Air fryer AFD501

AFD501 is a high-quality, multifunctional air fryer, which helps you to prepare easily and quickly delicious chips, that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Our device has also many functions, it can bake, grill, fry and heat up. All these features make the air fryer your indispensable assistant in the kitchen while cooking dishes with meat, fish or vegetables.


Air fryers are well known for their very low oil usage, thanks to that you can use less oil than frying in a traditional way or in deep fryer. Until now, enthusiasts of fries or fried foods had to face the risk of being unhealthy caused by their cooking habits. Unfortunately, usually the same oil is being used many times, thereby it has a negative affecting on its properties. This problem can be buried in the past thanks to our ADF501.

By using a very small amount of oil you are sure that you reduce the harmful effects of meals prepared in AFD501 on your health. In addition, the air fryer, as compared to conventional devices of this type, emits less smoke and odours.


AFD501 fry’s using a vortex of hot air, providing even food heating. The devices aluminium chamber and basket are not only Teflon coated but they also have non-stick coati from DuPont, which guarantees that food will no longer stick to the surface, that makes it much easier to clean and maintain.


The futuristic appearance of AFD501 is a thing that makes it stand out from competing models. Elegant black, minimalist design is a perfect choice for connoisseurs. Perfect quality and efficiency that device is offering meets all requirements sated by the most demanding users. This air fryer will be a excellent element for any kind of kitchen.


AFD501 has a large LED display, showing the temperature and heating time. Below the display is easy-to-use touch panel, where you can turn on or off the unit, set the time (maximum 1 hour), temperature (150 to 200°C) and operating mode of the air fryer.

Start eating healthy today


  • Multipurpose: fry, roast, grill, bake, reheat
  • Hot air vortex technology allows to fry meals evenly, with less fat use.
  • Aluminum basket (2.5 l) and pan (4 l) coated with non-stick Teflon
  • Temperature regulation 150-200 º C
  • Timer 1 h
  • Display with cooking parameters
  • Makes less smells and smoke than traditional deep fryers
  • Power supply 220-240 V ~50/60 Hz, power: 1500 W
  • Dimension: 28.1 x 34.8 x 32.6 cm
  • Weight: 4.6 kg
  • EAN code: 5901750500824

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