Weather station WS30BK

Weather station with indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity measurement, absolute barometric pressure reading, temperature and humidity trend indicator, clock with calendar and alarm function, support for up to three wireless sensors.

Take care of your thermal comfort regardless of the season!

The BLAUPUNKT WS30BK weather station, which displays the temperature and humidity both, indoors and outdoors, will help you with that. It will tell you whether it is too dry or too humid or just right your living room! In addition, you will find out what is the current atmospheric pressure and what is the weather forecast for the coming day. A clock with an alarm and calendar will definitely be useful for you in your everyday life.

Thermometer and hygrometer are always at hand!

The WS30BK has a built-in sensor for temperature and humidity measurement inside the room where it is installed. The additional wireless sensor included can measure outdoors or at any selected location. The measurement data for both temperature and humidity is constantly updated and displayed on the integrated LCD display*. In addition, the device has a memory of the lowest and highest values, both temperature and humidity, which reset automatically when the next day begins. Temperature values can be displayed in degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit.

Discover the trends around you… the weather trends of course.

In addition to reading temperature and humidity, trend indicators of these parameters are available. The arrows appearing on the screen indicate how the measured values have changed over the last hour. The arrow pointing up indicates that a parameter has increased its value, when pointing down, it indicates a decrease in the parameter value, and the horizontal arrow indicates that a given value has not changed.

You do not have to wait for the weather forecast – just look at our station!

A graphical weather forecast for the next 12-24 hours is also available on the WS30BK weather station display. Note that this forecast is calculated based on temperature and humidity variations and has a limited accuracy, however it is a useful tool for estimating the weather conditions for the next hours at a specific location. Depending on the prevailing conditions, pictograms are available to forecast sunny weather, partial cloud cover, cloud cover, rain or snow.

Pressure drops – coffee time!

The WS30BK weather station has a built-in sensor to measure absolute atmospheric pressure, and the reading data appears on the display. If you feel a sudden drop in energy or you are a meteopath, you just need to look at the display and if the pressure is low, it is a sign that you need to prepare yourself a cup of coffee.

Note that this weather station reads absolute atmospheric pressure which may differ from the official weather forecasts. The reason for this difference is that the relative pressure given in the official weather forecasts is reduced to sea level. The absolute pressure indicated in this model is the pressure measured at a given location at an appropriate altitude.

Turn up the specs!

The WS30BK weather station has been accurately calibrated at our production site, but if for some reason you want to adjust the measurement values to your needs, you can manually calibrate the values of internal temperature, internal humidity and pressure. The temperature calibration range is +/- 5 degrees, humidity +/- 10% and pressure +/- 9 hPa. When setting up a weather station, you can also manually adjust the corresponding weather forecast pictograms.

What time and what day is it today?

There is also a clock on the LCD screen, which can display the current time in both 12- and 24-hour formats. Thanks to this, the station is also a useful clock. A calendar is also available next to the clock to let you know the current day of the month and what day of the week it is. The names of the days of the week are available in seven languages (DE, EN, FR, IT, SP, DU and DA) and can be changed when setting the calendar.

Hello! Wake up!

The WS30BK weather station also has an alarm clock function, so if you need to wake up early, just set the time you want the alarm to turn on and sleep calmly. The alarm will turn on automatically and if you want to sleep even longer, turn on the snooze function and the alarm will be postponed for 5 minutes. The alarm clock has a sound that lasts for 2 minutes – it is long enough to wake even the biggest sleepyhead. In addition, you can set other waking hours on working days and others on weekends. You can also use the alarm not only to wake up – it can work as a reminder of some important things during the day that you do not want to miss.

LCD display! Dim it as you need.

The WS30BK weather station is equipped with a quality colour LCD display, which has a dimming function, and no, it does not cheat, it only changes the brightness of the backlight and, importantly, it does not do it on its own. You decide when to dim the display so that it does not glare or to make it more visible.

Will I need to scrape the my car windows?

This question will be answered before you leave the house, as the WS30BK weather station also has a freezing point indicator. As soon as the measured outside temperature reaches the low limit value 3°C, the device will sound an audible signal and the corresponding graphical symbol will appear on the display. When the temperature increases, the freezing point indicator will automatically turn off.

Oh how comfortable!

Thermal comfort in the room is a very important and it affects our well-being, but also various objects in our home. When it is too humid, mould and fungi may bloom, and an unpleasant smell may appear in the home. Excessive humidity can also lead to damage to various electronic devices in your home. However, when the air is too dry, it can have a negative impact on our health. Therefore, it is worth taking care to ensure the most appropriate conditions, including the thermal comfort level indicator that shows, in the WS30BK weather station screen, you when the room is too dry, when it is too humid and when it is most optimal.

So hot in here! So hot…

Do you know this feeling when you are hot and the radiator is still on heating like crazy? Or you are still cold because you did not turn the heating on. To control the right room temperature, in the WS30BK weather station, you can set alarms that will warn you that you have exceeded the previously set temperature ranges – both for the station integrated sensor and for the external one. It works like this: you set the temperature range for the internal sensor in the range from 19°C to 23°C and if the air heats up above or cools down below this range, an audible signal and an appropriate icon will appear in the weather station on the display. Such a reminder will help you prevent overheating or cooling of the room – isn’t it useful? You can also set limits for the external sensor that will alert you to extremely low or high outdoor temperatures.

