Clock radio with USB charging CR80USB

The sound of an alarm clock ringing in the early morning is associated with the need to get out of bed and get ready for the new day which has just begun. It is usually the moment we like the least, but a wake-up call emitted by the new CR80USB radio alarm clock from Blaupunkt will make it much easier.

This device, with a built-in FM PLL radio, allows you to program 20 favourite stations in its memory. The large blue LED display means you can read the time from a long distance, and it is clearly visible even in daylight. The bottom backlight of the alarm clock gives it a very-modern look at night. Thanks to the dimming function, you can adjust the intensity of the display, so that it doesn’t dazzle the eyes, and remains readable when the room is dark.

The CR80USB has a double alarm function (you can set two different wake-up times) and a snooze function (from 5 to 60 minutes). Depending on your preferences, you can set the type of alarm you want to be woken up to. You can choose between the classic buzzer or your favourite radio station. The latter way will surely help you start your day in a cheerful mood!

The internal temperature sensor is another of the features this model provides. It allows you to monitor the temperature Celsius in the room on an ongoing basis.

The sleep mode enables you to set the time when the device switches off. This is extremely useful when you fall asleep while listening to the radio.

The back of the CR80USB device has a USB port for charging mobile devices. Simply connect the radio alarm clock to your smartphone with a suitable USB cable, and charging starts automatically.

The memory-maintenance function ensures you do not lose the alarm-clock settings if there is a power outage.

An alarm clock, a clock, a radio, a charger, a night lamp, a thermometer… you will certainly be pleasantly surprised by its possibilities, no matter which one of the functions of the CR80USB alarm clock you wish to use.


  • PLL FM tuner with 20 preset station memory
  • Clock with dual alarm and snooze
  • USB charging port
  • Built-in internal temperature sensor
  • Large LED display
  • Lower mood light
  • Adjustable dimmer
  • Alarm with radio or buzzer
  • Power adapter: DC 5 V 1.2 A
  • Back up time: 1 battery CR2032 (battery not inclcuded)
  • Dimensions: 180 (w) x 95.6 (h) x 47 (d) mm
  • Weight: 0.187 kg
  • EAN code: 5901750503214

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