Home receiver HR50DAB

A small, and modern looking home receiver with number of different functions will allow you to enjoy both, your favorite radio programs, as well as playing your favorite digital audio files, device also has two built-in tuners.
The first advantage of HR50DAB is the latest generation of DAB+ receiver, that allows you to receive radio stations in most advanced digital format. While listening to radio in DAB+ mode the sound is free from any glitches, noise and sound distortions. DAB+ digital radio is still growing on popularity and the number of programs will continuously grow.

However, because not all programs are available at the moment in this format, HR50DAB has a second analog tuner with digital PLL, that allows to reach any station in the traditional FM broadcast. Both DAB+ and FM you can save up to 20 of your favorite radio station. Device has a built-in telescopic antenna that provides excellent radio reception made specially for FM radio. Device is equipped with Bluetooth that allows user to stream music from compatible mobile devices.

USB port is placed at the back of the casing that allows to connect USB memory sticks and to play MP3 files. AUX input located next to USB port is used to connect any external devices. Power Bank function allows user to charge your smartphone even when you don’t have charger with you.

HR50DAB receiver can also be used as an alarm clock, that has a alarm and snooze function. The built-in timer allows to shut down the device after a pre-programmed time, so device will switch it of automatically at sated time. Built in amplifier and two speakers has a power of 2x6W RMS, DSP technology and BASS REFLEX provides excellent sound quality for its price range.

Main control panel is located on the top of the casing with a large knob to adjust level of volume, easy to read display shows currently selected program also stylish design are further advantages of this unique device.
Micro systems designed by Blaupunkt blend perfectly into any modern space, both home and offices. They will be perfect for those who have large library of music stored on their portable devices. With stylish design, HR5DAB will also be a perfect gift.

All functions are controlled by remote control, so you can just sit back and enjoy your favorite music!


  • Bluetooth for audio streaming music playback
  • USB port for playback and charging
  • Clock with alarm and snooze function
  • Sleep timer
  • DAB+/DAB/FM PLL radio with 40 preset station memory (20 DAB+20 FM)
  • AUX-IN
  • Power output: 2 x 6 W RMSDSP Technology
    LCD display with black backgorund
    Telescope radio antenna
    Power supply: AC 100-240 V
    Dimensions: 254 (w) x 100 (h) x 175 (d) mm
    Weight: 1.45 kg
    EAN code: 59017505500664

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