Wiper Blades (Size Available from 12inch – 26inch)

No matter what the weather is outside, Blaupunkt wiper blades ensure perfect visibility every time.

Blaupunkt is committed on creating innovative quality products to make the roads safer for drivers. Experience the clear difference with Blaupunkt wiper blades for better vision through the windscreen and a safer drive. All Blaupunkt wiper blades are long lasting, durable and feature a wear-free leading edge. Thanks to the graphite coating of the rubber lip, the blades glide smoothly and reliably over the glass surface.

Fit for all seasons and weather conditions

Blaupunkt wipers are made of Graphite Coated Superior Natural Rubber. They are manufactured in accordance to Japanese Industrial Standard for Quality, Durability, chemical & ozone resistance. Natural rubber is designed to increase wiper performance, durability & provide longer life span. Wipers are designed to minimize friction between moving parts to improve wiping performance & reduce noise and streaks. Its aerodynamically designed body provides better anti-wind lift effect while speeding.

When to change?

When thicker streaks form in the outer field of vision, or rather if a great number of temporary streaks are evenly distributed, even if these disappear again after a short while. Just like areas of water starting to linger on the windshield, these are a clear indications that the wipers are no longer functioning correctly and that they need to be replaced immediately.

Easier than ever Change with Ease.

The right wiper for every model! Blaupunkt offers wiper blades for almost every vehicle model. Blaupunkt wiper blades can be fitted to newer model series as well as many older vehicles. Fits All Indian manufactured cars – up to 95% of car models. The process of replacing wiper blades couldn’t get any easier. No expertise is required to change a set of blades. In just a few simple steps, the new Blaupunkt wiper blades can be installed and secured in place – guaranteed. The entire process takes a few minutes at most.


  • Made of Graphite Coated Superior Natural Rubber
  • Manufactured in accordance to German Automotive Standards for quality, durability, chemical & ozone resistance
  • Good for 500,000 superior wipes
  • Natural rubber is designed to increase wiper performance, durability & provides longer life span
  • Universal wiper with steel rivets
  • Designed to minimize friction to improve performance and reduce noise
  • Even pressure for Quiet and Smooth action
  • Built to last and great performance in all seasons

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