LED Strip with a Motion Sensor – Ideal for a Bed in a Bedroom

Bring Blaupunkt LED Lighting to Your everyday life and create the perfect atmosphere for Your living space and work area. Explore how colour adds ambiance, ephasize Your decor or simply save energy and reduce household bills. Now, it’s all possible with Blaupunkt LED lights.

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LED Strip Bedroom
LED Strip Bedroom
LED Strip Bedroom
LED Strip Bedroom
LED Strip Bedroom
LED Strip Bedroom
LED Strip Bedroom
LED Strip Bedroom
Sypialni LED Strip Bedroom

Warm white color

The color at 3600K has a calming effect, which is why it is most often chosen for lighting the bedroom. The warm beam of Blaupunkt LED strip light fits perfectly into the bedroom space, creating an atmosphere of peace and deep relaxation in the room, which is desired in the bedroom.

IP65 tightness class

Even in the cleanest apartment, a lot of dirt collects under the bed. Dust and hair or hair can be the culprit of many faults, but not for LED strips with IP65 tightness class. It is resistant to:

  • dust
  • a stream of water (12.5 l / min) poured on the housing from any side
  • uncontrolled access to the inside of the housing


Changing the light intensity of the LED strip allows you to create an even better atmosphere and adjust the light to the conditions in the room during the day or in the middle of the night. Thanks to dimming, the light coming from under the bed will always be comfortable and not without glare.

LED strip with a motion sensor

The motion sensor increases the functionality of the product. Thanks to it, you do not have to worry about turning on the light. The sensor, by detecting movement, will take care of lighting the space itself. This solution means that when you enter the room, even in complete darkness, you do not have to wake the household members with intense light to safely get to bed.

Sypialni LED Strip Bedroom Proline
Sypialni LED Strip Bedroom

Enhance Visual Experience with Safety:

Increase visual experience by adding Blaupunkt LED Strip set to your bedroom. See well and see clear. 3600K gives warm white light for soft illumination. Dimmable from 10% to 100% light output. Switches off automatically when you want to or after 30 seconds / 130 s / 380 s. The Blaupunkt LED set will find its use not only as bed lighting, but also as an ideal backlight for the stairs or risers. Click here to see Blaupunkt LED products.


  • Over 10 years of experience in the industry – knowledge and experience gained on the european market are the advantages thanks to which we only offer selected LED lighting, high-quality Blaupunkt lighting.
  • Product customization – our goal is the best response to customer needs. We provide the possibility of personalizing products, i.e. adjusting various parameters of products to individual requirements. Customization gives you complete freedom to choose the desired options. What’s more, it gives a feeling of greater control over the planned investment.
  • Advice and support – we are happy to share our knowledge and support at every stage of the project. Our offer includes order handling, advisory services and consultations in the selection of LED lighting.
  • Warehouse – safe storage of over 100 thousand products. Large storage area allows for efficient service from individual clients, through small and medium-sized companies to enterprises and goverment sector.
  • B2B platform – convenient cooperation in comfortable conditions via the B2B platform is a specially developed system and our strategic channel for contact and sales of Blaupunkt LED lighting.

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  • Warranty- 2 lata
  • International Protection – IP65
  • Certificates – CE, RoHS
  • Lenght [cm] – 150
  • Lumens – 250 lm
  • Dimming – yes
  • Voltage – 12V DC


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