Is measuring with a single sensor not enough?

No problem! The station supports up to three external sensors, so you can purchase an additional two optional Blaupunkt ACC20WS sensors, set them on the appropriate channels (the sensors have 3 channels, switchable manually), so that the signals do not interfere, and locate them wherever you want. You need to monitor the temperature and humidity in the bedroom, garage or home pantry? Nothing simpler! Leave a sensor there, and you can read the measurement values on the WS30BK weather station screen. With the LCDs built into the optional ACC20WS sensors, you can also check the temperature and humidity value where you want to place them.

Power supply.

Connect the WS30BK weather station to mains with the 5 V, 1200 mA power adapter provided, and the wireless external sensor is powered with the two AA batteries included. For the station to save the settings during a power outage you need to buy a CR2032 coin battery, but these are really cheap so you have nothing to worry about! The station can operate without it, but only after a power outage you will have to reenter the appropriate settings. In addition, an external sensor battery level indicator is available on the LCD screen, so that you know when the batteries are running out and replace them in time.

Standing or hanging?

Do as you like best. The station housing is designed so that the entire device can be placed on a table, desk or windowsill, as well as hung on the wall, because a hook hole is available in the back of it, and the power cord is located in a special compartment not to disturb the installation. The wireless sensor included also has the standing and hanging option. Remember to place the sensor where it will be sheltered from wind and rain and shaded, without direct sunlight, which can adversely affect the reading of temperature and humidity values.


  • Thermometer and hygrometer – for measurement of current temperature and humidity both, indoors and outdoors.
  • Absolute atmospheric pressure indicator – useful for meteopaths and people sensitive to pressure fluctuations
  • Up to 3 external sensors supported – optional BLAUPUNKT ACC20WS sensors (WH/BK) are sold separately
  • Memory of daily measurements of the highest and lowest temperature and humidity values
  • Temperature and humidity trend indicator – for indication of fluctuations in measurement values at an hourly interval
  • Graphical weather forecast – with pictograms announcing sunny weather, partial cloud cover, cloud cover, rain and snow.
  • Clock and calendar – 12/24 hour display format and days of the week in 7 languages
  • LCD display (with dimmer) with dimensions of 126 x 82 mm
  • Alarm with snooze function – for waking up or reminding of important events
  • Freezing point indicator – for graphical and sound indication of a temperature drop below 3 degrees Celsius.
  • Thermal comfort indicator – for monitoring appropriate humidity in the room
  • Temperature alerts – useful for maintaining the right temperature in the room and indicating extremely low or high outdoor temperatures.
  • Mains power supply – 5 V, 1200 mA power adapter included
  • Hanging or standing installation

Measurement ranges:

  • Indoor temperature range: -10 ~+50℃ / 14 ~122℉.
  • Outdoor temperature range: -30~+60℃ / -22~140℉.
  • Internal and external humidity measurement range: 1%–99%

Dimensions and weights:

  • Unit dimensions: 160 x 19 x 115 mm
  • Display dimensions: 126 x 82 mm
  • Device net weight: 0.206 kg
  • Sensor dimensions: 38 x 19 x 100 mm
  • Sensor net weight: 0.032 kg

Packing contents:

  • Weather station – 1 pc
  • Wireless external sensor – 1 pc
  • AA batteries – 2 pcs.
  • Mains power supply – 1 pc
  • User manual – 1 pc (languages: EN, PL, CS, SK, LT, LV, ET, HU, BG, RO, EL, HR, SL)
  • Warranty certificate – 1 pc

* Accuracy of measurements: temperature: +/- 1°C in the range from 0 to 50°C and +/- 1.5°C outside this range | humidity: +/- 5% in the range from 40 to 70% and 8% outside this range


Features and specification:
  • Indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity display*
  • Temperature and humidity trend indication
  • Absolute barometric pressure display
  • Weather forecast for the next 12-24 hours
  • Calibration of weather forecast, indoor humidity/ temperature and barometric pressure
  • Clock (12/24 hour format) and calendar
  • Alarm with snooze function
  • Thermal comfort indicator
  • Freezing point indicator
  • Temperature and humidity alert (adjustable)
  • Wireless outdoor sensor – 1 piece in the set
  • Support for up to three external sensors
  • Color LCD display with dimmer
  • Daily max and min history temperature and humidity measurement values
  • Main unit power source: 5 V 1200 mA power adapter (included)
  • Wireless sensor power source: 2 x 1.5 V AA batteries (included)
  • Settings memory backup (CR2032 battery) – not included
  • Backup and outdoor sensor low battery indicator
  • Possibility to stand or hang
  • Device dimensions: 160 x 19 x 115 mm
  • Display dimensions: 126 x 82 mm
  • Device net weight: 0.206 kg
  • Sensor dimensions: 38 x 19 x 100 mm
  • Sensor net weight: 0.032 kg
  • EAN Code: 5901750506062
  • * Measurement accuracy: temperature: +/- 1 ℃ in the range from 0 to 50 ℃ and +/- 1.5 ℃ outside this range | humidity: +/- 5% in the range from 40 to 70% and 8% outside this range.

Our brand partner bears sole responsibility for the information offered.


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