Convection heater HCO701

Special design with additional side plates to better accumulate heat and ensure more uniform heating of the room!

Convector heaters can be used when the fixed heating system is insufficient. They best fulfil their functions outside the heating season. The operating principle of these heaters is based on sucking in the air from below and heating it. After that, the air rises and disperses evenly in all directions of your room or holiday home.
The Blaupunkt HCO701 model has 2000 W of power, and enables the heating of a room up to 22 m2. The heating speed is also affected by special air tunnels located between the fins, which enhance the convection effect, and additional components that improve the heat distribution.

An electronic control, based on the thermostat, adjusts the operation power and stabilises the temperature according to the user’s preferences. The appliance has three heating power levels and an Eco mode available. This function ensures that the heating power is adjusted to the ambient temperature — the higher the difference between the expected temperature and the room temperature, the higher the heating power will be. In eco-mode, when the temperature drops, the heater will switch on again and then switch off as soon as it reaches a specific temperature. It is an ideal convenience when using the heater, e.g. at night in a room where we sleep.

This also makes the HCO701 model suitable for use in a small room after decreasing the heating power, as well as in a big living room after setting it to maximum power. Additionally, the appliance can be comfortably used at any time of day or night thanks to the fact that it is practically inaudible.

The special design of the HCO701 model not only ensures fast room heating. Additional side panels accumulating heat provide greater temperature stability, and the heater continues to heat the room even though the heater is switched off.

The safety of this heater is provided by an automatic tipping safety switch and an overheating prevention switch, which automatically cuts off the current to prevent accidents.

Another useful function is a 24-hour timer, which delays the heater turning on or off. The ease of operation is complemented by the remote control and LCD display, thanks to which we can track the operating parameters such as set temperature, power, or the remaining time on the timer.



Heating area: up to 22 m²
Digital control, adjustable temperature and power, 3 heat level settings
LED display
Remote control
Timer function (delayed start and shut down)
Special design with additional side plates to better accumulate heat and ensure more uniform heating of the room
Air tunnels to facilitate faster heating of the room
Stable feet
Tip-over switch, over-heat protection
Power supply: 220-240 V ~ 50 Hz, power: 2000 W
Dimensions: 64.2 x 20.5 x 58.7 cm
Weight: 8.9 kg
EAN code: 5901750504709

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