Electric hoverboard EHB506

The EHB506 electric hoverboard is an ideal solution for active people who are always on the move and like to move quickly from one place to another. It is also an excellent gadget for young people looking for technical novelties and enjoying the outdoor activities.

Two independent engines with a total power of 700 W enable a comfortable ride with a maximum speed of 12 km/h, while an in-built 4.4 Ah battery enables you to ride for up to 15 km (depending on the load and type of surface).

However, the scope of the electric hoverboard depends on its load during the ride (max. 120 kg) as well as the surface on which it is used. The battery will be fully charged after approximately 2 hours.

The hoverboard is relatively light (7.5 kg) and can be put into a rucksack. This makes it very easy to travel with and it can be conveniently taken onto a bus or a tram.

Illuminated wheels and a built-in Bluetooth speaker will make every enthusiast of modern means of transportation stand out noticeable during your evolution and experience real fun while using the Blaupunkt electric hoverboard!

The user connected to the application on the smartphone can track own results : the number of km travelled or the speed reached on the route. The user can also check the battery charging status and change the hoverboard settings according to the rider’s skill level.

APP for Android

APP for iOs



Motor: 700 W (2 x 350 W)
Motherboard: Single system 3 pcs with auto balance function
6.5” tubeless wheels
Bluetooth for APP and music playback
APP for smartphones – Android/iOS
Battery: 36 V 4.4 Ah
Charger: 42 V 2 A
Max loading: 120 kg
Maximum safe speed: 12 km/h
Range: up to 15 km (depending on the load and type of surface)
Charging time: around 2 hours
Climbing Slope: 15-20 degree
Carrying bag in the shape of backpack
Blue lighting of wheels
Dimensions: 585 x 185 x 175 mm
Net weight: 7.5 kg
EAN code: 5901750503252

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