 – increased resistance to moisture and dust in Blaupunkt RGB LED strips

LED strips, regardless of whether they are traditional or RGB strips showing a higher protection class, are the safest solution. They can be used even when the working conditions are more severe. RGB Blaupunkt tapes with IP65 protection are resistant to dust, so you can easily keep them clean. We will not damage the diode during cleaning, because it is specially protected. What’s more, they will also cope with an environment that is exposed to moisture. The manufacturer provides protection in the range of 12.5 l / min, i.e. protection against a stream of water poured onto the housing from any side.

RC control – comfort and convenience of using Blaupunkt RGB tapes

Thanks to the remote control, using the tapes of the German manufacturer Blaupunkt is comfortable. Color change is problem-free and we can use it freely. Radio control is one of the most convenient forms of control, therefore this solution has been used in modern RGB LED strips. In this case, both the remote control and the power supply are included in the set, so you do not have to worry about matching the model to your multi-colored tape.

High efficiency, low power consumption, excellent quality of RGB LED strip light

Blaupunkt RGB LED strips are characterized by high efficiency. Due to the low power consumption, considerable savings in electricity result. Energy-saving Blaupunkt RGB led strips reduce electricity costs. Such an investment in lighting pays off very quickly, especially taking into account the lifetime of Blaupunkt LED strips. The arrangement of the LEDs 30 / m results in high light quality.

Blaupunkt – known for their precision and reliability

For almost a hundred years, the Blaupunkt brand has proved to be a leader in innovative ideas and functional solutions. It is no different in the production of LED lighting. The use of high-quality components, including modern LEDs, allows for 50,000 hours of life. This is an impressive result that distinguishes LED strips and other lighting from the competition.



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