Hair straighting brush HSB601

An impeccable hairstyle is a goal many women set themselves every day. Especially those ladies who struggle with unruly curls every day, and dream of straight and smooth hair. The straightening brush is a perfect product to help with hard-to-manage hair. It takes just a few minutes for the hair to go smooth.
Blaupunkt’s HSB601 is a high-quality brush for smoothing hair and improving the overall hairstyle. Easy to use, practical and time saving, are just a few of the advantages of this device.

When designing the brush, the manufacturer paid special attention to the care of the healthy and nourished hair of the user, equipping the HSB601 with a special ceramic and keratin coating, which includes revitalising therapy with argan oil. This process allows you to gradually acquire soft and shiny hair, without adversely affecting it, but acting as a moisturising and healing treatment.

The teeth of the straightening brush (59 pieces) are finished with silicone casings and covered with ceramic and keratin, which prevents the hair from dehydration, notwithstanding any daily straightening procedures.

Thirty-seven external teeth also ensure that the hair is gently but effectively combed – gradually released keratin infiltrates the hair structure, making it shiny and smooth.

The HSB601 is also equipped with two ionising channels to prevent electrification and hair frizz. With its evenly heated surface (18.6 cm3), the brush is the perfect choice for all women, both those with thick and dense hair and those with thin and more-delicate strands.

The total power of the device is 53 W, and the temperature, depending on the condition of the hair, can, using the buttons, be adjusted in the range of 140 to 220°C, which guarantees the user fast and effective hair straightening. Electronic control, quick heating up with the PTC heater, and an easy-to-read LED display, make the operation of the brush even-more convenient. For the benefit of the user, the HSB601 model is equipped with a key-lock function; after holding down the “+” button, there is no risk of accidentally changing the temperature setting. The manufacturer has also taken care of the forgetful ones – the brush will turn off automatically after 60 minutes.

The intuitive-to-use, lightweight, and handy straightening brush HSB601 by Blaupunkt is a great alternative to straighteners, and the perfect product for women who care about a natural effect, good condition, and beautifully styled hair. The high quality of design and pearl casing, with elements of champagne and black colours, complete the device’s stylishness.


  • Ceramic-keratin coating
  • Revitalising therapy with argan oil
  • Temperature setting 160 – 220°C
  • LED display, electronic control
  • Evenly heating brush surface (18.6 cm3)
  • 59 ceramic straightening combs finished with silicone shields
  • 37 external combs for gentle hair combing
  • Two ionising channels preventing from hair static and frizz
  • Fast heating thanks to the PTC heater and 53 W power.
  • Power supply: 120-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz, 53 W
  • EAN code: 5901750502767

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