Kitchen scale FKS601

Kitchen precision!

Kitchen precision is only half the story when it comes to cooking and baking. However, this can’t be done without the right appliance.

In this scenario the new idea from Blaupunkt – the FKS601 glass kitchen scales with a large 23 x 16 cm platform, made of 3-mm-thick safety-tempered glass – will go down well. What’s more, the glass platform has no unnecessary grooves or protrusions, which makes keeping it clean extremely easy.

A large blue backlit display 46 millimetres in diameter and a touch button make the scales intuitive to operate, with the displayed measurements clearly visible.

A very useful function of the FKS601 model is the facility to convert weight into water or milk volumes. Thanks to its installation, kitchen measuring cups become unnecessary, since the scales do it automatically. Just change the unit of measurement in the settings and the result will be displayed in litres or millilitres.

The simple design of the white glass scales fits modern, minimalist, kitchen arrangements perfectly. It will also be appreciated by those who don’t like cramped kitchen worktops, as the 2 cm high scales will fit into any drawer.

The maximum load capacity of Blaupunkt’s glass scales is 5 kg and the measuring accuracy is 1 g.

The scales are powered by two AAA batteries, included with the device.


  • Capacity max 5 kg, division 1 g
  • Tempered glass (3 mm) weighting platform
  • Blue backlighted display with diameter 46 mm
  • Touch buton
  • Indicate volume of water and milk
  • Power supply 2 x AAA battery (included)
  • Dimension: 23 x 16 x 2 cm
  • Weight: 0.46 kg
  • EAN code: 5901750502682

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