Clockradio FM PLL with Bluetooth CR60BT

The radio alarm clock is a device that everyone has at home. Its basic function is to tell the time and wake you up with pleasant sounds.

Among the other models available on the market, the Blaupunkt CR60BT stands out with its wooden housing with bass reflex function, which makes sound better. In addition to the radio, alarm or buzzer functions, you can also play back music wirelessly from smartphones and tablets with this alarm clock. This is possible with the integrated Bluetooth function. Listening to your favourite radio station is made possible with the FM PLL radio with a memory of up to 60 stations, able to select and save the ones that are similar to those you like. The CR60BT features a telescopic FM antenna for improved reception.

A large, clear LED display makes the everyday use the CR60BT easier, and also allows you to adjust the dimmer setting depending on the time of day or your preference. The control panel adds to the ease of use, so you can quickly set the wake-up alarm or change the radio volume.

The double alarm and snooze function will wake the biggest sleepyheads up!



PLL FM radio with 60 preset station memory
Clock with dual alarm and snooze
Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming from smartphone or PC
Large LED display
Adjustable dimmer
Alarm with radio or buzzer
Power adapter: DC 5 V 1.2 A
Back up time: CR2025 (battery not incl.)
Dimensions: 200 (w.) x 85 (h.) x 68 (d.) mm
Weight: 0.53 kg
EAN code: 5901750505072

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