Wireless microphone UHF WM40U

The WM40U wireless microphone operates at UHF frequency range.

The range of the microphone’s wireless transmission is up to 40 metres.

Wireless microphone

The WM40U is a wireless microphone operating on the UHF frequency with a very wide range of applications. Thanks to the included signal receiver, terminated with a universal 6.3 mm jack connector, this device can be connected to all portable speakers equipped with a microphone input or devices with a short-range wired microphone. The supplied adapter can be used if an external audio device has a 3.5 mm standard microphone jack. Once the signal receiver is connected to the speaker and the microphone is switched on, the devices will automatically pair with each other and be ready for use. The microphone has a high frequency response ranging from 65Hz to 18kHz ensuring very good, detailed sound.

Power supply

The microphone is powered by standard AA batteries. Batteries are included and allow the microphone to be used continuously for approximately 3 hours. The signal receiver is equipped with a 1200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery allowing it to be used continuously for up to approximately 7 hours. The receiver has a built-in micro USB socket for charging the battery, so it can be quickly charged using a universal charger, e.g. for a phone, which has a charge current of 5V/1A. The charge and fully charged status is indicated by an LED light built into the receiver.

UHF frequency

The Blaupunkt WM40U wireless microphone operates on the UHF frequency which is most suitable for this device type. As UHF waves spread out mainly in line of sight, the microphone can be used in open spaces but at the same time the signal transmission remains strong enough that building walls are not an obstacle to it, allowing the microphone to be also used indoors. Ultra high-frequency transmission allows for a very good quality of the transmitted signal with a relatively short antenna. For this reason, the receiver included with the microphone is very practical and handy, with a maximum operating range of approximately 40 metres.

16 UHF channels

The WM40U supports 16 channels in the UHF frequency band from 640 MHz to 647.5 MHz. This is a fully legal and most optimal bandwidth for this type of equipment. The device automatically changes range when it detects interference or another device transmitting on the same frequency. This allows seamless and uninterrupted operation in a variety of conditions.

Ergonomics and comfort of use

The WM40U is an extremely lightweight microphone, weighing just 155 g, while being made from high-quality materials. The body shape and diameter are appropriately designed to ensure a comfortable grip and a way to properly hold the microphone. A sliding microphone power on/off switch and a display indicating that the device is ready for use are located in the centre of the body. The detachable lower body cover allows easy access to the batteries for replacement. The microphone head is made of durable mesh and is lined with a sponge on the inside, guarding the microphone against dust and moisture and providing basic wind protection.

The WM40U is the perfect accessory for BLAUPUNKT PA and MB series speakers, but is also universally applicable to other devices available on the market.



Distance between transmitter and receiver: >10m
Type of frequency band: UHF
Frequency response: 65 Hz–18 kHz
Signal-to-Noise(S/N) ratio: >85 dBA
UHF frequency band: 640 MHz—647.5 MHz
THD: <0.3 %,
Transmitter transmitting power: <10 m W,
Receiver input: 1/4″ (6.3 mm) unbalanced
Receiver maximum Output Level: 120 dBV,
Receiver rechargeable battery:
Lithium-ion 3.7 V, 1200 mAh
Receiver charge time: 2-3 hours @5 V/1 A
Receiver battery playtime: up to 7 hours
Microphone battery: 2 x AA alkaline (included)
Microphone battery playtime: up to 3 hours
Dimensions (W x H x D):
Microphone 230 x 49 x 49 mm
Receiver:25 x 56 x 120 mm
– Microphone 155 g
– Receiver: 72 g
EAN code: 5901750505645

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