Electric oven EOM601

Indispensable equipment in every kitchen!

A small flat typically has a small kitchen or a kitchenette. In such a space, every centimetre counts. When there is no room for a standard cooker with an oven but only for a small hob, the new compact Blaupunkt EOM601 free-standing electric oven comes in handy.

This practical and functional appliance is a smaller version (smaller form) of a classic electric oven, but it matches the original in terms of the quality of food preparation.

The EOM601 will be appreciated both by those who do not have kitchen space to spare, and by enthusiasts of good cuisine, who will use it as a backup appliance (extra help) for their standard oven, for example during Christmas preparations.

Having a capacity of 45 litres, the new Blaupunkt electric oven can easily accommodate a standard baking tray, a roasting pan full of roast meat and a 30 cm pizza tray.

Fitted with upper and a bottom heating elements, the appliance allows you to select several baking modes, and the air flow and barbecue options extend its range of methods of food preparation. Sweet pastries, roasted meat or the ever popular pizza will not differ in taste and appearance from dishes prepared in ovens of standard dimensions.

The baking temperature can be adjusted with a convenient knob in the range 90–230oC. The same mechanism is also used to select the operating mode and duration (0–60 min). The built-in timer will switch off the oven after the set operating time has elapsed.

Deleted: The appliance is also fitted with an internal light allowing you to watch food while it is being processed, without having to open the door.

Importantly, the oven has a double glazed door and non-heat body, which protects users against accidental burns.

The EOM601 also comes with a range of useful accessories to make oven food processing simple, convenient and enjoyable, such as a spit with two inox barbecue forks, a grate and a roasting pan. Once baked, they can be easily and safely removed using the included handles.

Cleaning is made easier by the crumb tray, allowing you to easily keep the baking chamber tidy.

A black, compact oven with brushed aluminium elements and a modern glass panel will certainly be an aesthetic and practical accessory in any small kitchen.



  • Capacity: 45 l
  • External dimensions: 571 x 430 x 369 mm
  • Internal dimensions: 421 x 353 x 303 mm
  • Temperature control: 90-230 oC
  • Timer: 0-60 min
  • Convection and rotisserie
  • Interior light
  • Accessories: bake tray, rotisserie set, crumb tray, bake rack, tray handle
  • Double glass door
  • Cool touch body and door
  • Power supply 220-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz, power: 1800 W
  • Weight: 12.2 kg
  • EAN code: 5901750503054

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