FM Portable radio PR8BK

Listen the radio everywhere you need!

The PR8BK model is a very-simple and extremely easy-to-use portable radio with an analogue tuner. It features a classic design and superb ergonomics. This receiver gives you the opportunity to listen to your favourite radio broadcasts, both in the privacy of your home and out in the open.

The radio has two power sources. One is the traditional mains power supply available by plugging into an electric socket. The other one is based on batteries, which requires putting in two R20 batteries.

The device is equipped with a rotating, expandable, telescopic antenna, in order to obtain the best-possible reception from radio stations. A large, convenient, knob ensures accurate tuning-in, and facilitates searching for and selecting the desired frequency, while the clearly visible scale, with large fluorescent numbers, is easily readable, even in a dark room.

The built-in speaker, combined with the 0.8W amplifier, deliver clear and crystal sound. Additionally, the device has a headphone output for discreet listening. The convenient handle for carrying the device guarantees convenient operation, especially when the radio set is being used outdoors.



FM Analog tuner
Headphone jack
Power output: 0.8 W RMS
Telescope radio antenna
Power supply: AC 230 V ~50 Hz
Battery power supply: DC 3.0 V (2 x R20 “UM-1/C”, batteries not included)
Dimensions: 232 (w). x 122 (h) x 63 (t)mm
Weight: 0.85 kg
EAN code: 5901750504495

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