Steam iron SSB801

Irons better than an iron!

Neat and ironed clothes are essential during making good impression, and iron could be found in almost every home. In recent years, we have seen the growing number of steam stations, that have a are responsible for much effective ironing, even with very wrinkled fabrics. Once done only by tailors and fashion designers, they have been successfully introduced in households, making ironing becomes faster, less tiring and above all, more effective. Blaupunkt developed steam station SSB801 to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.


Our device generates (120g/min) of steam, in a special container that is later transferred in to hidden nozzles that’s placed in its soleplate. Steam that comes out of soleplate with a pressure of 4Ba, guarantees perfect straightening and smoothing of the material. Ironing process with the steam generator is based on steam, not the weight and temperature of the iron, so that fabric will look like brand new. The amount of generated steam and the temperature of the soleplate can be easily adjusted by simply using the knob placed on the top of the iron.


Ceramics due to its characteristics is the best material to use in devices that’s parts are regularly exposed to high temperatures. Ceramic soleplate ensures easy movement on fabrics, that’s increases the comfort of ironing, It is also highly resistant to scratches and does not catch any dirt.


Water tank can hold up to 1l of water that provides long working time, without need of refilling it. If needed, the tank can be refilled during usage. Long cable allows the base station to be placed near the ironing board. Trigger lock keeps a steady stream without need of pressing a button. The water in the tank is cleaned by replaceable anti-calcium filters.

See how important it is, to change the classic iron based on steam generator. Ironing will cease to be a chore and your clothes will be smooth and fresh for a long time. SSB801 model is made out of high quality materials and its universal, white-blue design, with a classic shape is perfect for an user.

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