LED Bulb E27 12W – Natural White

Bring Blaupunkt LED Lighting to Your everyday life and create the perfect atmosphere for Your living space and work area. Explore how colour adds ambiance, ephasize Your decor or simply save energy and reduce household bills. Now, it’s all possible with Blaupunkt LED lights.

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LED Bulb Natural
LED Bulb Natural
LED Bulb Natural
LED Bulb Natural
LED Bulb Natural
LED Bulb Natural
LED Bulb Natural
LED Bulb Natural
Naturalna LED Bulb E27 12W

Relax Body and Soul: LED Bulb Natural white at 4000K temperature provides a cool and energizing atmosphere, helping to stimulate and focus your mind. Ideally suited for work areas like kitchen, study, garage etc.

Save Money and Help Planet: Low energy consumption 12 kWh/1000h at 1260 lumens – equivalent to 86W. Saves up to 80% energy as compared to non-LED bulbs.

See the World as it is Meant to be Seen: Wide angle (230°) and high color rendering 80+ gives vibrant and true colors without glare.

Don’t Wait: No warm-up time with immediate illumination at 100% brightness when switched on.

Blaupunkt Assurance: Enjoy long life service of up to 50,000 hours and guarantee of up to 3 years with fast and efficient customer service, so go ahead and buy with peace of mind!

Create the Optimal Mood

The A60 Blaupunkt LED bulb natural white has a power of 12W and a brightness of 1260 lumens. The fastening is the popular E27 thread. The Blaupunkt LED E27 A60 bulb provides optimally diffused light without glare. It comes in two color temperatures: warm white and natural white. Natural white (4000K) provides a cool and energizing atmosphere, helping to stimulate and focus your mind. Ut us also ideally suited for work areas like kitchen, study, garage.

Naturalna LED Bulb E27
E27 Bulb LED Warm 12W

Bring Colors to Life

The value of the luminous flux emitted by Blaupunkt A60 bulb is 1260 lumens that emits bright and pleasant light. In addition, the color rendering index (CRI) 80+ ensures perfect reproduction of colors in the room. The A60 LED bulb replaces cheap (and poor in terms of efficiency) halogen or metal halide bulbs with a power of up to 86W. High-quality light-emitting diodes used in bulbs of the German brand are a guarantee of high efficiency and long durability of the LED bulb so You can avoid the cost of frequent bulb replacement and high electricity bills. All you need to do is choose an energy-saving light source. Click here to see Blaupunkt LED products.


  • Over 10 years of experience in the industry – knowledge and experience gained on the european market are the advantages thanks to which we only offer selected LED lighting, high-quality Blaupunkt lighting.
  • Product customization – our goal is the best response to customer needs. We provide the possibility of personalizing products, i.e. adjusting various parameters of products to individual requirements. Customization gives you complete freedom to choose the desired options. What’s more, it gives a feeling of greater control over the planned investment.
  • Advice and support – we are happy to share our knowledge and support at every stage of the project. Our offer includes order handling, advisory services and consultations in the selection of LED lighting.
  • Warehouse – safe storage of over 100 thousand products. Large storage area allows for efficient service from individual clients, through small and medium-sized companies to enterprises and goverment sector.
  • B2B platform – convenient cooperation in comfortable conditions via the B2B platform is a specially developed system and our strategic channel for contact and sales of Blaupunkt LED lighting.

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  • Lifetime – 50,000h
  • Fixing – E27
  • Tightness class – IP20
  • Material – aluminum, plastic
  • Color Temperature – Natural White
  • Certificates – CE, RoHS
  • Dimensions [cm] – 10.8 cm x 6.0 cm
  • Dimming – No
  • Power – 12W
  • Bulb replacement – 86W
  • Beam angle – 230°
  • Supply Voltage – 220 ~ 240 V 50/60 Hz
  • Lumens – 1260 lm


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