Dehumidifier with air purification function ADH701

The perfect device for drying renovated or flooded interiors, summer homes, and damp basements!

House owners and residents living in flats or tenement buildings often struggle with problems due to poor ventilation. Its faulty operation results in increased humidity in rooms, and consequently in the growth on walls of fungi and moulds, which are dangerous to health.

Air humidity in rooms with human occupancy should range between 30 and 60%. Such air is neither too dry nor too humid, which makes us feel comfortable. The use of the ADH701 air dehumidifier from Blaupunkt guarantees the right level of humidity. It is an appliance which takes care not only of the well-being of the residents but also the technical condition of the building, preventing the walls from getting damp.

The ADH701 is a condensation dehumidifier with a built-in compressor with a high dehumidification capacity – 20 litres per day. It is a characteristic which makes it possible to dehumidify the air in a room with an area of 20–45 m2. Therefore, you can easily get rid of unwanted moisture from such spaces as the living room, and the washing and drying rooms, and even from a small summer cottage.

The appliance’s operation is not only efficient but also very quiet. As the noise level does not exceed 48 dB, the appliance can be in use while doing everyday household activities, for example watching TV or putting children to bed.

Importantly, the dehumidifier has a large water tank with a capacity of up to 5.5 litres. This means that with the maximum performance setting, the tank needs to be emptied no more than 4 times a day. Also, the ADH701 is fitted with a continuous water-drain functionality. With it, the dehumidifier comes with a tube to discharge the condensate directly into the sewage system, without having to use the tank.

Two LED displays on the control panel located on the front of the appliance, showing such parameters as humidity level, plus the automatic defrosting and deactivation function in the event of the tank’s becoming overfilled, permit the continuous monitoring of the dehumidifier and its safe operation.

The ADH701 is also equipped with a filter, thanks to which breathing dehumidified and decontaminated air will certainly be even-more comfortable.

The ADH701 air dehumidifier does not only solve moisture problems in houses and flats. It is also the perfect device for drying renovated or flooded interiors, summer homes, and damp basements.



LED display at the top and at side of the device
Indicator light shows the humidity level
Dehumidifier capability: 20 l/day
Water level detection, automatic shut-off
Automatic defrosting function
Air filter to air purification
Super quiet operation, less than 47 dB
Water tank capacity: 5.5 l
Continuous drainage function
Child-lock function
Refrigerant: R290, 75 g
Power supply: 220-240 V ~ 50 Hz, power: 390 W
Dimension: 36,8 x 23,3 x 57,6 cm
Weight: 14.5 kg
EAN code: 5901750503351


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