Lady facial brush LFB701

Every woman knows how crucial is to keep your face healthy and younger looking is its deep purifying. Performing this operation properly, cleans pores and make your skin illuminate. Moreover, well-cleaned skin absorbs better and more effectively all sorts of rich nourishing creams. Unfortunately, not all ladies know, that cleaning their face with a special brush is more efficient than doing the same manually. Massage done by face brush exfoliates skin and greatly improves blood circulation. LFB701 face brush is designed for women for whom facial care is an important part of the daily routine.


This light and compact face cleaning system, is perfect for all skin types, while being a great ally in the fight with blackheads, blemishes, dirt, wrinkles and grey, tired skin. With a help of a single button and changeable brushes, face care becomes easier than ever, pleasant, and most importantly, for the first time effective. Cap with massage function consists of more than a million nylon fibbers, and it’s an ideal way to remove dirt and the remains of makeup from the face. Just apply a bit of cleaning gel on the skin or just moisturise it with water and then massage it with the brush in circular movements. Massage helps to increase circulation, stimulating tissue regeneration and collagen production, to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. To make a gentle peeling and remove dead skin from the face, instead of using the gills with flecks or peels, just use the scrub cap consisting of more than 100 000 nylon fibbers to enjoy radiant complexion after a few minutes. The third cap with soft bristles will increase the absorption of your favourite moisturizing product. LFB701 is waterproof and battery-operated so all those steps could be performed during the bath. This function will be certainly appreciated by the large number of women that live in a rush.


Our device is equipped with one more, very useful accessory, necessary in the bathroom of every modern woman. After replacing the proper cap, you can turn LFB701 into a woman shaver. With this solution, any woman can reduce the amount of equipment in her bathroom cabinet.


High quality battery allows facial brush to work for 60 minutes constantly. It only takes 90 minutes to fully charge the battery, once charged it can last for many days. An additional advantage of facial brush is a charging station attached to the set ,that allows you to put the brush while being charged in a position which prevents overturning or unintentional soiling the caps. However, when you forget to charge your brush, you can use it as connected to the mains supply.


  • Gentle cleansing system for all skin types
  • 3 type of brushes in set:- peeling- soft cleaning with massage- gentle cleaning or deep application of moisturizer
  • Waterproof IPX6 (can be used during shower, but should not be immersed in bath)
  • With charging base
  • Cord or cordless operated
  • Lady shaver attachment
  • 90 mins quick charge
  • Up to 60 mins running time
  • EAN code: 5901750501548

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