Oil-filled radiator HOR201

Cold days and nights spent in your summer house must not be associated with dressing in layers or a thick blanket. BLAUPUNKT’s HOR201 oil heater allows you to fill a room with pleasant heat and warm up, for example after mushrooming.

HOR201 is a seven-ribbed appliance with an output of 700 W (one heating level) and a system of three oil channels allowing the oil in the ribs to quickly heat up and fill a room of up to 10 m2 with warmth. The temperature is conveniently controlled by a thermostat knob, allowing it to be adjusted to the user’s preference.

The safety of use is ensured by the overheating protection with which the HOR201 heater is equipped.



Heating area: up to 10 m²
1 heat level setting (700 W)
Adjustable thermostat control
3 oil channels for faster heat distribution
Overheat Protection
Indicator light
Power supply: 220-240 V ~ 50 Hz, power: 700 W
Dimensions: 32 x 13 x 37.5 cm
Weight: 3,3 kg
EAN code: 5901750505676

This product is only suitable for well-insulated spaces or occasional use

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