Dental water flosser DIR501

Forget about dental floss today and see how effective the DIR501 is in cleaning your teeth!

Irrigator is a device for maintaining proper oral hygiene, which is an excellent complement to traditional brushing and is a great replacement for dental floss. Since many bacteria that cause dental problems and bad breath are in hard to reach areas and interdental spaces, conventional brushes, both manual and electric, do not always cope with complete removal. Blaupunkt’s high-performance DIR501 irrigator will do this job perfectly.


The device effectively removes impurities and bacteria, thanks to the high-water pressure, which must be poured into a suitable container. The next step is to select the appropriate program, switch on the appliance, and apply the nozzle from which the liquid is extracted to the cleaned surface. Proper water pressure will effectively flush impurities and food residues, leaving the oral cavity, especially the interdental spaces, perfectly clean. The pressure can be adjusted in the range of 40-90 PSI, and an efficient water pump will allow up to 1400 pulsations per minute.


The DIR501 can operate in three modes. The first of them – delicate, is mainly intended for people with exposed teeth necks and hypersensitivity. The stream coming out of the irrigation nozzles has less pressure and does not cause any irritation of the gums. The second mode – daily – is designed for most users, providing optimum performance. The last mode – pulsating – is characterized by varying stream power for even better cleaning efficiency.


The device is equipped with a two-minute timer that will allow to control the time spent on cleaning. Solid construction and ergonomic design ensures comfortable grip during operation, and the modern design will delight the aesthetics eye. Irrigator is a wireless device, which improves the comfort of use. The 150ml water tank makes it unnecessary to replenish it too often.


Two irrigating nozzles are included in the kit, available also in the Blaupunkt range as an accessory ACC026. Forget about dental floss today and see how effective the DIR501 is in cleaning your teeth!


  • Dynamic and effective interdental cleaning
  • 3 working modes: sensitive, daily, pulse
  • Two minute timer
  • Water pressure from 40 to 90PSI
  • Effective water pomp up to 1400 pulse/minute
  • 2 nozzles included (interchangeable, available accessory ACC026)
  • High volume water tank (150ml)
  • Cordless
  • EAN code: 5901750502156

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