Electric scooter ESC910

This electric scooter is a real hit, and is still gaining popularity. Thanks to this vehicle, you can quickly get to work, school, or university – no more traffic jams, or getting squeezed on public transport! If necessary, you can fold and pack it into the trunk of your car, or take it onto a bus or tram.

People also appreciate electric scooters because they are ecological vehicles – they do not emit exhaust fumes, and, as a result, do not pollute the environment. They also generate low operating costs.

The ESC910, due to the incredibly long distance it can cover, allows you to move quickly and safely, even to a destination far from your home or work.

The 350-Watt engine delivers a top speed of 25 km/h, which can be controlled by a three-step speed adjustment (3 gears). Thus, users can not only decide on their travelling speed, but can also adjust it to their age and skills, so that they can feel safe. The speed riders will reach is also influenced by their weight, the type of surface they are travelling on, the ambient temperature, and even the wind.

The ESC910 electric scooter is equipped with a large battery with a capacity of 10 Ah, which facilitates riding for up to 40 km. This distance, like the speed, is influenced by several factors: the vehicle load (max. 120 kg), the type of surface, and the ambient temperature. However, it can be doubled by replacing the battery with spare units, which are available under the ACE910 symbol.

The battery is mounted in a special opening located in the vertical steering stem. Replacing it is quick and easy, and it can be charged either when mounted on the scooter or separately after removing, as it has an independent charging socket. The time needed to fully charge the battery is about 5 hours.

The ESC910’s 10-inch inflatable-tube wheels provide a high level of riding comfort, and make it easy to move on a wide variety of surfaces. Thanks to its shock-absorption function, the ESC910 scooter can be easily ridden on pavements and asphalt, as well as on dirt paths and bumpy gravel roads. The 10-inch wheels also provide a good clearance between the vehicle and the surface, which ensures that even riding over curbs will not be an issue

The riding comfort is further improved by the steering bar with rubber handles, while the ease of access to the accelerator button and brake lever guarantees sure acceleration and safe braking.

A clearly legible LCD display shows the battery-charge status, current speed, and riding mode, while the bell alerts other road users that you are approaching. The installation of front and rear LED lights also improves riding safety and lengthens your field of vision. What’s more, it makes the scooter user visible to other outdoor-activity enthusiasts.

The ESC910 is equipped with a cruise-control function, which switches on automatically when a constant speed is maintained for at least 6 seconds. To switch it off, press the brake lever or acceleration button.

The rear disc brake, and foot brake with front E-ABS, ensures reliability in emergency situations, and the shortest=possible braking distance. When the brake is applied, the rear light starts to flash.

The wide platform with anti-slip coating is another feature characteristic of the ESC910. This allows the user to maintain a comfortable riding position.

The folding mechanism of the scooter is extremely simple, so you can easily fold it and take it with you onto the bus, metro, or tram. A specially designed lock prevents the vehicle from folding down while riding.

The ESC910 comes with a bag which is attached with Velcro fasteners to the steering bar and to the vertical stem of the vehicle. The bag is made of rigid and durable EVA foam, which ensures that objects inside the bag will not be damaged in the event of a fall.


  • Motor: 350 W
  • Battery: 36 V 10 Ah
  • Replaceable battery
  • Max speed: 25 km/h (3 speed adjustable)
  • Range: up to 40 km (depending on the load and type of surface)
  • Max loading: 120 kg
  • Climbing slope: 15 degree
  • Cruise-control feature
  • Rear brake: disk brake, fender brake (foot brake)
  • Front brake: electric brake E-ABS
  • 10″ tube wheels
  • Front and rear LED light
  • LCD for indicating speed and battery-charge level
    Warning bell
    Easy folding mechanism
    Charging current: 42 V 2 A
    Charging time: about 5 h
    Dimensions: 1088 x 461 x 420/1176 mm (folded/unfolded)
    Net weight: 15 kg
    Handlebar bag ACE800 included
    EAN code: 5901750504181


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