Humidifier – Evaporative AHE601

Humidifier – Evaporative – pet-friendly!

Dry air reduces sleep quality, exacerbates well-being, and negatively impacts our health. In the comfort of your home, especially in the heating season, it is worth making sure that the air humidity is adequate. This will prevent the members of your household from struggling with dry skin, and problems with breathing, coughing and dried mucous membranes will disappear once and for all.

The Blaupunkt AHE601 evaporative air humidifier is ergonomic, energy-saving and efficient. The device ensures the most natural air humidification among the whole range of air humidifiers available on the market. The built-in fan draws in air and passes it through a dampened evaporative filter. This not only humidifies the air, but at the same time cleans it of the impurities, which are deposited on the filter. This operating principle of the AHE601 model makes the already enriched, invisible steam air enter the room.

The air humidifier has an antibacterial filter with silver ions, which prevents the cultivation of microorganisms. The high air flow rate through the filter (up to 75 m2/hour) with a large evaporative area (up to 1.5 m2) affects the high-efficiency of water evaporation on the filter and thus quickly normalises the humidity levels in the room.

The integrated LED display with a touch panel shows the information on air humidity in the room and water level in the 4 l top-refillable tank. This capacity also ensures a long operating time without having to refill the tank too often. The possibility to use tap water without fear of limescale deposits near the air humidifier and on furniture also complements the comfort of use.

With quiet operation below 38 dB in silent mode and only 45 dB in intensive mode, the air humidifier can be used at night in silent mode providing peaceful and healthy sleep to all members of the household. The AHE601 air humidifier does not emit ultrasounds, which also makes it pet-friendly.

The AHE601 model is recommended for rooms up to 30 m2.



Humidification effectiveness: 300 ml/h
Recommended to use in the rooms up to 30 m2
Super quiet operation at low speed < 38 dB, quite operation at high speed < 45 dB
Two speed levels of fan
High air flow up to 75 m2/h
Display with humidity level indicator and water level indicator
Effective vaporisation surface of the filter up to 1.5 m2
Special anti-bacteria filter with silver ion
Water tank capacity: 4 l
Top filling up the water tank
Power supply 220-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz, power: 18 W
Dimension: 26 x 26 x 35 cm
Weight: 3.1 kg
EAN code: 5901750504631

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