Garden grill GC601

Enjoy the unique taste of juicy grilled dishes!

The GC601 garden grill is an excellent proposition for every enthusiast of the taste of grilled meat and vegetables. It is perfect for an evening meal on the terrace or dinner in the backyard garden. Enjoy the unique taste of juicy grilled dishes!

The large grill surface of the cast iron grate with dimensions of 57.2 x 32 cm will allow you to prepare a variety of dishes for many people at the same time. You can easily put on it aromatic skewers, vegetables or steaks for many guests!

Thanks to the included lid, you do not have to worry about unfavourable weather conditions while grilling. The grill lid will certainly keep all the natural aromas of the dishes inside the grill – thanks to it they will remain tender and juicy. The thermometer built into the lid will provide full control over the temperature of grilled food.

The GC601 model has an additional grate for heating previously prepared dishes, thanks to which they will remain warm for a long time – no worries about their quick overcooking or charring.

The Blaupunkt garden grill has as many as 4 adjustable ventilation shutters located in the body, which ensure the right amount of air flowing inside the grill. It also has a mechanism that regulates the height of the grate, which will ensure adequate control over the intensity of grilling without fear of burning or undercooking the meal.

The firebox with perforation and a charcoal grate will allow you to quickly prepare embers for grilling. A special door to the firebox with a practical ash drawer will allow you to safely and comfortably remove the embers from the grill without removing the grates. Cleaning your grill has never been easier!

The grill set includes a cast iron pan with a diameter of 30 cm and a depth of 3 cm, which will allow you to fry perfect potato pancakes or other dishes. You can prepare a delicious stew or casserole on this solid 2 kg roasting pan. The grill will become a true multi-function device for baking, frying and grilling!

For greater comfort of use, the GC601 model is equipped with a practical handle, side shelf and a steel bottle opener. All the additional elements will surely contribute to even greater satisfaction from grilling and encourage you to prepare meals in this way more often. Side wheels and special handles will help you transport the device easily. A solid steel structure and lid will protect the hearth against unfavorable weather conditions, allowing you to enjoy grilling regardless of the weather!



Cast iron grate + additional warming grate
Steel structure
Fireplace with perforation and a coal grate
Fireplace door and ash drawer
4 adjustable ventilation shutters
Fireplace height adjustment
Handle and side shelf
Grill area 57.2 x 32 cm
Thermometer in the lid
Steel bottle opener
Dimensions: 115 x 46 x 106 cm
Weight: 29.5 kg
EAN code: 5901750505485

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