Men’s shaver MSF701

MSF701 Shaver is an ideal assistant for every men. Your daily shaving experience will improve significantly, making a morning routine easier than ever. Close shave or well-maintained beard define elegant look that can make you feel confident in every situation.


Folic cutting system is a solution for every men that appreciate the efficiency and convenience of shaving. Cutting foil is conducted along the beard, so the hair are cut even more precisely.

Shaver has two blocks of blades enclosed by foils, cutting even the smallest hair, and a cutter block to trim longer beard. Our shaver was designed to reduce the risk of irritation even for people with very sensitive skin. User will not need to worry anymore about minor cuts after shaving. Users with extremely sensitive skin will appreciate possibility of wet shaving with shaving cream.


Slim and streamlined shape of the shaver ensures perfect grip even during long use. The pop-up trimmer helps to capture hairs of different length and growing direction. The possibility of using our shaver during shower or bath will gain a lot of appreciation specially from men that live in a hurry. High-speed motor makes MSF701 quiet and efficient device. User can be sure that other family members will not be woken up by the noise coming from the working shaver. MSF701 was engineered to be easily cleaned under the running water and used safely in the shower as it has been successfully tested for the IPX 6th water resistance class.


High quality lithium battery allows shaver to work for 60 minutes. Time required to fully recharge battery takes approximately 90 minutes. Battery does not require formatting so it has no negative effect on battery memory or extent its lifetime. Display shows percentage of battery charge so user will always be aware how much time is remaining in current mode. When fully discharged, the shaver can be continued using while plugged in.

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