Vienna 700 DAB

2-DIN car multimedia, 6.75 inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay (incl. Wireless Adapter), Android Auto (incl. Wireless Adapter), DAB+, navigation system (navigation software available separately), Bluetooth, CD/DVD, 2x USB, 1x Aux, hands-free system, SD input, reversing camera input, 180 watts


With the Vienna 700 DAB, Blaupunkt presents a 2-DIN media center that scores with multimedia variety, navigation and a real sense of freedom.


The special feature of the entertainment units is the audio transmitter function via Bluetooth. This allows the direct transmission of an audio signal from the car radio to a Bluetooth receiver, such as a loudspeaker. This makes it possible to enjoy the radio program or the CD outside of the vehicle.


In the awning, sunbathing, having a picnic or having dinner outdoors, the Vienna 700 DAB provides the perfect musical accompaniment – even outside the home.

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The Vienna 700 DAB combines high-quality design down to the last detail, an intuitive operating concept and a breathtaking and innovative variety of functions. It impresses with its 6.75” TFT touch display and combines first-class RDS radio reception, a built-in DAB + tuner, a wide range of entertainment and many connection options to many types of mobile media. The Vienna 700 DAB has serial interfaces such as Bluetooth and USB that allow you to comfortably play your music collection. But no matter what you’re looking for, the Vienna 700 DAB will have a good answer for you.


This device includes a navigation system. Additional navigation software is required for operation, which can be purchased optionally.

If your Vienna 700 DAB is equipped with a Navigation system your travel to unknown places will never be the same again. Discover new places with a touch of your finger and the Vienna 700 DAB will show you the shortest or best route to get to your destination.

APPLE CARPLAY (incl. Wireless Adapter)

Use your Apple iPhone® in the car in an easy and secure way with your Vienna 700 DAB. With Apple CarPlay, iPhone users can navigate, make calls, play music, and retrieve messages safely and intuitively – simply through voice control or the touch-screen of your Vienna 700 DAB.

ANDROID AUTO (incl. Wireless Adapter)

Another feature of the Vienna 700 DAB. Thanks the intuitive user interface, powerful voice control and built-in controls Android Auto minimize distractions while driving so you can focus on traffic.


The constant use of digital, mobile data and media has become completely natural. Inevitably, it is an absolute duty of modern end devices to support them. But the range of supported media and formats alone makes the big difference. The Vienna 700 DAB does not accept any compromises. Many audio, video and image formats are supported. There are virtually no limits to the wealth of files on the respective medium. So many tracks only make sense if the selection is easy enough. Enjoy how playfully this works with the Vienna 700 DAB.


The parametric 10-band equalizer for individual sound optimization in the vehicle can be easily and precisely set via the graphic interface of the Vienna 700 DAB. If “playing with the frequencies” is not your thing, there is a whole range of preset sound profiles available. Depending on your personal taste, from pop, rock, electro, jazz to classical music.


A breathtaking variety of functions does not mean complicated controls. All menus are consistently simple and clearly arranged, attractively designed and, above all, easy to use.


Once the phone book of your smartphone has been synchronized with the Vienna 700 DAB, nothing stands in the way of comfortable communication while driving via the audio system. For the best voice quality, the integrated or an external microphone for the perfect installation position is available. The specialty: in A2DP mode, the Vienna 700 DAB can transmit the music signal wirelessly to external Bluetooth speakers or headphones.


The CODEM tuner concept used in the Vienna 700 DAB is a high-end reception concept developed by Blaupunkt. If the reception conditions change, it is important to keep the result constant. Blaupunkt has a special solution for this task: CODEM. Reception has been decisively improved through even better selectivity, even clearer channel separation, further freedom from distortion and other special solutions. With the high-end tuner of the CODEM generation from Blaupunkt, no compromises are made in terms of radio reception and RDS behavior. Once you have experienced it, even with the most difficult reception conditions, you will never want to be without it.


Enjoy crystal clear, digital radio with the built-in DAB + tuner. The enjoyment begins with the selection of the programs. Be it browsing through the available ensembles and their program structure, or simply choosing from an alphabetical list of all programs.


Once the phone book of your smartphone has been synchronized with the Vienna 700 DAB, nothing stands in the way of comfortable communication while driving and via the audio system. For the best voice quality, the integrated or an external microphone is available for the perfect installation position.


If your vehicle is equipped with a remote control on the steering wheel, you can use it together with the Blaupunkt Vienna 700 DAB via the SWC (steering wheel control). Thanks to the SWC function, the steering wheel remote control takes over the most important functions such as volume, mute or Bluetooth of the radio.


Thanks to the integrated permanent memory, the Vienna 700 DAB saves the user settings and the preset stations if the main power supply fails.


Parking can be a precision job. The Vienna 700 DAB has a camera input. So you always have an overview and nothing should go wrong.




Analog- / Digitalradio
DAB, DAB+, AM and FM-RDS Tuner with PS, AF, REG, CT, TA, TP, PTY, EON, DLS

Large 6.75” Capacitive Multi-Touch Display

Vienna 700 DAB NAV-Ready: This device includes a navigation system. Additional navigation software is required for operation, which can be purchased optionally.

