Professional audio system with Bluetooth PA1500PRO

Excellent sound quality!

Every event, outdoor event, or tour requires a proper audio system and perfect sound. Extremely high dynamics and excellent electro-acoustic parameters guarantee that the participants in the event will be carried away, experiencing the particular moment and emotions, feeling the music with their whole body.

The Blaupunkt PA1500PRO system is an uncompromising solution, combining all the advantages of the Power Audio series speakers with the possibilities of active speakers for professional use, which will satisfy the every need of each listener, and meet the requirements of the most-demanding musician.

Thanks to these solutions, the system generates solid sound at both low and very-high levels, while the possibility of self-adjusting bass and treble allows you to precisely adjust the tone to the user’s preferences.

The substantial and continuous power of 600W RMS generated by the two-channel Class-D amplifier, the high efficiency of the applied drivers, the bass-reflex housing made of extremely durable and resistant material, the wide bandwidth combined with the possibility of streaming music files using a Bluetooth module, the USB media player, the professional XLR connectors, and the more-common RCA and jack with a display which lets you control the current playback mode, all make this device virtually complete and versatile – whether at an intimate garden party, in a large fitness room, or even in a larger, open, space.

The speaker houses a digital two-channel amplifier, which generates an impressive 600-Watt RMS continuous power. In combination with the extremely efficient high and low tone drivers, the whole set can achieve a maximum sound pressure of up to 125 dB SPL.

The distribution of the signal to individual speakers is done by a two-way crossover, which transmits the high-frequency signal to a 1.76” horn tweeter with a compression chamber, while the medium and low frequencies are transmitted to a 15” woofer with a textured-paper cone. The tweeter features a 44 mm coil and a 4.8” ferrite magnet, while the mid-bass driver has a 75 mm coil and a 6.8” magnet, also made of ferrite. Both speakers feature 8-Ohm resistance. The appropriate configuration of the individual components and their precise tuning ensures a wide bandwidth for the whole set, which is in the range 45 Hz – 20KHz.

The built-in Bluetooth module allows you to play music files wirelessly from various compatible portable audio sources, using the A2DP profile. This lets you play your favourite songs stored in your smartphone’s library at an extraordinary volume level, and at the same time experience incredible sound quality!

In addition to the wireless audio transmission, the device also includes a player compatible with all types of USB storage media with a maximum capacity of 32 GB. This affords hours of audio playback without using a smartphone, which can then be used for other purposes. The player also allows you to play files using the most-common MP3 and WMA formats. There are also various types of input available in the rear of the enclosure for signals sent from external sound sources. The PA1500PRO device is equipped with both balanced female XLR and 6.3 mm jacks, as well as a second balanced female XLR socket and an RCA input. This facilitates the direct connection of a mixing console or a microphone, a keyboard, or an electric/acoustic guitar, a portable audio player, or a CD player. Each of these inputs features an independent input-level control. The loudspeaker houses a balanced XLR output socket and a 6.3 mm jack, both of which provide full-range audio transmission to, e.g., a second speaker of the same type. It is the ideal solution to generate even-more power and create extraordinary stereo effects.

The whole device is housed inside a solid wood enclosure of the bass-reflex type, in 15 mm plywood, reinforced with screwed connections.

There is a display on the rear panel which shows basic information on the selected audio source, for more-convenient operation. The side walls feature profiled handles for easy handling. The loudspeaker can be placed directly on the floor, on a suitable table, and also on a professional tripod, as the bottom of the enclosure features a standard tripod socket.

The PA1500PRO professional audio system by Blaupunkt is a product designed to meet the expectations of users who appreciate excellent sound quality, in even the most-difficult conditions.



Bluetooth for audio streaming profile (A2DP)
USB player (up to 32 GB)
MP3 / WMA playback
Bass / treble adjustment
Microphone input with echo control
AUX inputs (XLR, RCA, 6.5 Jack)
2 channel class D amplifier
RMS power: 600 Watt
Maximum sound pressure level SPL – 125 dB
Wooden bass-reflex enclosure
Frequency response: 45 Hz – 20 kHz
1.76 ”titanium tweeter with a compression chamber
15” woofer with paper cone
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Power supply: AC 220 – 240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 440 (W) x 720 (H) x 490 (D) mm
Weight: 28.33 kg
Kod EAN: 5901750503696

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