Coffee maker CMP601

Delicious and full-of-aroma coffee undoubtedly stimulates you to action!

Delicious and full-of-aroma coffee undoubtedly stimulates you to action! However, to fully enjoy its unique taste, it’s worth taking care over the proper preparation of the brew. The new CMP601 coffee maker from Blaupunkt will certainly help with this pleasant task.

To meet the expectations of coffee lovers and enthusiasts, we, as the maker, have created an elegant, functional and easy-to-use model, intended for brewing ground coffee, and for coffee pads.

The six backlit buttons allow you to prepare 3 types of your favourite coffee – espresso, cappuccino and latte – in two standard sizes. The amount of coffee can be freely adjusted, since the machine is equipped with a water-flow-stop function, thanks to which you can obtain just as much brew you want. Also noteworthy are the 3 double steel filters (single portion, double, 44mm pads), which the CMP601 is equipped with, allowing you to extract even-more flavour from the coffee, and give it a proper character.

The machine also allows you to prepare easily and quickly an additional portion of frothed milk for coffee, or milk-froth itself, e.g. for cocoa. To do this, press and hold the double-cappuccino button for 3 seconds, and, when the required amount of milk is already in the cup, simply press the same button again.

A noteworthy feature of the device is the possibility of brewing coffee in pads. The advantage of this solution is that, thanks to the perfectly measured amount of ground coffee, your daily espresso tastes the same, and its taste, strength and flavour are invariably ideal. Coffee in pads also makes it easier to keep the coffee machine clean – just throw away the used coffee pad and rinse the filter.

The CMP601 is equipped with two transparent tanks, one for water and one for milk. The water tank has a capacity of up to 1.8 l, allowing you to refill it less frequently. The 0.5-l milk tank, on the other hand, will fit easily into any refrigerator.
The durable Italian pump reaches a pressure of up to 15 bar, so that the coffee you prepare does not differ in taste from that served in the best cafés.

The water-heating system: an instantaneous water-heating block provides a constant temperature during the entire process of coffee brewing, even with greater volumes. The temperature-control system, consisting of two thermostats, ensures an ideal coffee brewing temperature (95°C), and an effective steam jet for milk frothing (130°C).

An important advantage of the machine is that it is easy to keep clean. The last of the buttons on the control panel is intended for the automatic cleaning of the milk-frothing system, while the removable frothing nozzle and drip tray can be easily washed under running water.

The classic design of the new CMP601 is also exceptional, making it easy to adapt to any kitchen arrangement. The compact dimensions and the black plastic body with steel elements will make the machine fit into any kitchen space, even where there seems to be no room for this type of appliance.


  • 15-bar high-pressure pump
  • High-performance heating system ensures the best results
  • Makes both espresso and milk based coffee drinks (cappuccino, latte)
  • Water-stop function allows you to set the preferred size of your coffee
  • Removable transparent 1,8-litre water tank
  • Removable 0.5-litre milk container, easy to store in the fridge
  • Double steel filter extracts even more aroma and the right qualities from your coffee
  • Three filters are included (single espresso, double espresso, 44-mm pads)
  • User-friendly panel with 7 illuminated buttons allows you to choose your favorite coffee
  • Systems protecting against overheating and excessive pressure
  • Detachable milk-frothing nozzle and removable drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Steel tray for pre-heating cups
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Power supply: 220-240 V~50/60 Hz, power: 1350 W
  • Unit size: 32 x 24.8 x 36.5 cm
  • Weight: 4.8 kg
  • EAN code: 5901750502668

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