Data Carrier
DVD, VCD, CD, CD-ROM, 2x USB (max.128 GB), SDHC (max. 32 GB)

Apple CarPlay (incl. Wireless Adapter) & Android Auto (incl. Wireless Adapter)
Navigation, Internet radio, Music player, Apps, Voice assistant

USB, AV, Bluetooth, SDHC, MP2, MP3, MP4, FLAC, OGG, WAV, AAC

Phonebook access, Caller lists access,
Audio streaming with ID3 support,
Audio transmission to external
BT speaker

10- Band Equalizer + Sound Presets
4-Channel Preamp output + Sub-Out
4x 45 Watt

Permanent memory
Steering wheel control input (SWC)
Input for Rear View Camera

Technical specifications

User Interface: Blaupunkt graphic user interface
Permanent memory: Yes (user settings, presets etc.)

Technology: LCD Backlight TFT
Screen Size: 6.75“
Resolution: 800 x 480 Pixels
Touchscreen: Yes (capacitive)
Display switch off: Yes + Display Day/Night
Clock / Date display: Yes
Clock display: 24 / 12 hours
Radio system languages: English, German, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian,Turkish, Hebrew

Type of Tuners: High-end CODEM
World-Tuner (switchable): Yes
Wave bands: FM, AM
Radio Data System (RDS): AF, PS, TA, TP, REG, EON, CT
Travelstore: Yes
Band Scan / Preset Scan: Yes / Yes
Search via frequency: Yes
Select via frequency scale: No
Station memory (presets): 30 FM / 20 AM
Frequenzgang (Hz) -3dB: 50 – 15.000

DAB+ -built-in: Yes
DAB Band III / L-Band: Yes / No
Service Update: Yes
Service Scan: Yes
Ensemble browsing: No
Station Memory (Presets): 18
Station Browsing: Yes
Band Scan / Preset Scan: No / No
Service link DAB-FM: Yes
Traffic Announcement (TA): Yes
Programme Typ (PTY): Yes
DLS (Dynamic Label Segment): Yes
Slideshow: Yes
Display Field strength: Yes

Apple CarPlay: Yes (Wireless via Adapter)
Android Auto: Yes (Wireless via Adapter)

Titele forward / back: Yes / Yes
Fast forward / rewind: Yes / Yes
Position via progress bar: Yes
Repeat chapter / title: Yes / Yes
Play / pause: Yes / Yes
Skip / search chapters: Yes / Yes
Last position: Yes
Root menu: Yes
Setup: Yes
Title menu: Yes
Subtitle / Audio Language: Yes / Yes

Video playback file formats: AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, VOB, MKV, FLV, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, XVID
Picture playback formats: JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF
Audio playback formats USB: MP2, MP3, WMA, FLAC, WAV, OGG, AAC, AC3
MP3 Title display: ID3-Tag (Version 1 und 2), File name / folder name
Album art display: Yes
Mix: Yes (all, files)
Repeat: Yes (all, files, titel)
Fast forward / fast rewind: Yes (via progress bar)
Number of files on MSD: up to ~ 20.000 files, depending on folder / file structure
iPod/iPhone Direct Control: Yes

USB-removable storage: Yes (up to 128 GB)
SD, SDHC: Yes (up to 32 GB)

Vienna 700 DAB NAV-Ready: This device includes a navigation system. Additional navigation software is required for operation, which can be purchased optionally.

Supported version: Bluetooth 4.1
Supported profiles: HFP, PBAP, A2DP, AVRCP, HSP
Supported Audiocodecs: ACC, LDAC, SBX, aptX
Audio Streaming A2DP-SNK: Yes
Audio Streaming A2DP-SRC: Yes
Pairing (number of devices): 6
Hands-free calling: Yes
Voice dial: No
Key functions: accept / hang up / reject call
Phone book access: Yes (up to 3.000 entries by phone)
History call lists: Yes
Auto synchronisation: Yes
Auto connect / Auto answer: Yes / Yes
2nd call handling: No
Navigation Audio Mix: Yes
Microphones: Built-in + external

Number of channels: 4
Max. Power: 4 x 45 Watt

Number of bands: 10
Model: Parametric
Type: Digital
Frequency Ranges: 31.25 Hz/ 62.5 Hz/ 125 Hz/ 250 Hz/ 500 Hz/ 1.k/ 2k / 5k/ 8k/ 16k
Subwoofer switchable: Yes
Subwoofer X-Over frequency: 55 Hz / 85 Hz / 120 Hz / 160 Hz
Subwoofer Gain: Yes
Sound Presets: Yes
Balance / Fader: Yes / Yes

Antenna: 3 (Radio- DIN, DAB –SMB, GPS)
DAB: Built-in
USB: 2x Rear USB
Memory Cards: Yes
Audio / Video (analog): AV-In 1: Rear A/V (3.5 mm Jack, 0,5V)
Rear View Camera: Yes
Reverse gear: Yes
Handbrake signal: Yes
External hand-free micro: Yes (3.5 mm Jack, rear)
Steering wheel remote control: Yes (SWC, Rear, analog, 3.5 mm Jack, programmable via Menü)
Made for Iphone: Yes
Power supply: 12 V (ISO)

4-channel Preamp Out: Yes (RCA, 2V)
Subwoofer: Yes (RCA)
Audio channels: 4

Installation: 2-DIN slot
Operating voltage: 10,5 – 16 V
Current consumption: In operation:  max. 10 A
Front Panel: Fix
Installation dimensions: 16,5 x 18 x 10,5 mm (d x w x h)
Colour: Black
Key Illumination: White / Blue
UI-Color: Multicolor

User Manual: Yes
IR Remote Control: Yes
DAB+ antenna: No
External hands-free micro: Yes
Mounting Frame: Yes
Mounting Material: Yes
Connector Cable Set: Yes
Wireless ACP/AA Adapter: Yes


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