Toothbrush DTS711

A sonic toothbrush is the ideal choice for the whole family caring for good oral hygiene. It is particularly recommended for braces wearers, as it penetrates the interdental spaces perfectly.

The BLAUPUNKT DTS711 sonic toothbrush is a high-quality, specialised product for those for whom good oral hygiene is an important point in their everyday life.

The DTS711 uses ultrasounds. There is a generator in the brush head that produces very high-frequency sounds, causing the bristles to vibrate. This method of brushing is especially recommended for people with hypersensitivity and periodontosis, because unlike rotary heads, the head of a sonic toothbrush is very delicate on the surface of teeth and gums. Thanks to the UltraSonic Vibration technology, the toothbrush head performs up to 48,000 brushing motions per minute, effectively removing plaque with sweeping motions.

The DTS711 sonic toothbrush offers four modes of operation, allowing users to tailor the way the device works to their needs and preferences:

  1. gentle for those struggling with tooth sensitivity;
  2. daily oral hygiene for every day;
  3. whitening, during which the toothbrush runs at top speed for more effective removal of stains from the teeth;
  4. polishing mode, which complements the whitening mode, the program includes a combination of vibrations that have an intensive effect on the teeth;
  5. massage to better strengthen the gums, improve their blood supply and prevent bleeding and inflammation, and to make the application of dental powder or paste more effective

The DTS711 features a 2-minute timer that allows the user to control their time spent brushing and a 30-second micro-timer that tells them when to proceed to clean the next oral cavity area.

In addition to the standard function of charging the device, the docking station on the DTS711 includes another extremely important element. A special cassette, integrated into the station, contains a mini UV lamp that sterilises the toothbrush tips, effectively removing bacteria and viruses from them. Sterilisation is 99.9% effective against E.Coli, Candida Alicans, Salmonella and H.Simplex. UV sterilisation is also effective against influenza viruses, removing up to 96.8% of the H1N1 virus. The use of sterilisation thus improves hygiene in the use of toothbrush tips, increasing user comfort and safety.

The DTS511 toothbrush comes with four interchangeable tips (2 × type ACC024, 2 × type ACC067). Note that according to dentists’ recommendations, the brush heads should be replaced with new ones after approx. 3 months of use. The brush heads are available from the Blaupunkt product range as accessory ACC067.

The PerfoBrush massages gums perfectly, additionally removing plaque, discolouration and deposits, reaching the most inaccessible places.


  • Dynamic teeth cleaning thanks to Sonic Vibration technology and up to 48 000 cleaning movements per minute
  • 5 working modes: sensitive, daily, polishing, massaging, whitening
  • Toothbrush tip sterilized with UV light
  • Two minute timer
  • 30-second interval micro-timer indicating the time to advance to the next cleaning area in your mouth
  • PerfoBrush perfectly massages gums as well as removes plaque, stains and deposits
  • 4 brush heads (interchangeable, available accessory ACC024, ACC067)
  • EAN code: 5901750507328

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